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\\/aylaNp JJkiU i)aJ^^ 


Mr. aNp MRih 


Mr. Stather has been at Wayland High School for 36 years. The first part of his Wayland career was teaching 
Mathematics for 31 years and serving as department head for 19 years. As a mathematics teacher some of the 
courses that Mr. Stather taught were Algebra, Geometry, Honors Algebra, Honors Geometry, BC Calculus, CP 
Math 3, Math Analysis, etc. Mr. Stather served as Class Advisor for the Class of 1972 and the Class of 1988. He 
coached the track team for four years, advised the Math Team and coached the Girl's Track team as assistant 
coach. Mr. Stather ser\'ed as President of Neighborhood Association of Math Department Heads and as a 
member of the Board of Directors of Teachers of Mathematics in Eastern Massachustts as well as in the leadershi 
role on the Board of Directors for the Wayland Teachers Association and treasurer. Mr. Stather volunteered foi 
the School's Faculty Committee, School Council as well as the high school's Student Study Team. Mr. Stather 
helped in the development of the Academic Center, M.C.'d the Decathlon Mock Competition in 1986 and for th( 
past eight years organized and ran graduation practice. He also oversees the Undergraduate Awards Assembh 

and Senior Awards Assembly. 

For the last five years Mr. Stather has served as the assistant principal at Wayland. His succesful transition to 
administration is marked by his ability to always keep the needs of students as the core of everything he does. 
Mr. Stather is retiring as a distinguished educator and his presence will certainly be missed in this schoolhouse 

Linda Stather has taught Spanish at Wayland High School since 1971, making 
this her 32cd year. Ms. Stather holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Edinboro 
University and a Master of Arts degree from Middlebury College in Spanish. 
She has taught a range of student ability from Spanish IIA to the II Honors, to 
the IV College level. Due to her vast traveling experiences Ms. Stather has 
acquainted students with the life and language of Spanish, Mexican, and 
Central American and South American peoples. Ms. Stather has served on the 
Faculty Committee, System- Wide Technology Committee, Diversity Commit- 
tee, Scheduling Committee, Wayland Teachers Association Executive Board, 
and Executive Board (Building Rep) for the WTA. Ms. Stather has participated 
in a program to provide gifts from WHS Spanish students for underprivileged 
families in the Framingham area. Ms. Stather has also devoted tutoring time 
to Boston students in their afternoon program. 

Steve Spang is in his 30th year of teaching at Wayland High School; the past 

12 years he has also served as Science Department Head. Mr. Spang has 
taught in Honduras, Switzerland, and Tanzania. Mr. Spang has taught many 
courses, some of which include AP Biology, College Physical Science, Chem- 
istry and Physics. Mr. Spang has served as advisor to the Environmental 
Club, co-advisor of Student Council, Climate Committee, and the Science 
Team, and has also worked with Russell's Garden Center to get our green- 
house repaired. Mr. Spang has received commendations for his work in the 
Massachusetts Science Olympiad and has been a very active member in the 
Efficacy Advisory Team, a group of 20 faculty members devoted to improving 
the achievement of our METCO students (Boston students bused to Wayland 

for their education). 

^6. C^Ja^Ne. 

Ms. Gagne is in her 33rd year of teaching and her 4th year in the leader- 
ship position of the mathematics department head at Wayland High 
School. Ms. Gagne earned a B.A. from Salem State College and a 
Master's degree from the University of New Hampshire. She is a mem- 
ber of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Associations 
of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts and New England, and the 
Association of Advanced Placement Mathematics Teachers. Some of her 
assignments have included honors algebra 2, geometry, functions, statis- 
tics and trigonometry, college prep math 1, precalculus, discrete math, 
etc. She also served 3 years as the Yearbook Advisor (a position which 
requires an enormous amount of dedication and commitment) from 
1991-1994, co-advisor to the Math Team, and a member of the Faculty 
Committee. Ms. Gagne was selected as a winner of the 2001 Edyth May 
Sliffe Award for Distinguished High School Mathematics Teaching. 

This is Ms. Wilk's 21st year of teaching at Wayland High School. Before 
coming to Wayland, Ms. Wilk taught in Peabody and Weston. Ms. Wilk 
has a B.A. from Wheaton College in European History and American 
Studies and an M.A. from Northwestern University in French History. 
She is a veteran teacher of wide experience. Some of her assignments 
included College World Cultures, College Modern World History, and 
College/Honors U.S. History. Ms. Wilk was advisor for the Close-Up 
Program, taking a large group of juniors to Washington for a week of 
related activities. She served as chairperson of amicitiae, advisor to 
SABSE, chairperson of the WTA scholarship committee, in which role 
she is a member of the WTA executive board. Ms. Wilk was class advi- 
sor for the Classes of 1986 and 1996. 

Hank Wilk is in his 10th year of second term employment at Wayland 
High School. He taught here for almost 5 years (in the 70's) before de- 
parting to pursue a career in the private sector. Mr. Wilk has taught 
business courses which include Basic and Advanced Accounting, In- 
vestment and Management, Business Management, etc. Mr. Wilk is our 
entire business department with the exception of one section of Stock 
Market/Marketing. Mr. Wilk has also taught social studies (i.e., College 
Modern World History, and electives "Civics, Citizenship and the Law" 
as well as "Turn of the Century"). Mr. Wilk has been the advisor for the 
Business Careers Club and is well known around campus as the 
"VOICE" (public announcer of football and basketball games). 


Bonjour!: Wishing 
they were in Paris, 
Emily Bright, 
Melissa Pease, Kate 
ligan, Sarah 
Mclnturff, Alicia 
Harris, and Aliya 
Khalidi, and other 
members of the 
French Club settled 
for Quebec (left). 


Let's Go Camping!: Siobhan Parone, Ashley New- 
ton, Jess Grady, Meghan Sherry, and Sarah Slote 
visit Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod (above). 

Beach Beauties: Marisa Falone, Hannah Klempner, 
Melissa Pond, and Abby Bridgeo relax on the beach 

Jump!: Jia Jia Hou, Vickie Curtis, Anna 
Hadingham, Melissa Pease, Julie Kling, and Emily 
Goldstein take a break from bouncing to pose for 
the camera (below). 

That's Not Right...: Cody Gantz and Steph Wohler swap shoes for 
a day, but is it really working out? 

Beach Bound: Jess Hermanson, Katie Hanson, and Nina 
Lordi vacationing at Virginia Beach. 

10 i>UMMCJZ. CTaNpip^ 

What's Going On Here?: Sarah Greenleaf and 
Stevie Babcock are either rapping or trying to 
look scary. ..(right) 

Look Out Below!: Katie Steinberg claws her way to 
the top of the pyramid, o\'er 

Kim MacBride 
Jenna Herschler 


Smile!: Chrissy Lopez and Jesse McCormick 
take a break from swimming to take a picture 

Sun and Sand: Matt Owen, Alisa Perry, Steph Wohler, Josh Rapoport, 
Malvina Niemierko, Adam Romanow, and Codv Gantz camp on Cape 

6UMMCJZ. ^AhJPlPi) 11 

A Pay in tUc Ufc 

Say Cheese!: Misha Chovvdhury, Melissa 
Pease, and Emily Bright pause from their work 
to smile for the camera (above). 

Aww...: Sophomores Bryna Bock-Shields 
and Emily Berardi are all hugs and smiles 

Hey!: We caught junior Jay Judah by 
surprise (above). 

12 C/MP\Oi> 

Wait!: Vishnu Kannabiran only stayed for a second, before he drove off 
in a cloud of smoke (above). 

How sweet: Julie Kling and Amanda 
Moss hug on their vva\' to class (above). 

Hmm... hungry: Jonah Model 
examines a captivating insect (left). 

Study Buddies: Matt Becker, Alisa Perry, \Iik( 
Schor, and Mr. D goof off during a free. 

Cool Down: Pat Higgins, John Michalczyk, and Marisa 
Falone take a well-deserved break after participating in the 
Walk to Cure Diabetes (below). 

Lunch Buds: Ben Damm, Jen Destefano, and Mary 
McConnell enjoy each other's company. 

Inseparable: Neil Shelton and Chloe Diamond-Lenow hang out 

at lunch. 

Paul Walsh takes a break for a photo 
between lifeguarding shifts at the 
Windsor Club in Waban (above). 

Mike Sullivan serves shots at Starbucks 
Coffee in Wayland (left). 

Aubrey DeCarlo chats on the phone at work 
at Starbucks Coffee in Wayland (below). 

V^icky Strafuss 
works the 
register at 

Johnathan Brennand shushes us in 
the Wavland Public Librarv (above). 

Kathy Schmidt works her wrench at 
the body shop she works at (below). 

14 JobA 

Family TicA 

Junior Suzanne and 
freshman Allison Burstein 
relax with friends junior 
Sam and freshman Abby 
Breslin (left). 

Senior Jeremy and his 
freshman brother Noah 
Zallen look like good 
friends (right). 

Senior Lindsay Jordan gets 
a lift from her sister, 
freshman Kathryn, while 
senior Cathie and fresh- 
man Yooni Kim stay on 
the ground (below right). 

Senior Adam and freshman 
Bobby Romanow display 
their brotherly love (above 

Are sophomore Marc 
Perkins and senior Dave 
Eisenson really brothers? 

Freshmen Melissa and Lindsay Gardel are so identical, we 
couldn't even tell them apart in this picture... 

Freshman Chris and junior Caitlin Doran and junior John and 
sophomore Miriam Michalczyk show off huge smiles (right). 

All in taJe. Family 

Senior sisters Kelly and Julie 
Manley pose with freshman 
brother Joe Manley. 

Seniors Jess O'Brien, Anya Priester, and Ellyn Roth pose with siblings Colin, Taisa, 
and Chris, respectively. 

Sophomores Thomas and David Hull and 
sophomore Caroline and freshman Marina 
Meliones display the height differences be- 
tween the two families. 

Junior Jillian DeCarlo and Senior Aubrey 
DeCarlo smile for the camera. 

Senior Jon Greenleaf 
gives twin Sarah a 
piggyback ride. 

Senior Marisa Falone stands beside her 
sister, junior Melissa Falone. 

Senior-Sophomore pairs Jess and Erica 
Hermanson and Greg and Anya Slavin show 
their love. 

]6 ^\e>uH^A 

Looks like sophomore Ashley 
Sullivan and senior brother Mike 
Sullivan have been working out 

Sisters Abby and Maggie Southard, Mariel and Jenna Herschler, and 
Melissa and Amanda Pond. 

A step back in time: Clayton MacDovvell's top hat and Abby 

Wolf's parasol are reminiscent of clothes worn decades ago. I 

Colorful Couple: Steph LeBlanc and Dan Gleason are 
Classic: Katie Hanson and Ryan Bower look impeccable in hard to overlook in their vibrant blue prom attire, 

basic black and white. HHI^&'^'t ^'»'''\^ 

18 Pe^m 

PRE.-Piai7M 2O02. 

Lookin' Good: Eric Kaufman, Brandon Anderson, Da\'e Lombardo, Tyler Happy: Alicia Harris Lindsa\' 

Castagno, and Tim Gustus picked out the perfect tuxedoes. Jordan, and Alison Tonsmeire have 

curls in their hair and smiles on their 

Caitlin Henry, Caitlin Cavanaugh, Stacy Roberts, Pastels and Flowers: Nisse Clark, \ lannah Klempner, Abb\ 

Mary McConnell, and Dani Manter wait for the night Bridgeo, Melissa Pond, and Marisa Falone model their colorful 

to begin. dresses. 

Insert your own photo 

Junior. Pr^7m ^002 

Isn't that sweet: Eric Kaufman and Caithn Doran hug over dessert. 

Let's get this party started: Melissa Pond 
is enjoying the music (right). 

First class: Dan Galasti 
displays his picture 
perfect tuxedo (left). 

Time out: Jeff Russo and 
Paul Walsh take a break 
from dancing to hang out 

20 Ptian 

Happy Days: Sarah Greenleaf and Christine Rhodes spend 
some time together on this special night (left). 

Cute couple: Lindsay Doyle and Brandon Anderson smile for 
the camera in between dining and dancing (bottom right). 

Pe^M 21 

22 -fmjpofr AcTViJEjii 

Front: Anya Slavin, Meghan Sherry, Kieran Johal, Samantha 
Todd, Margaret Cromwell, Nicole Villari, Jessica Grady, 
Amanda Pond, Caroline Meliones, Amanda Solomon, Macie 
Perkins. Back: Stephanie Gibson, Siobhan Parone, Lee 
Mirbach, Sarah Slote, Ava Fragale. 

Margaret Cromwell, Samantha Todd, Lee Mirbach, 
Caroline Meliones, Nicole Villari (left). 

Trevor Keegan, Nathaniel Howell, Jim Helman, John Ramsey, 
Jarrett Lerner, Greg Shelton, Matt Rogan (right). 

Amanda Pond, Erica Hermanson, Kieran Johal, Rand 
Nissenbaum, Ava Fragale (left). 

Front: Matt Virzi, Mike Stein, Marc Perkins, Drew Rotker, Adam 
Kaufman, Alexander Schultz. Row 2: Brian Hughes, Scott Gantz, 
Adam Rich, Paul Cappellucci, George Keeler, Alexander 
Rubinfeld, Eliot Beals, Matt Rogan, John Ramsey, Trevor 
Keegan. Back: Jarrett Lerner, Matt Radowicz, Alexander Stern, 
Jim Helman, Nathaniel Howell, Greg Shelton. 

24 i)<7PUi7M^Ei -^JtMI-f^^iaMAL 

Bust A Move: Abby 
Southard, Marisa Falone, 
Melissa Pond, Nisse 
Clark, Tim Gustus, Dave 
Lombardo, and Eric 
Kaufman are spending 
the night on the dance 
floor at the Cotillion. 

Sparkling Trio: Lights illuminate Abby 
Bridgeo, Laura Carlson, and Caitlin Doran. 

Under The Spotlight: John Michalcyzk and 
Nancy DiCianni brighten up for the 

JuNi^7E.-v5tMi<7E. CcmLuaH 25 

Physics Anyone?: Mr. Stevens teaches the class about vectors using Wes Language Department Buddies: Mr. Krasnoo and 
Przybylski as the model. Mrs. Brown share their love of learning and 

teaching. Photo by Hannah Klempner 

28 TcAOJtE. Camdipa 

TEAoJitk; . . . aNp E>e.y^Np 


Faoiuy Ci*E.TnNc; TiJiNc;6 P^ne. 

A Leader of Leaders: Mr. 

Altshuler oversees the members of 
the Student Council (above). 

Where are you going?: Mr. Shehon 
lea\ es the Commons for an unknown 
destination (above). 

A Moment of Remembrance: Mr. 

Oneschuk plays Taps to honor those 
lost on September 11, 2001, a year later 

Hello!: Mr. Stather is more than happy 
to smile for a photo, even early in the 
morning (abo\'e). 

Interesting....: Mrs. Mast analyzes the 
papers she's carrying (below). 

Tell Me One More Time: Ms. 

Monahan explains something to 
Mrs. Lerner in the Commons 


^Nc:e. Up^N a Time. . . . 

Mr. Wilk, circa 1954 

What a cute haircut! 

Mr. Stather. 

We haven't seen that bovvtie 
in a few years.... 

Mrs. Wilk. 

Lounging outside on a sunnv 

(below right) 

Dr. Threinen. 

This girl already knew what she 
wanted to be when she grew up. 
(below left) 

Mrs. Stather. 

This little girl doesn't mind 
posing for pictures, 

Yf UN<; TcAOJUii 31 


Anne Gray 

Charles Ruopp 

Lorraine Keegan 

Pamela Miller 

John Plunkett 
Dean of Students 

Mabel Reid-VVallace 
METCO Coordinator 

Chris Siggers Susan Smith-Troilo 

METCO Coordinator School Nurse 

Douglas Stather 
Assistant Principal 

Joseph Tomaso 
Attendance Officer 


Charlene Carabello Barbara Coughlin Matthew Daniels 

Ann Marie Gagne 
Department Head 

Jenny Guan 

David Kalagher Kathy Mirmucci Franklin Shelton Kathleen Thompson 

F"|NE. A|2T6 


Janet Armentano Rachel Carroll Jane Ezbicki Joseph Oneschuk 

Department Head 

Michael KLimnli Richard Weingartner 

38 r"JC.AB.TA 

Puayical Qducavoh y) 

40 N^UHA 


C^uipaHcx. 41 

Cusodial Staff: Michael King, Frank Ruggieri, Bob Steel, Ed Konopka, Bob 
Burgett, Larry Megliola, Joe Kowalski 

Food Service Staff: Sandra George, Cheryl Judd, Jo-Aim 
Thomas, Huguette Valcin, Ines Sabean, Toni Kearns, 
Phyllis Chisholm. 

42 Cu5T<7P1AM^ amp foOO ^tCVlCC^ 

Mary Caruso George Christin Patricia Gavett Brian Newmark 


Judith Pickett Susan Robison Kathy Sherry 

Department Head 

U2.T 43 

No means yes: Joe Lingley gives Gillian Soucy a fresh 
perspective on the world. 

Cracking under pressure? AP Bio has driven Mike 
Sullivan to laughter. 

Wanna go for a ride? Chang 
Zhang shows off his wheels. 

I'll show you how to do it: Rich Scioli offers 
some advice to Lindsay LeCain. 

How much did that cost? Da\ e Lombardo is all smiles, 
hanging out with Abby Bridgeo, Hamia Klempner and 
Melissa Pond. 

Friends until the end: Steph LeBlanc, Chris 
Anderson, Emilee Dorr and Clayton MacDowell 
stop for a picture. 

I thought senior year was supposed to be easy: 

Vickie Curtis does some last minute cramming 
for a test. 

What are you doing?: Matt Rijk looks confused as Zach Meyer 
studies the table. 

What to do? Chris Secord is faced with the tough 
decision of going to class or playing rugby with Mike 


Don't quit your day job: Wes Przybylski, Dave Eisenson, Mike 
Weiler, Stevie Babcock and Chris Kenyon show off their "boy band" 
good looks. 

TiJANicY^u Mr. Pi 

Mr. D- 

From the first class meeting in 9th grade to com- 
mencement in June, you have been there for us. 
You have devoted your time over the last four 
years to get to know every face in our class, not 
just as students, but as friends. You have of- 
fered us advice, guidance, and support when 
we needed it most, and a friendly reminder of 
what is really important when we needed some 
perspective. Whether you were kicking some- 
body out of the reference center or tearing apart 
a college essay, you did it all with a smile on 
your face and a magnetic attitude that made 
people want to be around you. 

Thank you so much for all your help. The 
memories we have made together will last 
forever. We are so lucky to have had you as our 
advisor, and are even luckier to keep you as a 

We'll Miss You 

— The Class 
of 2003 

Mr.D helps out in the 
Reference Center (left), and 
teaches (right). 

48 .^LNi^e.^ 

Martin David Adler 

AllBusinessBA Baseball and OiFoot- 
ball Capt =5 Dirty 30 Making His- 
toid 1 K)8 Its Ours Now. TGIF. 
Bics+StL-\v stay on top get dem 
stikas!Newsbreak!Locker!Soul train 
keep dancing. Spider in the car!Cuz 
keep your head up im always here 
for you.Ladies-H.A.M.M,NC,RS 
IF.KG.MR.RB.MM. GS your my 
only!MOM+SHIZZ love you al- 
ways times were rough but we got 
through. "To live is to suffer, but to 
sur\'ive. well thats to find meaning in 
the suffering." 

Brandon M. Anderson 

Christopher R. Anderson 

Douglas E. Anderson 

"And now the time has come And so 
my love I inust bom bom bom..." 
.Madrigals - sing on! WSTC - if only 
I were still a 6&under! Mrs. E, R'W'W, 
Fine Arts Dept - my second family. 
Teachers - my inspiration. Friends - 
thanks for the laughs. Trivial Pur- 
suit; no more v&! Mom, Dad, 
Kate, cat - 1 love you. 2003 - Gof)d 
luck beyond the reference center. 
"True terror is to wake up one morn- 
ing and discover that your high school 
class is running the country. " -K. 

Errol D. Anderson 

Alyssa Katherine 

"Li\ eEveryDayLikeltsYourLast" 
lakehouse Steph:Y2Ks/Freebird 
Ash:erik apt prch Lindz:911 Ack 
Nina:cha Alyssa:s\Meino Boyz: 
g o o d t i m e s ( u k n o \\ h o u r ) 
esp.BsolAKHBFSBCRawJ K.l.s 
CMThnx4evrythng Monte! summas 
.\c'shouse AG Prmwknd S&G 
batmanLxi 30beahs Prw.n ca-mo hean- 
breakers Fsanchshow jusdri\'e 
yummy'OOGD Thanx for the sup- 
port & i love uMomDadDa\ id 
.MattcS:Mike good lck'G3.STcS:"()T 

Catherine Elizabeth 

We've had some great times. >Vhether 
you called me in the summer when I 
v^ as new here, threw me a party, or 
dimply said hi. I thank you. I'm sure 
.ve il forget many of the inside jokes 
ind plots to movies, but it'd be pretty 
hard to forget the parties, prom, and 
other special times. Ten years from 
now we might not remember 
everyone's name, but somehow 
you've all made a little difference in 
my life. Thanks for another great 

I'll never let -you- go. 

Jonathan Lee Awerman 

W hy are you wearing that .su.p.u 
man suit? 


Stephen P. Babcock 

Susannah D. Bechtel 

. CON . of the 

you packing coups? change? 
.A.pplebee's buff and nach. tasty. Ill 
facilities Ever\' few months I got to 
go phishin TF 8 tymes. motion in 
the ocean. H-Depot Marc 1 
SP .Melee. RS the MP pk it up n drp 
it. 5 second rule SG. ZM. JP concert 
crew, berkfest. troll dude, joel matt 
golf team. 3times. pro v-drag. 
PtC: CK .MW" JG ^XT' DE 
New Hamshire. New Years 2000 
lo\ e to .Ma. Dad. Andi. thanks 
Cherokee Chief RIP 

Matthew J. Becker 

Stephanie M. Bell 

it's not whether you get knocked 
down, it's whether you get up. ' 
—V'ince Lombardi 

THNKS mom dad steve : 
mickey AK.-\-freebird. 1000 i - 
who's drivin?. sipy twa LAl 
ack AshR-porch times NL-a — 
CC FRAN lo\ e you always i 
breakers (haha) \oltron HB 1-' 
(serious convos). DL. .\IR, |R Ki . 
AK AB-hyperl prm wkd (>- 
flower drinks Fsanch show b.i 
taxi/ Ca-mo/ lets just dri\e 
beahs/ Y2K's/ there r mny tin - 
cant rmbr. but i bet they were 
thnks teachers/ thnks to all \ 
friends for gd Xs!/ GOOD LI ( K 

50 ^migg^ 


Meg Bergan 

here e\ er you go, no matter what 
e weather, always bring ur own 
inshine. My friends who\ e seen me 
rough, u are my sunshine. 
i32BB03. KPDressups.TCTweek' 
VIMuchsiSFBoxbuddies dont 
orr\- B.\ls(butler) there. Embarrass- 
ig stories. Starbucks. kaPLAN! 
3adtrips.RubyTuesdays-not appro- 
bate. JillScott anyone? Goodluck 2 
e squad+swimteam. havefun! JH 
■elay? NC.MF no slopslop. 
ianks+lo\e 2 Mom. Dad. .Amy. 
ike. I dont know what Id do 
ithout u. 

Michael N. Berhanu 

\'a muni Time to get out! Before I 
do. I wanna give my thanks and luv 
to my mom who kept s"t together 
the whole way. Thanks to the fami- 
lies who let me into their lives j. Stark. 
CP, Steve. L. Thanks to the people 
w ho gave me the help i needed over 
the years. I also wanna thank the 
people who took time to know me 
before they judged me. yall know 
you are. All you underclass men 
better not get in troulbe :-) Other 
than that, everybody have a great 
future and hopefully we will keep in 
touch. .Much love and thanks. 


Jeffrey L. Bernard 

he best things in life don't come 
isy. But with the support and help 
Fmy family and friends. r\ e come 
lis far. Here's to many more years 
f fun and learning. Thanks Mom 
id Dad. I couldn't have done it 
ithout you. Have a great year, and 
wavs look towards the future. 


Ryan C. Bower 

\U )ni and dad thanks for suppfirting 
me and helping me when I needed it. 
Derek thanks for watching out for 
me and keeping me on track. What 
up to all of my peoples that stayed 
tru BM. KG. BD. MB. CR. CC. SR. 
KH. TS. and JB and everyone else. 
What up BROCKTON and my 
peoples that always got my back SR. 
AG. LN, JM, JS, and KF \*; ell I m 

Out.. .Payee! 2003 

Cause I do what I do, Like i'm doin 
for T.V" -Royce Da 5'9 

Jeremy D. Breazzano 

Abby P. Bridgeo 

'We all take different paths in life, 
but no matter where we go, we take 
a little of each other everywhere' 
Goodtimes Greatmems: girls 
.\IF.HK..MP.NC,JD,GS. and my 
boys 11 know who u r Hamm 
Tres.-Vmigos 3TrainWrecks Huckins 
Dispatch abbrev! Promweknd'01'02 
Summer'02 budd-y thanx4beingthere 
Nis-sniuggs4eva frnchfri luvutons 
Track. FH. Lax =2 tourney! Thanx 
-Mum. Dad. Tucker 143always gdlck 
\^'hs and 03 'I hope \ ou had the time 
of your life' 

Emily J. Bright 

Ho cmlly brif^ht you really showed 
cm up tonite Thanx M&D Dramies 
APUSH Awkward handshakes w/ 
tlamin RP Bust it out Anna Little 
brown l'>oy Studyin f midterms %\ 
liarbies TABOO I'M A GENE Prom 
weekend @ the Mermaid Cottage 
Kidin in Kling's car Gettin jokes 5 
inins late Makin out in Bahiyyih's 
basement Did you just say popcorn 
makes you honest?SLPERMACIST 
Physics nerds Oh, that's not his real 
hair 'Cause we may not be here 
tomorrow..." -Janis 

Alyssa P. Brown 

Geoffrey C. Buckle 

Thank u M+D- L ha\ e no idea ho~ 
much I appreciate the freedomU ha 
given me+all u have done f 
me(pb+j's) Jess-ThankUfor alwa 
being there. I don't know where I' 
be w out u. ThanxHickey+Delane 
B d E a Z s I m C g D s .VI s J 1 M o A p .\ 1 
*6soccer 2001DCL+StateChamp 
TRUEwhere'smonson? gdlck 
ThGfScPsxVIbAb.=91ax. J\"allstars 
craiggercomehome. Surfs u 
.HamptonBeach. Skiing-Jpea' 
Smits02 jo + jer. \"ioiators 
All.MaddenCrew. MR-Dispatc" 
Thank u Rachel, J. Gillia 

Lidia K. Calderon 

Hanna Q. Cao 

I would like to thank my family first 
and foremost for helping me succeed 
here in W ayland. I would also like to 
thank. all my friends for being there 
f( )r me \\ hen 1 needed them. I couldn't 
have done it without you guys, '^'ou 
know who you are. I lo\e you Tia 
(^Iga thank you for always being 
there for me when I had no one to 
turn to. I don't know what I would 
do without you. Class of "2003 we 
did it. 

Cant belie\ e it's over! 4 yrs wem h 
too quickly. TheAndreas.N 
Nicknames( HrryPttr..'\ngei.i 
.•>Lznpn,de.Tomatogrl.CGrl.TLMBLl K' 
.\ rt M u ra 1 s , La n k y , P ro m , A 1 be rt . 
Caisn.Blaire.SBTB. so many gre" 
memories. Thanks to friends for a 
ways being there and making m 
smile. You ail mean so much to m" 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Chris for eve- 
thing, I love you. 
Good luck 2003! 

"Happiness depends upon ourselves 
Aristotle. NPMI 

Crystal Angela Caruso 

Caitlin M. Cavanaugh 

"U Gtta Hnjy L\ ing Bab\ 1-rnk.Sntra 
I DID-Thx JC ThmpsnMllyTr.Bmn 
Doc Oneil Coughlin Admnstratrs- 
dont Kno Where Id Bw/oU.SADD 
grlsBball&Laxi'ZS- *2 my tru frnds- 
dnt E\ r Chnge No GdBys Jst New 
Bginings Lin U guys*~SABnSAABs 
Brdfordst. AprVaca-Sep2 CpeCod 
HS Cncrts LNnCoch SoJrPrm 
thxCC Trstit LOSERS ChiChisgrls 
Thorn ShrkBt *KB* -MomDadthx 
4nevr Gving UpOnMe LuvU 
~PCav-gd Tmes & a Lfe Tme Ahead 
Lu\r ~2k4byzGdLk~ *03'where 
E\ r Lie .\Liy Tke U Membr Dreams 
Realh' Do Cme Tru... 

Vincent H. Chou 

ShayokN. Chowdhury 

And so it goes.'s to flying, 
instegrinizing. boor\'liciousness. Es- 
kimo ki.sses and getting nekkid in the 
back hallway. Love to my dramies 
and techies. Sing on Mads! MelLss- 
we'Ii make the best of what'.s around. 
Thanx R\V. Mrs E for keeping me on 
my feet. Ma & Baba. i luv u. there's 
no place like home. To all those who 
kept me laughing "when you're flyin' 
high take my heart along. Ell be the 
harmony to every lonely song that 
you learn to play." Hang 'em high! 

Michelle M. Chu 

Christine E. Clancy 

They say a person only needs three 
things to be truly happy in this world; 
someone to love, something to do, 
and something to hope for. FAME 
Serpent "Woman Robber TOMM"^' 
■Woods. "Teach only love for that is 
what you are" Thanks Lerner, Frio 
for showing me the world. R^X''W- 
for teaching me how to see it. VCWO.^ 
prom02 dmb sidewalkchalk parade 
laneS morepopcornplease. Muses- 
thank you, love you. '03 "NX'e are the 
musicmakers and we are the dream- 
ers of dreams" i wish 

Nisse V. Clark 

To all those \\ ho made it wonh the 
\\ hile; Tim-gcltinsgrtmems, lOlOldi 
thrL\4e\T\ihng.lii\'\ a..MF-3 seas caps! 
cheerislnd-soulmts.HK. MP-my fa\- 
fans.GS-kapsap pal, Meg-aphone.FS- 
hnrs b w out u,BA-u r my 
hero.JS-onIn pst 10 is awesomelTS- 
my =2 on dean rd.MR-sty chill. DL- 
ihnx -i the rds prmwkend.RS-nicest 
prsn i kn\v,ER-let it all outJM GB- 
college? Thnx 4 evrythng 
MomDadCPNeilGCCK, gd Ick 
cheerleaders:MF2KBEG, i luv u 03- 
u r the smartest! 

Bahiyyih Comeau 


Anne E. Connolly 

Patricia J. Corbet 

1 Lo\ e You Mom & Dad + Mitch ..^ 
Kathy & MyRAF Crew . 

OCALA02\HRYN'+CM Thanks 
xlOOO' XL-Bye Old Chum PB-Hows 
Tha Hawses? SLB- 

IWontForgetEm! AK-PullinTheAll 
Xighters! Love To MayMay + 
mybrotherSC. IllMissYou-DAG DG 
MR JZ. S&G SleepOversOl 
@myhouse The Attic(+its monster! ) 
GoodLuck 03! Thanks To Mrs 
Armentaaaano! MrMcCoy Doc 
MrPlunkett and the Office! "Keep 
On Dreamin Cause When You Stop 
Dreamin Its Time To Die' -SH 

Take what you can trom yo 
dreams, make them as real as an 
thing " friends-Thank you for all t' 
good times and memories (dm 
KP..\IP; red.sox games, movie nigh 
at SF. S.\L) "to the world, you ma 
be one person, but to one person - 
may be the world." you guys arc 
world, mom. dad. mar\' thank i 
the support and guidance. lo\ 
thanks teachers, roemer. v 
mccoy . goodluck JF. CF. and cheer- 
ing, goodluck 03 and always "laug(i 
cuz it dont cost much" 

Victoria L. Curtis 

Scott S. Dale 

Thnx to all: KW'WX German I'ushups) 
.McCxiy marbles. Delaney<!iMockies 
keep winning! Dramies keep on shin- 
ing. Ll'X F l ! jump in .Narrator 
style. Treeclimbing and midnight 
strolls. .\I-other half. Eyebrow! 
Laugh Like Poimdcake. Cardances. 
soft cheeks&bronze bubble. Em- 
liaiilw in until we go grey. Pedestular 
D.MB. Prm 02. crazy desnudas <S; 
W interWk laughing all the way. 
clothing optional. Luv ya Katesum- 
M&D tonscSctons eee. of 2003: 
You're crazy but you just might be 


XC. Ski and Rugby rule! That - 
its been quite a trip, and I w . 
ne\ er have arri\ ed without so m 
different guides. Thanks .Mom : 
Sarah Grandmommie .Aunt F 
always worry ing and watching 
me. and thanks to all m\- teaci 
who motivated and inspired mc 
all my friends, its you who alw 
made life exciting, thanks for a 1 1 
good times &. laughs. Lll miss \ 
"Today is your day! Your mountai 
is waiting. So... get on your way 
Dr. Seuss 


54 i>tHl^RA 

Benjamin S. Daniel 

Aubrey L. De Carlo 

I ha\e had my fair share of pains and 
problems. ..but I have not become 
chicken little. The sky is not falling; 
indeed, the sky is not even as smoggy 
as it once was '-David Shaw. In the 
past twelve years, I have been loved 
and hated, helped and hurt, but am a 
better person for all of it. Thanks, I 
love you all. My family, friends, and 
teachers (esp.DocRom,DrTri, 
MsMac,MrStath,MsO'N,MrShelt ). 
you are all amazing, simply put. 
When life gets hard, wear a helmet. 

Jennifer E. DeStefano 

1 tanks to everyone who has helped 
e thru this time. Mom and Dad, 
ank u for all ur support, i lov'e u. 
p all my friends, u know who u 
re... i wouldnt be amihing without 
I. Good times, SABnSAAB 
llMKHCC ) trust it truthordare 
hednkng* tres amigos(holla! 42?) 
3hre\-. GS-ROCK ON dont stop 
11 u get enough rt9&many advis. 
liss u TS! Good luck '03 

Jenna Katrina Disch 

.Mom&Dad, two great parents, I 
couldn't have done it without you, I 
love you. BD- Swiss girls will always 
love Swiss Techno... eh? Thanks to 
my friends and to those who have 
helped along the way. I'll miss you 
and ne\ er forget you. "Some people 
come into our lives and quickly go. 
Some stay for awhile and leave foot- 
prints on our hearts. And we are 
never, ever the same." -Anonymous. 
Best of Luck Class of 2003! 

Evelyn A. Dong 

Matthew L. Dong 

Thanks to my family and all of my 
friends for teaching me and making 
me who I am. I'll never forget: Fame! 
RBG. and my first directing experi- 
ence, Troubs to Testostertones. AIO 
(schtupid), 'WSTC, swim team, and 
LCW (the good and the bad). Cruis- 
ing through classes, cramming for 
tests ( zero retention!), or finding the 
w ill to write another paper. Thanks 
to all the people who helped me fintl 
myself and to ever^•one who lent an 
ear when I was "gaining character." 
C^ood luck to everyone, I'll miss you; 
may the road rise up to meet you 
.\nd tmtil we meet again, . . 

■'looking back on all the years, all the 
laughter, all the tears ... I never want 
these memories to fade " MxPx To 
abby, rob, erin, steph n' evervone 
else, thanx for all the fantabulous 
times, you guys have kept me sane ... 
kinda. Rock on dudes, most of all 
thanx to my boy Johnny B "a day 
\\ ithout you is like a day without 
honey" -Pooh The times ha\ e 
been with vou. 

Joseph A. Downer 

Its finally here 
Thanks. Gantz Rapp Romes Dsch 
& Smiles 4 many good times i 
bfest.hf) & 2 all I car 
mention.sorry (C-Hill crew) 2 ; 
my teachers 4 keepin me in lin 
Athletics. sorr>- it had to end like t 
(g-team 02) YD makin little diffe 
ence Thanks to my family for helo 
ing me along the way ( u 2 junior)| 
.■\nd to I.O.. you know how muc 
you mean to me 
Good luck 03 and much love to ^ 

Sec \ a .Ground 

Katherine Egan 

David V. Eisenson 

"That time was like ne\ er. and like 

So we go there, where nothing is 

W e Find every thing wailing there." 
--Pablo Neruda. I\" 

Thank you Maman. Dad. Emma, 
and all my teachers and friends, 
especially LITs. ciao 

\\ here arc we going? \\ ayland Uunl^.^ I 
^ wonderful years, and inifinite oppo' 
nit>-. To my boys CK \\"P SB .M\\ RSJ 
the limes have been excellent, and Ladi 
you kept me .sane - Sirauon 01. PromO 
02, the N'illage (it lives on). . . Thanks 
Band ( It s BeBop). T-Tones - could I f" 
gel what |\\' said?. Winter W eek. Scho 
who doesn't lo\ e grades? Good luck sw' 
ming. tennis. YD. Steinbergs thank y 
lor the .second home, and KT - you kn 
what they say. 3s the charmer. Love 
ways. .Matt. Dan. Val. you will do belt 
e\ en w ithout my good luck . . . .Mom a" 
Dad, I promise 1 will get up on time ne 
year It's been real 2003. now ACHIE' 
(and make niusicV 

Hollie E. Emery 

Laura Englander 

Hear music in your head. 
Touch the hearts of many. 
Smell danger before it hurts you. 
See beauty in your friends. 
Taste a bit of every thing along the 

Do not go where the path ma)' !■ 
go instead where there is no path 
lea\'e a trail." To my best - 
KSASKMRSJW" and guys too. In 
all .so mch and 4ever. thnx i 
support andgrt mems. prmwknu 
lost in Bo.ston. thnksgvg OOl R.i- 
f rnds fre\ er! Muses three yrs. gi 
nxt yr lu\' u girlies. Thnx Hit k 
Lerner. Delans 4 all the inspiraii 
.Mom. Dad. MarkyB. couldnt li 
done it w/o u, luv u always. Gi: 
'03-it.s been amazing. 

56 ioJl^Ei 

Marisa M. Falone 

D I Started out for God knws \\ hre, 
juess I'll knw whn I get thre' -tyrs 
me by so fast thnx 2all those who 
ade it wrthwhie. 2all my frnds u 
iw ^ho u r. So many gdtmes 
)ys. Girls I couldn't hve done it 

o u esp ABsummer02.lhe fun dont 
3p-rght budd-y?Thnx-talv\ys bein 
ere 4me. Cheerin. capt 2yrs.XC c 
on Cl.gdlck nxr\T guys! Much love 
nx4evn,ihng. Gdlck 2all my pals 

04(esp Melbff)&05. Greatmems was fun whle it lastd. 

Courtney Eileen Fenwick 

Remember to keep on smiling, 
I gladly gi\"e a piece of my heart to 
each of my friends, you kno^' who 
you are. J. and especially to my se- 
nior dramies and techies, I love you 
more than the moon ". To RWAX'. 
who taught me theater and hard 
work. To my unshakable family, 
there are no words for you fix e... 
Thank you is not enough. 
■ Blessed are those who can laugh at 
themselves, for they shall ne\'er cease 
to be amused ". 
"Poopy on your head! " 
•I wish!" 

Shannon E. Flynn 

Celebrate the happiness that friends 
e alx\ ays gi\ ing. make every day a 
Dliday and celebrate just li\ ing " 143 
I the BB03! Prom 02. Holla! Chums 
life. Good Luck to all my soccer 
rls. 143! Track 4x1. DQ! Thanks 
Daches E +M. Missy P BFF! Sarah- 
ean 17 years, love \ a! JF. CF. B\\ . 
ly favorites, Good Luck! 40-:-* 
oily and Bri. I love you good luck! 
lom and Dad thanks for ex erything 
Duldnt ha\ e made it w out you, 
)ve vou alwavs. Good Luck 03 

James S. Fugarazzo 

Mom and Dad I don't know how to 
thank you for everything. Thanks 
though. Ms. Brown Ms. Buckley 
coach Herm you've inspired guided 
me in the right direction, i needed 
that! Thanks guys for makin the trips 
up to ride Great East, the wall must 
be visited at least twice a week this 
summer. Janet you are a great sister, 
and not always a. . . (you knov\- what) 
buddies, family, ladies, teachers. I 
love you all. Uncle Jim thanks for 
leachino me that. 

■6cjji<?E^ 57 

William D. Fulton 

\\"c cr< ).s,s < )iir liridges \\ hen w e come 
to them and burn them behind us. 
with nothing to show for our 
progress except a memory of the 
smell of smoke, and a presumption 
that once our eyes watered." -Tom 
Stoppard. A thousand and one thanks 
to the friends wlio stuck by meiyou 
know w ho you are) and tiie teachers 
w ho rocked my mind( RWW. Lerner. 
et al) Fine Arts Dept- \()u \e ix'cn 
my second home. Flashing Penguins 
torexer! Good luck 03. w herever 
life takes you. I go here. 

Daniel J. Galasti 

Iwould Like tothank ever\' x 
w hohas been therefor me alon>; t 
way. TTiatmeans my fam andfrici i - 
DG(RG)JZ(E-brake slides) JAi.I. l 
understands you) SC .MR \T 
HS&CR(what a sleepover)TS ! 1) 
GS( i w ontsay it) 

jH&|L(keepskating) and e\er. : c 
best. WET W'AX.nev frget thf 
Treehouse ad\ens.Ill keep skatingC 
I cant walk.con.solidated.l haveh 
such a good time but Im look 
forward towhat there isto come, i 
do/er (Ij 

Cody W. Gantz 

Sophie K. Gees 

JO. Adam. SchorBros. JZR, you ow e 
me S2each for my inv estment in \ our 
personalities. Sho's, take risks. Rap, 
Where's the sweatpants with 
kneepad.s? Las senoras me han 
en.senado bien. mADRIGals! Mom. 
I'm .still your little boy. Jess, thanx 4 
lady advice, but it didn't help so 
much, ask SW. Dad. let's golf. 
Stoph. singing the Lst .song was the 
best thing ever:) Lax skiing 
Buckcrew One time i made a rap anti 
the chorus was "i'm living the 
.Sw eetlife " True. Than.x ID 


evervone starts with the .swec'i' 
dreams living long life liv ing bi 
tiful scenes make a million dol; : 
w earing gold and jewels drive .i ' i 
black benz or a Caribbean cruise 
maybe \ ou dream that you just i 
lose ' or playing the blues is the | 
that \ ou choose 

are you feeling the feeling that i 
feeling dreams are like fish you go 
to keep on reeling 

- g. love & special sauc 

I love \ ou guv s' 

Daniel A. Gleason 

Emily A. Goldstein 

While it may have seemed hard ai ; if 
time I think it s actually been 4 rc.i \ 
good years. Thanks to my frii- ^ 
w ho have helped me .so much, F- 
cially .\nna. Sarah. Doug. .\Iisi 
Christine without you I wouK 
have made it. Techies I love you 
thanks for so many fun hours b, 
stage. Thanks McCoy. Leu 
Hickey. and R\V for teachin.t: 
who I am. 1-2-3 BOOM, "don i . i 
don't tell. " Above all. Mom. D.i^l 
Dave and my chinchees I love \ > n 
and I always will. 

58 -btLNli^E^ 

Kurds L. Grant 

anks ma tor signing me up for 
;tco b4 I was born. Thanks Ke\ . 
ill. Skip, and Uncle Ant -i lookin 
t for me. Thanks Diperna's. 
ufman. and Sulli\ ans for always 
;lcoming me to there homes. DD 
:e care of yourself. Tee Tee. EK 
Id it dov^ n next year. And to my 
her RIP luv always. Class of 2003 
od luck. Dvnasrs' im out 



Keanna D. Green 

f irst and toremost 1 would like to 
thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ 
for all his love and guidance. I would 
like to thank my whole family for 
alw ays pushing and encouraging me 
to work hard and do well to succeed. 
To my true friends (U know who u 
r) thanks for always being there for 
me through thick and thin. I love 
you. To the METCO program and 
the class of "03" keep ya head and 
never give up I Love you all LC. KG. 
.\ISV, & TS 

Alia D. Greenbaum 

lanks Mom & Dad for e\'er\ thing, 
d A\ i-chan for teaching me pa- 
nce and understanding. Lotsa <3 
Michi-sama. for making me laugh 
ichly, and to Bexa: MO.MRC -te\ a! 
VS. KS. SD. SG. JB. .\IT. CZ. 
SH. JD. EU. EH, MeC & all 
LAmembers: you all ROCK, and I 
you all muchly. Long Li\'e AAA'. 
ep smiling everv'one. ■^hereNer life 
ces you or what road you take, 
ways remember: Wakarimasen; 
ishi wa... puru desu! Baibai! 
lissim terces rof s uhC ihciM dear 

Jonathan M. Greenleaf 

Sho+D it was fun. StdntCouncl. 
bikingCLEAZSM\, SamigosNYOO, 
.MWSBWPCKDE, Apps. Subway. 
-\10RB, Bfest+concertcrew, 
.\L\ITbone. Anya prom was awe- 
some. Jam, Working/ SBsr., 
Landr\'s, Home Depot, LateNite. 
NHCraig02. Cheif. Seniors. 
FiylslandJR. KHR. refcent. Thanks 
D 1 11 mow your lawn anytime, Ste\ ie 
you rapscal you're the best, Sarah I 
love you you are awesome, 
-MomDadGreta I love you all, 2003 
We -Are Awesome. Thank You .\11 

Sarah M. Greenleaf 

ielie\'e it if you need it if you dont 
St pass it on" Thanks Tiny, Soph, 
n, Per, Sooz, gh. Stebes, Marcl, 
nys, JPiz, Dp. Concert Crew- good 
nes. fums & jams. Thankyou guy 
Mexican tienda. good vibe iguana 
be, 5 second rule!, berkfest. BB. 
euugh. Windowgirls. See you at 
e rock (much love). Niorb. 
ummus. I love you mom, dad, greta, 
lap it up my phriend. Thank the 
)od...Im done. "Im runnning so 
y feet dont touch the ground!" 

Anna Gahrielle 

To all my friends + all my homies 
GVIT up for peace, love + macaroni 
To Bem +the original "3". to 
S.E.M J.B.V.CA.D Summer sailing. 
Dudley, Freestylin MCs To bustin 
phatr\- tunes+Mexico in June You 
rocked my mind— McCoy, Buckley + 
.\Iizo I thank you kindly, doncher 
know? To RW, master of the stage, 
honest injun, I'm livin off the love 
that you gave "Like a pack of .Mad 
Hadders from outer space Our 
singings gonna shatter eveiy .stone 
cold face"-RHCP PEACE! 

Katherine M. Hanson 

SAH n SAAH's to make that special 

JACK and my girlie s-Love ain't the 

Kizzo- This far w out you?... Never. 
.Mom. Dad. and Herbie, thanks for 
being there every step of the way! 
l oall my friends and peers of 2003. 
w elcome to the beginning!! 

Stay Real 

Ellery J. Harrington 

Thanks to all my family, frien. 
teachers who got me here. It - 
great! Good luck, class of 20n 

Alicia M. Harris 

Caitlin H. Henry 

To my family. Di. AT. .\IZ.HC. 
SM..MS.LJ: I love u guys with all my 
heart! Thn.x 4 everything! ABD. TIPS.Homefr\'.Fire&Ice. 
Boston. Empire Records. Fall Day. 
Shop.Fruit.Where s my boo? sk8er 
sheep brain. kittens. The \'illa. pokes. 
.Starbuck's.grungies.Cow Parade. 
Quebec-Danny. Skirt Day. undulate, 
muffin. Queen. "If you really want 
to live, why not try and make your- 
self-'" -Incubus 

AVhji lies behind U.S and what lie.sbelcK 
liny matters compared to what lies « iih; 
Wendell Homes, 

NDosp. SRobs. C.KR. & KH Lu\ ya ii ' 
don t ^gt It! SRobs ^^•r^gt summer _ 
swim @>XTC. "HeyL'Guys!". coll. 
Legal Boyz! NDogg i: my =1 Gl .Mrt 
berold times. I ll Nvr4gtU. Let s lakeOlu si 
4 a cruse & "talk' 4yrs Of HiSch went I 
quickl .My how fast we grow up! couldn't t 
done it w out I' S; MJ C.\R Luv ya 
sweetie L' re the BF a G could have! KH I 
wouldn I B complete >X' out L ' Thanx 4 4y» 
un4gtable memories! D.M. K.\I. TS. 
\H.& rest of OIGcxxlluck in the fut When 
it brings U. L' live only once so enjoy it! To* 
T&C Luv V 4ever ii Thanx -i everyihing! 

Jessica P. Hermanson 

Annie S. Hollis 

6o 3iH\aR^ 

I'cire ursif n a boat on a ri\ r. \\ 
ingerne trz<S;mrmalde skies..', 
AB(LNC.Smpy.Ack)CC's. Kalia. 
\L.CR,SR's.JS.AHmy bf'sAmy* 
mwah+Shiz Prom'02EA Shag. DC. 
BW Thx mom+dad -4 dling w 
mash.Itwas pure gd.Yo-iLo\ I ', 
Rog-HS.CR.MH. Keith+Claudia 

\ mt()2-HK. WD "wattaLngStrnG 
eTripitsBen " ThxTomaso+Frio+ 
2budslwntFrgt "Dol ihngEvr^' 
daythtScresl'-sing ' Loosenl p+ 
h\ eFun r only li\ e once. peace! 

2 my grls. wht would I do w out the 
memories? U mke me so happ\ I luv 
u:AG..\F.DL.CC.JH.LB wld nluht< 
in Rocky! W AY 2 mny un4.m.' ' 
nights -> S-t shrt & 4 fun cans! 2 : i 
signs in ths wrld 2 wnt! 2 my b\s u 
mke my days so fun & nonstop laugh- 
ter 1 luv u guys:RO..IP.PB..|P. 
KJ.MB.CP so mny movies not enutt 
tme! u kp me sane. Mom N Dad tlinx 
-I neva givin up on me I lu\ u s<> 
much. Juli wht would I do w out u' 
I luv ya sis. IT S FINALLY 0\ ER' 
Gd Luck '03... I'm outta here 


Jia N. Hou 

Lindsay H. Jordan 

5 been a long and exhausting joiir- 
•y, but we made it. "^'hen one 
)or closes, another one opens" To 
my friends, you'\ e been there for 
? through thick and thin. You 
\e made my HS experience 
Qazing, I love you! BB03- 
DLL-M!! abbrevs.. Prom week- 
id. Muhcs 4 life! Blepherisma. 
om. Dad. KJ. Ryan, I love you! 
lanks fore\ er\thing, you've picked 
e up when I was down. KJ- good 
ck in HS (you won't need it). 
)ngratulations 2003, keep in touch! 

Eric R. Kaufman 

.6 cpt soccer lax. track. HJ w abba 
nx coach snow+cav DCL+state 
iamps2001! "the jungle" thnx 
achers+doc 43 great yrs.DL, 
D+KG-I U never forget u.Girls- 
5, OS, AS. MP good times. TGIF 
ew.LombsCC prom02,spider in the 
ir!\\"\' trio.Caitlin u make me the 
ippiest person alive. ill always love 
Ju.Thanks Dorans u r my 2nd 
3me. Thanks mom+dad for your 
ipport+patience I Lo\e U.gdlk 
dam youll always b chubbs. 
ongrats03 "life is what u make it " 

Jessica J. Huang 

Thanks to all my teachers. You ha\ c 
been e\-er\thing. 143 to all of my 
friends! BB03! Swim and Tennis 
team, best of luck next year! 
Mom&Dad, 2 down, 1 to go! Jenni- 
fer and Jackie. Love you always! 
"What you do today is important 
because you are exchanging a day of 
your life for it. When tomorrow 
comes, this day will be gone fore\ er; 
in its place is something that you 
ha\ e left behind. . . let it be something 
good." Good luck class of 2003 

Vishnu R. Kannabiran 

"Education is what remains after one 
has forgotten ever\-thing he learned 
in school." -Albert Einstein. Best of 
luck to evers one! I thank my family, 
my friends, and teachers for helping 
me through these four great years. 



Any a Kazakin 



Anthony J. Keller 

Miivbc .Nothin iKver, Not 
The Mountains Or The Sea. But The 
Times We Had 2Gether Will Always 
He With Me." YV You Taught Me So 
.\kicli. I Will Lu\ & Remember You 
.Always i.-Ml.MyBudz^'ou'xeBeen 
you. The Fellas HB..\IB.BD.WP. 
.MR.GS.FSJS & The Ladies AKA. 
\ ' a r s B a s k e t b a 1 1 3 Y r s / W a y 1 a n d 
Section@GrtWoods Summer'O 1 
I'romNite Partying. Class. And.Ml 
TheLateNites It s Been Real. Thn.\4 
The.\lemories'03. Peace Im Out! 

Christopher P. Kenyon 

"VC'e shall not cease from exp 
tion. and the end of all our exp 
tion will be to arri\ e where we si 
and know the place for the first 1 1 
the HC crew - KM AB KS- thank 
the memories. JH RS thanks ti 
laughs. PtC- .\IW SB WP Dl 
thanks for all the years and :ii 
fun. Good luck Swim team- BH' 
Thank you .Mom. Dad. Katheri- 
and .Allison, you're the reason I di 
all. I lo\ e you.TTones. it's up toy 
guys and Jackie Vi'ilson no 

Aliya Sultana Khalidi 

Catherine N. Kim 

Thanks WHS ik Class of 2003 for all 
the great memories!We made 
iilThank you Mommy & Baba. 1 
c(^uldn t have made it without you. I 
love you .Thank you to all my friends 
who supported me: you know who 
\ou are.FH-great times, (& great 
buddies). Newspaper: thanks for help- 
ing me relax. SMILE! Thank you 
teachers and adv i.sors who helped tne 
through these years (esp. Histor\' 
Dept. (S: Keaney). Congratulations 
cS: Best of Luck 2003: .Make a differ- 
ence. Stay in touch c^v Stay strong! 

I he stor\ of life is quicker th.ii 
\\ ink of an eye... 1 can't rememb 
the times I've tried to tell myst 
hold on to these moments a^ 
pass." If only I could've been I. 
little longer... short but such u . 
memories w-town. True wayhir .i !■• 
tiny, but full of amazing pec : 
Thanx to all my friends for the j: \ .it 
times, teachers (esp. Lernc: ..^ 
Hickey!) for the inspiration. anJ ia - 
ervbody who helped me thn 
Love to my M+D. Good luck ^ 
Be good:) Good luck 2003. "D: 
as if you'll li\ e forever. Live 
voLi ll die tomorrow." 

Hannah R. Klempner 

Julie A. Kling 

I hank nou to all of my family, teach- 
ers, and coaches for the lo\ e. sup- 
port, and advice. To all my friends. 
\()u know who you are. for the 
Liughs. tears, crazy times, and chal- 
lenges. You guys made highschool 
•imazing for me. I love you all. and I 
.1111 forever thankful. Never forget. 
( iood luck '03 ta ta for now ! 

"When there's a smile in your Ik .ni. 
there's no better time to start-" 
Here's to car dancing. EB's de 
MC's pasta. I love you Window gi 
Go Muses! (& do it in a HI' bla 
dress!) I'll always miss circle danc 
w/ my dramies & pigging out 
Mock. Thanks for making me lau 
.so much! 

"It's a ver\' simple plan. You can 
what birdies can; at least it s worth 
tr\- ... You can fly. You can fly. Yo 
can fly!" 

-Peter Pan 

62 i)tMi^7Ei 

Brian W. Krol 

thanks to my family. E\'en 
'IV thanks to my friends. You all 
w w ho you are. The great memo- 
- \L-r the years will stick ■^ ith 
\ 1 1 iwered forever. The RI trip... 
n not going out the window ! I ll 
c the over pass instead. " 8 flow- 
; d kids in my car. ah the laughs. "Is 
.lining?" Prom was fun. ..I think. 
■ I rk Ic is my best friend. And to the 
111 lies that are yet to be had. 

■n. get out. Last words are for 
K .\ ho haven't said enough . ' 

Richard M. Langweber 

Thanks to Mr. D. Mrs. Lerner. and 
Mr. Olsen. and to all of my friends. 
,Smit. JP. Foogs, Linger. Errol. Ruck. 
BD. and Martin. Nomah! NIORB. 
Sorrentos, that's positive Ghostrider. 
the pattern is clear. Biggs ( college 
apps?) and Romes. Tolmania was 
scrumtrulescent. Mock Trial and 
Male Galoof kicked the monkey's 
butt. Go Sox, and Harry Belafonte. 
don't let me down. HOO-RAHH! 

Stephanie K. LeBlanc 


Lindsay A. LeCain 

Phrophesizewithyourpen. Don't 
think twice it's alright.SMB:06, 07/ 
8T.AKA: What would you do if you 
saw a sign for TX?9T1, Batman taxi. 
ACK.So many nights to remember, 
so many fights to forgetiAB.NL.AR. 
KM.iMOB.MOHisass.For every- 
thing. I will lo\ e you for alw ays and 
forever;Mom:For the inspiration and 
the motivation. DadiFor all the 
strength. Zoeil'U give you shelter 
from the storm. CASEY. ADJ: 
.Myoneandonly.NH: 12/26/99. 

Joseph C. Lingley 

Dm Dad Mae and Jon. thanks for 
tting up ^ ith me through the years, 
ve you guys. EA. ZS. BD. JF. 
i.i\L'\. JP, RL. BS. GS. great memo- 
s. more to come! Jen, Always and 
rever. Back yard shindigs, The 
ir, Pepsi and Dos Equis, Gonna 
ss it all. Dont mess with the brick 
the shark is gonna bite ya. C- 
tts. can ne\ er forget. Lax. always a 
)od time. Blue & Red 
ndit. Polaroid. getting me into 
)uble. 03 thanks for evePi thing. 
en the best times of my life 

Todd Johnson Lipcon 

Thanks to my family and friends. 
HE. EG. CW. S\V, JZ, tech rules I 
am Bat Man! Brown crust/PB+J in 
the driveway /think it link it 
drunken monkeys on crack on 
roUerskates. Dramies/Lobby Club- 
French olmypic judge dance! Thanks 
to RXXW for lessons on theatre, life, 
and motorcycles. 

PJ Party in the Party .Animal Place! 
Iron Chef' 

2003. good luck for the next 20 \ ears 
until we rule the world (scars', eh?) 
Keep in touch. 

rrw - 1 wish! 

Joanna Lydia Lippmann 

"Draw a crazy picture. 
Write a nutty poem. 
• Sing a mumbie-gumble song. 
W'hi.stle through your comb. 
Do a loony-goony dance the kitchen floor. 
Put something silly in the world 
That ain't been there before." 
-Shel SiU erstein 

Steve X. Liu 

David M. Lombardo 

Cristina M. Lopez 

w capt. =88. dirty 
weekendCC. spider in the 
SB.NC.Doc thnks4 pushing me.LS 
kiv u always. Damn it feels good to be 
a gansta! mom + dad thnks-t 
everNthing i lo\ e u.Matt goodluck 
Jess thnks for being there. Young 
Goodluck 03. keep it real + party 
hard, "if you could chose one charac- 
teristic that would get \ ()u through 
life. chose a sence ot huiiKir" 



"In the games that goon thruout 
we ask for a field that is fair, a chai 
to do our best, to strive and 
dare Thnx tchrs (Lerner)& coachi 
Thnx friends, grt mems. fieldhockc 
capt=6goodlck grls. lax. trek. Dave-t i. 
kept me smiling, ull always b in my ■ 
heart. Los e you .M&D. .\Iissa-bsl si- 
e\ r..\like~i Ingdi.stspprt. Lopez's a 
out! Though you want it to 
forevr. you know it nv 
will&goodbyes mke the joumf 
harder still " these are the da\s i , 

Christina M. Lordi 

Kimheriy MacBride 

Learn as if you \\ ere going to live 
fore\ er.Live as if you were gf^ing to 
die tommorow " Tnx .Mom Nick and 
Ray-Dad (Rf Tms Lvu) .Musical 
In.spir. MarkB .Ash =1 homie .\DR 
Adms Bstn PrchTmes SSSSfrLf- 
Stephi Aug24Luv CC-Lischa- 
Cha"f'Rht. CdG Cdnt do it with Out 
the MJ-Kmac Apt. 4. Hcky Gmes- 
Dmans Snce? to the 
boys.L" know who U Are) Fran 
Bro4Lfe (Thnx Sanchezes 4 evrytin ) 
.SR CR KH .IH LL BestOLuck2()0.-^ 
RkOn "If Your going through hell, 
keep going " 

■What we call the beginning is i 
the end. And to make an end 
make a beginning. The end is w 
we start from. " -T.S. Eliot 
Love You. .Mom Dad .Mel 
Heather 58 
Love You Always .AS KS CK To m>| 
girls and guys thanks .so much' 
Good Luck '03 

64 i>iM\ORJ> 

Bryan J. Mackay 

Cameron W. 

To Each his Own." HAP & KMH 
always forever. NML SMR CAR TC 
you for your friendship and never 
failing in my trust. God: Thank you 
for ever>-thing, and bringing me to 
my beginning. "We are not enemies. . . 
but friends. We must not be enemies. 
Though passion may have strained. 
It must not break our bonds of affec- 
tion. The mystic cords of memory 
will swell when again touched, as 
iIk \ siircK' will be, by the better 
,in>'el.s ()t our nature." 

Julie E. Manley 

Kelly J. Manley 

"You ha\'e brains in your head. 
\'ou have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself 
any direction you choose. 
You're on your own. And you know 
what you know. 

And you are the one who'll decide 
w here to go..." -Dr. Seuss 

Thanks to all my family, friends, and 
teachers. <33 
Have fun Joe! 
Good luck '03 

Marcus L. Mann 

Danielle E. Manter 

I In c 4 the Nites 111 Neva Remember 
w the friends 111 Neva 4get' KM 
th.\-i alwys bein there BFF. SDC 
BFF-ieva. my gds CH NL AR CC 
JH KH 111 neva 4get. RB SR thnx. 
.\ house frosh yr,seance. 
bench warmers, sneakin out. 
PrmWknd02 CC.Rasslin 4 great yrs 
Coach P, Chase. Sean&Kraz. Gdlk 
Cheerleaders. JC alwv's in my heart. 
.Mom Dad & Ali thx4 puttin up w 
me luv ya. CF words cant exjiress 
wut u mean 2me I lu\- u. Thx 
JT&Miller. GDLK03 Its our turn to 
shine. D.Mans is Out! 

Mary Elizabeth 

\VorkHard.Pla\li.iidcr llink uji. 
Much luv 2 my crzy bfs GSCCJD 
+\}\e rest.the fun nevr stopped missu 
TS 'SabnSaab Trust itIChiChiGrls 
SmknGrovs+JayZ Concrts New- 
port* 143 to my boys JR AK MM JL 
jP MA BD ZS GB AM IM-3-24 luv u 
al\\'yz Joshie thnks4 knowng me bttr 
than anyl -ill alwyz bbttrl43 GSbff 
L'alwyz kept me 2gther luvu' 
l4 3SbucksXLWR/Thnks 
Fam.G+P'Mom ur my rock I 
couldnt bhere w oU Gdlck Justn. 
Matr\+04byz(PCD\X")+aSol 'iluv u 
2()n3' N'()a()()db\"s. istCxalalcr^ 

Jesse M. McCormick 

Thanks to e\ er\'one who has helped 
me along the way. To all my friends, 
you know who you are. thanks for 
the great memories never forget 
them. =19 Soccer 01 DCL-Sta 
champs 19-2-3 TRUE for life j^' a 
stars All Madden Crew trai - 
Prom Vi'knd 02. Good luck ni 
B\"S. Thanks to all the coaches - 
teachers from CPH through 
Mom Dad I lo\ e you 1 couldnt ha" 
made it w o you thanks for all 
support "You can do anything ] 
set your mind to' Good luck '03 

Sarah L. Mclnturff 

Zac Meyer 

"The most wasted of all days is one 
without laughter." -e e cummings 
Thank you family and friends who 
ha\ e helped me along the ■w ay. Mom 
Dad W' ibs. the best proofreaders in 
the v\ orld! Thank you for always 
lieing there for me, I love you so 
much! AS- FH good times-bench 
luids forever. Good luck to the holla 
I rew. my friends and 2003! 

2003goodluckThrLxToMyHom t 
DaredvlclubGRAMTrockM ,.r. 
OLTSKIRTZneverwhackSkipp\ se; 
CustodiansItsbeencraz\ W 
CnTLLstn2ThR\iSngg^iSngs2RockM\ : 
(KnowThislN fake^BaBaSandwidiThan'ibu > 

Andrew A. Miller 

Jonah M. Model 

To ail the guys & dolls out there who 
knew me better than .some through 
the years: AG AH Dl CK XL MR JS 
missed you I'm sorry. This is the end 
of the beginning, and what a begin- 
ning it has been! Lo\ e all. hate none, Li\ e and Let Live. In I don't 
see you. hope you get to college & 
ha\ e a nice life! Bles.sed Be and Fare 
Thee'^ ell. Peace. 


I hope, as we enter a new work 
we all can find happiness and m 
but also adversity. Maybe tin : 
this balance we can learn more , 
ourselves and appreciate life a . 
more. To those who truly know me 
thank yo so much for the tinif wc 
have spent together. I will ne\ ei 1 1 >r- 
get the things that you taught me 
about life, friendship, love, and so 
many other things. Remember ■ - 
never too late to get in touch 

66 tiLHtaBJ} 

John A. Murray 

lever gratuitously thank your par- 
nts, friends, family... that's just 
ime. Nobody wants to read that 
;uff. If you want to thank someone, 
lank a teacher. They devoted their 
ves to helping kids like you, you 
ngrateful slob. -BSG that said, 
lanks to all the teachers and coaches 
lat moti\ ated and inspired me over 
le past 4 years. Times have been 
reat. best of luck in future to all of 
3. And of course, thanks Mom. 
'ad. Nathaniel for your constant 

Jessica W. O'Brien 

ife. Hope. Truth. Trust. Faith, 
ide. Love. Lust. We ll go on with- 
jt the things we've lost, the things 
e've gained we'll take with us." I 
ant to thank my family for their 
iconditional love and support, my 
achers for their knowledge and 
icouragement, and my friends for 
aking me laugh and reminding me 
"what is truly important in life. 

End Okumura 

hnx4 evrythingEvryl!*LUV U 
LL! Mom*Dad*Go*P*C*Thn.x4 
1 the supports*! wiL nevr4get: 
OY'ChGrl' TomatoG 'Build- 
igl9* BTF*...SRC&"Glasses" 
|5oBo' H20H20-HOHO"- Villa* 
H*"mumblng'* undulate* Iparty* 
KRG*L?? SME??:-'RY ■•Bowling* 
)kiburdlebee* Pocahontas * TUM- 
LERS"* moccasins* explodingMg* 
ersheys* "pokes!"* "ouaaaaai"* 
• nargoil"* NJ-CA* tightBlack 
mktop* TheMurals* "OrngeYellw 
avyBlu"* TeenageMutantNinjya 
jrtle* KEEP IX TOUCH 03!! 

Malvina Niemierko 

.\11 animals are equal, but some ani- 
mals are more equal than others. 
-George Orv. ell 

DevinR. O'Neil 

RudyT. BBallCapt?'21-AK, Soccer 
StateChamps, AAU, ToMyBoys 
Lius, Cristin-BFFL, OIaj-3-i. 
ThanksED-Prom02, ThanksMizo 

I in not always right, but I'm ne\ er 
\\ rong! 

"Whenever I see an old lady slip and 
fall on a wet sidewalk, my first in- 
stinct is to laugh. But then I think, 
what if I was an ant. and she fell on 
me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so 
funny"-Jack Handy <Life Is All 
.About Perspective> 

Amy J. Otting 

Fhanks Shans. Nik. Sam, Lisa, for all 
of the support and help, love you 
guys. Dad, Gramps.Jus, Love you. I 
love you Mike, you are my sun- 
shine/Care Bear, thanks for pushing 
nie when you knew I needed it. I'll 
miss ever^'body and "beyond the 
pilars"-who gave it that name any- 
way? See ya P.B. Yeah Shirley!No 
more pool runs. I'll miss you Rachel, 
have a good year ■without me to bug 
you in math. Thanks Mrs.Troilo and 
.Mrs. Mast. 

Matthew D. Owen 

riianx nu Mil (S: dad your support and 
guidance have made me who I am. 
The 2 best parents e\ er. Thanx to the 
teachers who had such a positive 
influence on me esp. McCoy & 
Krasnoo. Boys Soccer state champs 
great memories, hockey. ..hey we 
tried. DCrew - good times, keep chas- 
ing your hoop dreams. Goodbye 
Ladies. "Nyehhh. " To my friends 
for whom I'm so grateful, thanx for 
always being there for me & for the 
great times we shared. May you al- 
ways be happy & healthy. 

Alyssa Parker Geisman 


Lite l^ NTjmmy' - Me 
"You're v\ hacked in the head" - Dani 

Thanks Dani, I realize I'm whacked 
in the head and have come to grips 
w ith that : ) Thanks to all my friends, 
family and teachers for all the help, 
guidance and support through these 
4 yrs. at 'WHS. Tambien a mi faniilia 
y amigos en Me.xico, nunca les 
oh idare. Good luck class of 03. I'm 
out. Check va all lata! 

Ben A. Parks 

Melissa S. Pease 

Thanks fore\ er\ one who helped me 
get through high school . I ^ ould not 
have been able to do it with out all of 
the support and humor I got from 
my friends. Thank you to teach- 
ers who made it bearable to surv ive 
the other ones, and 1 don't know 
what I would have done with out 
you. I don't know what life will 
bring for me next: hopefully not 
more lab accidents, but one thing 
that I do know is that a part of me 
will always be known as Sparky. 

"And I'll be back round again I'll 
walk in time with you old friend & 
we'll find tlie place we had dancwl in 
so long ago" W\\" plays, dialx i^ ^ 3 ' 
Prom 02 & Mermaid House, D\ I ; 
summer days on the pond. niglu> e 
Ben it Jerry's. Friends-lo\e \ ou guys i 
so much "Turns out not where Ixii 
who you're with that really mar . :■■ 
\'-my other half, luve you! S- 1 
bff. l-i3. .Mock-best time ever! M s 
like a fam MC, i ll back you .r 
4yrs smiles & laughs- gdlk 03' L •\ e 
vou .M&D 

Katrina L. Pelsue 

Alisa F. Perry 

And if nothing can be done, we'll 
make the best of \\ hat.s around, turns 
out not where but who you're with 
that really matters "D.\IB concert 02 
goodtimes T's.Thanks to all my 
friends, the goodtimes never 
.stoppedl43. Thank you so much 
mom and dad for all the love and 
support could have never done it 
without you, love you so 
much.Thank you jessie. you're the 
best sis EVER, love you 
always. Thanks to all my teachers 
that helped me along the 
wav.Goodluck 03. 

i do not regret the things I've tiv me 
but those I did not do" - Empire 

It has been a long winding road bui 
we've made it. To all my girls and my 
boys (u know who u are); thanks for 
all the laughs, memories, and gootl 
times. To Mom, Dad. and my teach- 
ers; thanks for the support. 1 wouldn't 
have made it through without you 
.\nd to .Maya, good luck and be true 
.Much love always, and remember. 
"v\ hen you come into a fork in the 
road, take it." - Yogi Berra 

68 ^CJJl<7E^ 

John P. Peterson 

hanks to Ads, greens. smit.EA, 
in^s.JL.SG.CCZM. SB. overland, 
crt crew & 5 second rule dank- 
L ,it bfest02 good shab to shib 
Km:C will nvr forget the good 
D-trains&Putnam u rule 
i\,\track jv all stars, love to 
11 uii^idad "you never left me in the 
lark here on my own," Ben good 
n k dont get into to much trouble 
lui daps to WPD for keepin WHS 
,1 line. ever>'one else u know whou 
re ' this has all been wonderful but 
ow" im on my way" 

Christopher M. Powers 

Tood Bye School! 

I) 11 ST LIKE TO SAY I had alot 
1 tLin and i will everyone. All 
n buddies best 
lend jeff stark my brother always, 
tilth, steph, and especially my love 
thanks to my mom for helping 
K- through everything. Exeryone 
ta\ kind if you know what i mean. 

Wesley J. Przybylski 

,ive ur ID. and blizzach the bloo 
)lob,FORD EXPLOD the beats. 
'TC 4 eva, myswim buds CK.DE. 
iS,CB,DMJW,CM=success for 
'IR, AP?JR still owes me 2,SB we 
:heap 4eva.CK=wurve, DE=head 
rick,AK=soca+sunday fun.AB u 
razy /beautiful, DG ^ e come so close 
o death=quarry "so. I Almost 
lied".ED=10,minuchi is a hooch. 
H=skiin+craziness. MW=helmet. 
G=installi,,To all ladies I've seen or 
alked to I luv ya all.WTiS has served 
ts purpose. Rock on. Party on. Live 
)n, PEACE OUT 03, and peeps. 

Melissa Marie Pond 

Thank you Mom and Dad for every- 
thing, you have helped me through 
so much. Good luck Amanda and 
Sarah, I love you all. Han. Ab, Mir, 
NC, thanks for all the good times. 
I ll miss you and love you always. 
Snot and Smell forever! Sylvester's 
you'll always be in my heart. Good 
luck FH, LAX, and Diving! #3 Prom 
weekend '02, Dispatch! What's your 
Fantasy? Good luck in the future 03! 
Matthew 6; 34. 


Anya O. Priester 

And as we all play parts of tomorrow 
some ways will work and other ways 
we'll play. 

But i know we can't all .stay here 

so i want to write my words on the 

face of today. 

And then they'll paint it... 

Thank you to family, friends and 
teachers for helping me to get to to 
where I am today. I love you, you 
know who you are. Good luck Bitsy 
and -03! 

Joshua Z. Rapoport 

finally we made it! the crew Downs 
Gizantz Romes Scho D fun times in 
CGs basement vids h fahms cruisin 
in the regal water row be peace to 
HB FS JS SB AA claypit gang all 
those i forgot mont bfest subbin thn.\ 
to my tchrs McCoy Ofsen DP. the 
ref EB SC YD thnx to mar\- for 
stickin w/ me i luv )'a w-town athl- 
Golf rules mom dad cara thank u fr 
evPt'thng i love you "You got to be 
\ er>' careful if you don't know where 
you're going, because you might not 
get there" 


Derek J. Raymond 

Thanks lo all who helped me along 
the way: iMs. Picket. Mrs. K. John. & 
Emily. You \e helped to make me 
who I am today. Good times, good 
laughs, I've made it!! 

Aaron D. Reed 

The sun may set on high schix 
it will rise again & all that ' 
learned & experienced has pre ; 
us for this new day. We're d< >i 
.So many great memories, 
ind.&outd. track. Nationals ir : 
-SMR dream team, ^th! Hanging v. 
the CamrN'. Thank you everyone 
who has helped me to get here: 
Co. .Snow. Mrs. Lerner. .Mr. Gritfin. 
my teachers, friends & family i ■■ 
dad. .\Iar\'. Stu. Erik. Jessica. .M.. 
Camille. I love you all! Step up to ihi 
plate 03. the world is ours! 

Carol A. Reiss 

Christine Rhodes 

"I guess this is growing up . . ." Thanx 
Mom. Dad. .Mark I couidnt have done 
it w o u. Much Lu\' to the girlies SR 
Stace - 111 sis. ur my ever\lhing thanx 
4all the memories BFF. Cheering'Ol 
France 01 McCoy -Thanx for all the 
talks. Lowen - Thanx for helping me 
find my future. Matty - I love you 
forever babe. Framingham 
gals+guyz - Thanx. 2003 KIT + 
goodluck in w e u do. 

' There is noiliing more oppi 
life it.self than this inces.sani 
ness "-Thoreau - whs was dei 
were so out of hei 
( usmllbttrthnsx) .^P.JlRSG.MN 
(.\Iprm02wsgn) TSSB (thnx: 
tms). other buds.Wnd'ut 
Shelle.03: shine on you craz\ 
monds* end ruIes!'tons of . 
tunes+good times'"In a minute 1 li 
be free And we'll be splashing in the 1 
sea "-Phish* 

Markus C. A. Ricci 

Ashley M. Rigoli 

\ '\\Tstlng4yr+capt'Vsocr2yT53tatechamps 
nie.c(Khsn(>\\A\ hatcani.s;iy'<coachcaMi 
t< x)ktlK4xit(xit( )tm\1i;uxl<:yednx.'2tlx?Jick. 
gdtimesw \X P.MK.B.Ai.DL.TG..JlP. 
W'.MKING' presd^ RCailes4e\ Band 
9\ rs.TlinksmsG4alldaguidance. Kev. 
w meLL'N'L BL NCHES.Jonathan 
thaiGD&BDtime \\e nexerlostfocus 
of\\ hatwewereand that wasbrtnhers* 
I keepmakingmealx'ttcrpenson 

"You only live once, but if you w or- 
it right, once is enough " the grN 
K.\.M.DEM LAL.S.\IB..\KA..\PI3 
gd tms... Marlboro. CC. Bsols.srir 
outs.clsof OO.the monte.brnintree^ 
chillin @ .AEC's.aladdin.disne) JB • 
apt.ptwn. NML-=1 homie.prc: 
tmes.partyn in BOS.goin 4 dr\e^ 
ADR-SS&SS4lfe. 03 boys- HB 
FS.AK BD, BC, JS, PS. ZM. Ri^ 
Fsanch show, ERA-luvU Al^^y^ 
.\lm&Dd thnx4 e\rythng.CAC-likL 
a sis to me Ad-best bro in the w orld 
luv u guys.Gd luck 03. 
Goodbve Wavland! 

Stacy M. Roberts 

hen 1 door of happiness closes 
I It her 1 opens but sometimes we 
;us 2 long on the closed door that 
; do not c the 1 ■?\ hich has opened. " 
n\ r -igt u guys CrDmJhChKhNl 
\HRbIgArCm.MssU Cheerlead- 
^ Bn A Gr8 4Yrs. Prom 01' JT. 
02' BS 2 memorable nights. 
Ms Miller Mr Tomaso Ms 
nBerg. Luv u Nan uncLes 
j-iy 4 Evr In My Hrt) Lu\- u 
; II Dad Jason-Thnks 4 alwys bng 
■ Josh I adore you LYJ. Hold On 
the .\Iemories-HS went so fast GL 

Adam L. Romanow 

' •:. the places you'll go"-Dr. Seuss; 

^rats '03. we made it. Good luck, 
lally the crex\-,the ladies. and the 
if you.Sweetlife.we're finally 

, Gizants. DSchor.thanks for 
ears of great playing. Mom. Dad. 
hank you for e\ er\ihing. You're the 
3est parents anyone could e\"er want. 
3obby,Da\"id. you guys keep life 
xciting.I couldn't ask for better 
brothers. Good luck next year. 
Remember your roots. Lastly, the 
meaning of life is that people should 
je wearing more hats. 

V'esterday a child came out to won- 
der... And the seasons they go round 
ind round And the painted ponies 
go up and down / We're capti\ e on 
1 carousel of time We can't return 
sse can only look Behind from 
5\ here we came And go round and 
round and round In the circle game 

Thanks family for al'^A ays being there 
for me. To my friends, you kno^ 
w."ho you are. I will ne\ er forget the 
great memories and laughs that we'\ e 
shared. I love vou all! 

Mikaela A. Rosenthal 

Sarrah Roch 

To my friends w ho mean everything 
to me - Steph! Mr. PolarBear. Gibson. 
Emilee. AshM. Redmond, BK. 
.VlanBoy. mw, aw. Mom&Dad I love 
you! MoltoEntusiasmo, Driving 
Nights, PF. Virg+Cindy! Library- 
Picnics, s who is quite possibly d, 
BestSummerEver, youve got a retro 
sesame st look. HKjunkies, canoe 
trip-I forgot to squeeze. Road Sign 
Song. At least he wasnt the groom. 
Those who cant do, teach. Thank 
you Mrs H. Ms M. Dave T and K - 
vou\ e made all the difference 

Anna T. Rosenthal 

■Remember when you were young, 
you shone like the sun. ..Shine on 
you crazy diamond. . ." To my friends 
who ha\ e been there with me through 
the ups and downs. ne\ er forget the 
memories and remember I love you 
all . Thanks to the teachers who ha\ e 
inspired me. To my family, thank 
you for unconditionally loving and 
supporting me. you mean so much 
to me. Good luck Aaron & class of 
2003! 'sparkle* : ) 

Ellyn Hope Roth 

■ W hat's so hard about goodbyes? 
I m sorr\' I'm just not as keen on 
planning out our perfect lives when 
I'm only 17. Cause I'm happy to be 
only all that you see. and I'm not one 
to learn to be the same " 

"Don't forget, prepare \ our set. be 
true to your own way. " 


In the end all we have is our friends, 
our memories, ourseh es: 
who we are and who -^v e want to be. 
To e\ eryone ^ ho mattered cared 
made it worth it lo\ e you fore\ cr. 
and thank \'ou a million times 


Jeffrey C. Russo 

Thanks to c'\ cr\()nc who has been 
there for nic during my years in 
\\'aylancl. Thanks Mom. Dad. Peter 
tor being the best family that anyone 
could ha\ e! Hey to ev ery one at ^XTP. 
my friends on FI, and the countless 
people who have been a part of my 
life and my success. Thanks to all of 
my past teachers for being .so great at 
w hat you do! Finally, good luck to 
.ill of my cla.ssmates. I hope that 
\ ( )u are all happy with whate\ er path 
\ (>u chose to take from here. 

David S. Samet 

The axiom goes "The perte ■ i 
the enemy of the good." Aiu 
perfection, strive for it. but \' 
you accomplish something e\ 
tional. realize that perfectior 
nov elty, a means to an end. a co: 
to use on the way to greatne^- 
the destination. 

Thanks mom and dad. wiihou; 
your guidance and support I would 
have been lost. .\ thanks to all < 
the people who helped me befoil 
and during my stay at WTIS. yo 
know who vou are. 

George C. Samiotes 

Tykeia C. Samuel 

Oh now I .say feel no pain 
Thank you lord for what you've 
done for me Good times AKl^. .MR. 
.IS. JB. JX. HB. FS. P.S. BD. Z.M 
Thanks Hun and .\lzi for prom 
Thank you .Mom, Dad. Anna and all 
the teachers that made me who I am 
today Kraz.Frio.Roemer.Harmon. 
Thanks C. Chase for never giv ing up 
on me. Raw s basement. Big Room. 
Honey Farms. SG.SP. Fll Miss it. Soo 
many chill times. 03 lively up your- 
self don't be no drag. Beaters are 
chill. 1 ha\ e to go return some video- 
tapes. Peace~Gbo 

1 St I'd like to thnk the 1 people w li^ 
brought me here, god, and 
mother.! would also like 2 thnk ; 
the fake 1 s who I thought were rea 
u helped me c reality. I'd like to giv 
a shot out2 TW. CR..MT, CC, M<3 
JB. SD, .Mummy I luv u so much, 
helped me sta\- focused, and on trac 
Lika .and BigBoi, I luv u2 withouti 
I wouldn't have achiev ed as much i 
I did this yr. Last . Jaleel I luv u. 
lOyrs. u'll b doing the samething 
Everv l else What's Reallv Good? 

Francisco G. Sanchez 

Katherine V. Schmidt 

The Fam: Momma. Sanch. Flapper. 
■rina..\Ilo&Tom. Thnx-iputting 
upw me. The crew:' cut the pie in 
five ways ' \"oltron.. Sword. Fox\-. 
Felt.BDigz. My budz: JS.TG..MR,GS, 
AKA.AR.HK.NC;. Old school cats: 
Rap. Bain lonion King. JD.JB's. Cats 
who r gone, not forgotten: BSol <& 
DD.Keeptheballrollin: TK,jR, 
Perkins. Stephanie: love alwa\s. 
I.( )rdi s : m\ 2ndfa m . KB: my 2ndm( )m . 
"I'd rather laugh with the sinners 
than cr\' with the saints, the sinners 
.ire much more fun." -BI 

Streetracerz 4 life! I love Team I v 
nate! Imports! Thnx Riverside T 
mi.ssion. BFF Jeanettel I love \ 
The beach, asian food. Cloves, \t K . 
ing cuz of boredom, .secluded ^un 
tanning THE ABANDON!!) 
.M.\NSION! Kidnapping.Ieanettc - 
lane, Chris. Brian. Criminal sp 
ing ticket. Illegally pa.ssin 3 c.i 
bridge, hittin 18 wheelers 
Thingy's up! U.Mass Amherst 
18 02 w Hudson boys. Crazy | 
ties w/Brian. Sami. Nikki. Cluhbm 
dancin on pool tables, sneakin i 

72 t>il\\oa^ 

David S. Schor 

r Forget \\"-To\vn. My Ctv>: 
'.aniz. Porr\', Downs. Romes, Fam- 
Friend. Good times-CG's house. 
3nt, Smrville, Sweetlife still 
mmin. Stud.Co.E-Board-gettin it 
)ne. YD gettin nothin done. Soc- 
issy-my first love, forever in my 
art 3/6. Tchrs: Dehor, Kean, 
mis. Coy, Grif, Mizo, Hick, Ref. 

Crew. The Ladies: CL, GW, 
i'. AP. Mikey-I get the car after 
ur hair. Thanx Mom. Dad. Ken. 
ke. Luv You Guys. Good Luck 

Michael D. Schor 

Dubyatown, u cant beat it.thnx to da 
crew. Gizantz. Downah. Rappiz. 
Romies. &'s 
house. hfahms.mont.sketch\'vil thtr. 
It in LI .wylndresting capt.. 
goodtimes/goodbuds in clypthill 
crew, u know who u r .ladies:CVC'. 
.SW. G\X'. AP. CR. CML. 
Do^ nah(again). Teachers: Dehor. 
Griff. Hickdawg. Sehoras +refcent 
gang, Mulk. KevD. Coy. Biggy- 
luvu mom,dad.ken,dave. 2003.thn.x 
for e\"eni-thin. good luck, keep it 

David C. Schultz 

Jl:l^^ for the great memories at 
Is ,ind WHS: 

•nnis. Ending the longest winning 
eak in state history-, late night ping- 
)ng. rubik's cube, walla walla, 
hnny Turner, the state capital of 
;w York, joining USY tomorrow, 
rts in Badoian, Card Club, No- 
mber 1st 2001, free strings at De- 
thlon, DHAC, time trials on Route 
sports trivia, UNC vs. Duke. 

lank you .Mom. Dad iS; Staci for 
ing me your support and guid- 
ce in even,'thing that I have done. 

Richard R. Scioli 

when you"re better than evePi'one 
else people tend to think you're pre- 

Love. Rich 

Christopher L. Secord 

William P. Serine 

ways good times in the basment 
HEEL" Long trips to 
mbridge.Goodtimes in porsche 
ace it till it dies". SB.MC.JD.JR 
3od way to the en the 
;ar.Rugby "balls to your 
inner" "Drive over". Thanks Olsen 
r e\ er\thing. Thanks MCcoy for 
)ur inspiration on the course. 
VIY.JH.CF.SM.KS.JM love you a 
anks. Life is long and hard RIP dad 
lid it. "So like midget at a urinal I 
ill have to stay on my toes" 1 am 
Jt peace. 

While you can't change the weather. 
\'ou can always adjust the sails. 

Thank vou... Evers'one. 

James G. Shaw 

"Vi hcn you come to a fork in the 
road, take it " - Yogi Berra 
Thank you Mom and Dad for being 
there, and Calvin for putting up with 
me for 12+ yeans. Thank.s to all my 
friends, you know who you are 
you\ e made the last -4 years an 
lute blast. Finally, thanks to all th 
teachers who guided me through the 
good and the bad. I 
couldn't ha\ e done it without you 
Good luck of 2003! 
'.Anything that's worth fighting for, 
is worth fighting dirty for. " 

Rachel L. Shuman 

"Go confidently in the direction ■ 
your dreams, live the life you'\ 
imagined. "To my gals & -.^in- 
pstpresfut:thksforthemems\ . \ i 
helped me get here:I will ml 
Prmwkend '01 02. Thk.>~;_ 
Stntn'Ol. .AlmdBrosOO. CC. W . 
BudyHly.GrS tmes lax li 
you'll. thksDeho&CoachG.jSJV 
from the begining 2 the end • 
tme.Thks for always being ther 
lahng.n\ er frgt the tms I love y< 
always Jimmy'Thks so much for 
iuv Mom & Sam! GDLK 03' 

Gregory Slavin 

Zachary C. Smith 

"Many a hand has .scaled the grand 
old face of the plateau Some belong 
to strangers and some to folks you 
know.. / There's nothing on the top 
but a bucket and a mop And an 
illu.strated book about birds / You 
see a lot up there but don't be scared 
Who needs action when you got 
words W hen you finished with the 
mop then \"ou can stop And look at 
what you'\ e done The plateau's 
clean, no dirt to be seen And the 
work it took was fun" -Nir\ ana 

Remember. Walden Two has no 
ijrade grubbing 

.Mom and Dad thanks for bemg the- 
I couldn't ask for better parent,v 
love you guys. Dana you're the be~ 
sister I don't know what I'd do witi 
out you, I love ya. Back\-ard Shindi,:; 
at JL's. Hampton Beach. Joe & Je- 
emy. \\"«D. C.MPHL. Vietnan 
W'akeboardin at JF's. Yids. \ iol. 
tors. CL where'd ya go? Thanks i 
for some great years. Good luc 

Miriam Sopin-Vihne 

Gillian M. Soucy 

I ha\ e stars I'm tr\ ing to reach. 

Thank you to even one whose it was to teach 

With so many places to go. people t( > 

meet, and things to do. 

don't worry I won't be forgetting 

you . 

Now is not the time to .stop, w ho 
know s this might be my chance to 
rise to the top. 
I only hope to see you there. 
Remember life's not fair. 
-l43 .Mimi 

Good times. Great memories. A 
my friends thanks for eventhini: 
love u, and i ll neverforget you. Ca: 
cS; childhood mems... .My gu\ 
BD, JF. EA. ZS. GB.JL... BA i 
amazing chichi's grls (.M.MCC 
(!iJen..ROCKON. don't stop till i 
get enough. thom. and the man 
ad\entures( brakes! 
soccercapt=l 2, socgrls lu\- u & gdluck 
Thanks coach E and G. .VIom. Dad 
T&G. thanks for being there. I lo\ i- 
you more than w ords can say. gdluck 
■03 .. follow your dreams 

74 ^iMiOB^ 

Abigail Southard 

outh is just a moment in time. lint 
ts the spark we will cam' in our 
learts forever" To my guys<S:gals: 
links 4 great mems gd!k 03 KMKS- 
\-wpbfff even tho we r far apart u 
vill 4ever be in my heart Ilu\"u. 
5rmwkend"0r02 thksgvg 00 
trttn'01FH-4yrs bench-ilife-best of 
uckS.M.HghlndCr crew DLCKKM 
CS best friends 41ife (trick-treat x- 
nastree. sled) Gdluk'Zach great 
miles, great memories I love you 
hnks 4 all luv&support.I'll alwys b 
our missA. 

Taylor L. Stanton 

You should make amends with you 
if only for better health. 
But if you really want to 
live, why not try and 
make yourself. 

Don't ever let life pass you by. 

Kathleen A. Steinberg 

Paul A. Stockwood 

■.'evR forgetiThnksgivn 00. Prom 01 
I'ights to Boston.To first times&early 
jiiornin cartoons. Thnks HCrcle 
jrew-XMas ParT.K.MAB-thnks -i 
Imderstandin.WWPBFF.luv u 
|;ds.To all my friends. life v\ oulnt be 
[ame w out u LERSIHCPK.D\'E- 
|or .stckin w me 'Urs r the .sweetest 
|'\es he e\r seen"! lu\- u .Thnks teach- 
rs -t the inspiration. Kath&Bill-4 
nakn me fly.Sar&Rach-I owe U the 
vorld.Best a luck 03. Passion is the 

I'd like to say thanks to the Happy 
Hollow crew for all the good memo- 
ries. DG and DG, Granit. Outskirts. 
Sully. Cochituate. All the big houses 
that had lots of kids in them. Bdiddy 
and the rest of 04, good luck. 
VOLTROX-Best days when we cut 
the pie five ways. Mom and Dad, 
thanks for always caring and under- 
standing, from Fid. To my best friend 
since day 1. my brother. .Mike- 
couldn't have done it without you. 
Big b\\T!vas rule. W'elp. i'm packin 

Jonathan C. Stone-Myers 

Never Under Estimate The Power 
3f Stupid People In Large Groups. " 

Joseph P. Sullivan 

Thnx 2 all my friends and family for 
always bein there 4 me no matter 
what. Thnx Mom Dad + Mis lu\ u 
guys. Much luv 2 all my buds, 
wouldn't be here w out cha. Raw . 
Geebo. Tim, Jer, T$, Lombs. HB. 
JO. .MF, AB, HS. NC, AB, HK. SB, 
AA. Goodluck04. 05. COCH. 
HFarmsSP, .SG. BigRoom. Riiks2nd 
home. PromWeekend, Snowlxills, 
Pre-Gaming.l6"You know what the 
trouble about real life is? There's no 
danger music. "03 best of mems. 
Don't Stop the party! PEACE. Jkilla 
is OIT 

Michael P. Sullivan 

. and I know u say I can care for 
someone, but are you that clever that 
•you smile foreber?" "Loser's are 
allways whining about their best: 
Winners go home and shag the Prom 
Queen!!" MSRFC-Kugger4Life_ 
Thankyou to all of my friends for 
being there>RLT FriencNLifc 
dude(rmbr FF^!!!)_'4 years, i neva 
t Ik )ughl it would'\ e ended so quickly. 
Focus on the present, keep an eye on 
the future, and tresure the past! 

Andrew W. Talentino 

Michael D. Talentino 

■ Just when my coil was reaching the 

green line... " 


i d like to thank everyone who put 
up with my crap these past four 
years. Go forth and make all your 
dreams a reality. Fll .see \<)u there 

18 years in the making. ..thanx i. 
everybody who's made i 
possible. ..rents, sister, luv u racl 
and my friends. ..RUGBY, than.x f< 
the memories. ..two time, hopefull 
three time div. 2 NERFl 
champs... Can't wait til college, hav 
a great year.. .TO BE CONTNL'El 

Alison B. Tonsmeire 

Jonathan A. Trimby 

W e inatle it! H\ en though out paths 
lead us in different directions.! hope 
we KIT.bute\ en ifwedont.eachof u 
has a place in my heart. W e can make 
new friends. not replace old. I wont 
4get .SBTH-Hoston-BeachlnRain- 
("hocCake-Boo-\X'wwild.\bout u 
+all mems-Dont iget plans after col- 
lege. NP.MI. I love you guys!Thnx 4 
helping me smile. Best of Luck 03 

Damn its been a fun ride! Thanx t< 
e\ er\ one who .stuck by me: Mom r. 
Dad. .\IT. CS. MS. JS. MZ. RT, BL 
HE. class 02. too many to mention 
.\IT and CS - you know the fui 
times! Rugby is a way of life, an^ 
Basses will rule the earth. Than.x I' 
all my teachers, McCoy. .\liz(< 
Golden, especially Mr. O - you al 
made things interesting. Thanx ti 
.Ms. Greenberg for everything. Thi 
first yrs were tuf. but Ive had the be> 
times of my life. Hope everyone h:i' 
a good future! Bye 

76 itUliTE^ 

Richard L. Trueblood 

5chool isn't worth the effort I don't 
ut into it." MSRFC, four years of 
nforgettable experiences. Thanks 
) everyone who made it happen, 
his is for all the late nights and 
arly mornings, This show has been 
ighteen years in the making; It's 
me for the cameras to roll And the 
ind to blow this boat out to sea. To 
II the people who have supported 
le along the way: family, friends 
^nd teachers, no words can express 
ly appreciation for all that you have 
one for me. 

KathrynE. VigUotti 

Mom, Dad, Ingrid, Oscar-love you 
guys. Thanks for all of your support. 
To all of my friends through the 
years-it's been fun; will never forget 
the great times. Thanks to Mr. 
McCoy and Mrs. Armentano. The 
Hamilton family. Tim you're my 
one and only. I will always love you! 

Michelle E. Villari 

s been a long road weve traveled 
ut weve traveled it together. Thnx 
7ayland 4 evryihing good times 
bad laughs&cries successes &fail- 
res. FH Lax good times, luv u, 
lom&Dad I would never have been 
ble to fulfill my dream w o ur spprt 
lank you. Teachers thnk u for 
verytliing. N\' CV&DV good Ick 
the future. I lo\"e you to the 
lOon and back. Al'wv's keep a spe- 
ial place in ur heart 4 the memories, 
ember through thick or thin keep 
rhead up&always smile! 

Courtney L. Walsh 

Take a chance and live your life the 
wa\' you've always dreamt of living 
it. Thank you family and friends for 
your endless love and support & to 
the mar\-elous teachers who have 
inspired me. The memories we have 
shared will stay with us forever.... 
*techies, dramies, FH. bball. CC. 
SADD' best of luck 03 

David J. Walsh 

Michael C Walsh 

This has been a long trip filled with 
good and bad times, but through it 
all my family has helped me get it 
done. So thanks Mom, Dad and 
Laura for all you help and support. 
Also I d like to thank my friends for 
always pushing me to the limits. \'oli 
know who you are. And good luck 
to evervone in the class of 2003. 

PaulL. Walsh 

Thanks to evenonc who has helped 
mc alcjng the way: to my friends whc > 
' ha\ e always been there to make me 
smile just when I needed it. To all m\ 
teachers, especially the science de- 
partment who ha\ e always pushed 
me to do my best. To Mom and Dad: 
1 e you. Latin Club Forever. Ha\ e 
no regrets, always look back fondh 
on these times we have shared to- 
gether and smile. 

Michael R. Weiler 

CK, SB. JG. DE. \\T. KM. X'^ h 
RS. JH. and the everyone eN 
you are the best. Thank yiA. i\. 
and Meghan I love you both. Thai 
you .Mom and Dad. you are the Ix 
parents I could ever ask for. 

Gail S. Winning 

Stephanie M. Wohler 

I cant belie\'e the end is herelThnk.s 
.Mom.Dad.ii Rich for ever\thing. 
Love you. To my friends: LO, S\X . 
JO. MV. MO. MB. JM. CG. D.S. AR. 
jl). thnks for all the support and fun 
times. CLO and OWEN.I'll never 
forget all the memories. GDLK 
FH04-kick butt. LC&BC what can I 
sa\ ? H\ e fun nxt year.Tom-fellings 
are to hard to put into words. Thnks 
for always making me smile. Hicke\ 
you made school phun.Thnkstoall 
my coaches;lynne(JiGilman. GDLK 

\\ c do not remember (.Ln s onl\ 
nn inicnis 

Abigail A. Wolf 

Sarah M. Woodruff 

I'm like a circle in a spiral like a 
\\ heel within a wheel Never ending 
nor beginning on an ev er-spinning 
reel Just like a snowball down a 
moimtain or a carni\ al balloon Or 
like a carou.sel that's turning run- 
ning rings around the moon Ju>i 
like a tunnel that you follow to a 
tunnel of its own Down a hollow 
to a cavern where the sun is never 
shown Like a door that keeps re- 
Nolving in a half-forgotten dream 
Like the ripples from a pebble .some- 
one tosses in a stream 
-The .\luppets 

Thanx .Mom. Dad. Kt and famil 
You were always there for me 
ne\ er ending netw ork of love ai 
support. SM.EG.AH..MC.D.\.C( 
lo\e alwa\ s. Thanx to RW. Thanx 
luck and friendship to the Techie- 
Be Happy Dramies. Good luck 0- 
Do great things. Be great things. Lo\ i 
to all. And soon Bear and Sarah an* 
all their good friends were souni 
asleep and dreaming happily < 
tomorrow's adv entures. Tlirough tlii 
open window, the moon looked i' 
and seemed to smile ' -MK 

78 ^Lti\OR^ 

Jenna Katherine Wrean 

inks for all the memories, '03! 
leniJs, teachers, coaches- I'll miss 
ju. RLS- Since K! 
appy trails, ever^'one. John-thanks 
ir always making me smile. I love 
:)u to the stars and back. "It's so 
uch more friendly with two. " I 
've you Mom, Jay. Nay. Mar. and 
.son. Thanks so much for alway.s 
;ing there. 

Jason J. Xenakis 

Thanks to all my friends: Link. 
Namus. DK and the Kong Famih . 
GTA3 guy w no name, Conker, 
■^'oshi. Luigi (I forgive you for the 
mansion I. Tony Hawk, StarFox: I 
couldn't have done it with out you. 
Mario, ever since I met you when I 
was fouryears old, you have always 
been there for me. Thanks to Tauren 
Chieftan for Endurance Aura. Ml. 
your skills are inferior.but I'm im- 
pressed. Oh yeah. ..thanks 
for always believing in my abilit\'. 

Michael Zaffetti 

'ow, It Really Does Go By Quickh': 
When The Tide Of Life Turns 

gainst You. And The Current Up- 
ts Your Boat, Don't '^'aist Your 

ears On 'What Could Have Been. 

ist Lie On Your Back And Float; - 

Love 2 All Friends And Family: 

S, RLT, ((ABT)), AH, HC, AD. 

1, CA, CFZ, JS. EO, BL, AJ. KS. 

'W + The Rest; - Thanx U All. 

eep in Touch! 

Jeremy B. Zallen 

Thanks to friends, family. Techies 
rock! TL. HE, SW, EG. -Check Your 
Buckets!" and never forget what to 
do w hen you have half a pbj on the 
si^icwalk. Thanks Lemer. Rex. Olsen. 
and Hickdawg, you guys are great. 
Sleeping hag wars, movies, the cook- 
ing network, and all the adventures 
of Dong and Jay. Go 2003! 
Testostertones, light the house on 
fire, keep on singing, remember the 
w md up monkey. "Paco be quiet!" 
IT\X -I wish! 

Chang F. Zhang 

'^H L tada.Munk. Rugby. Apoca, 
mit.Queen.JM.Linguire/Uk,,'W"WRA widemouth 
' ! i'- .Swimteam BobbyD demerit. 
11 kupine. rally racing, spud, mag- 
csium. DDR. gush, "qiaqia!". 
istMtle. doofy. slamman, jamn in 
' LSLort. 6.1311. phazyme, stank, 
- --t w u ge >Tje CC, otherw^ise, golden 
i.inu, 12.2T01, KFP. Snorlax... 
>\\ ernaps.. zzzzz 

e\ you guys are all amazing . its 
■ n .1 great 4 years, I'm gonna miss 
<-'! } one. Take care, stay in touch. 

If6 ^UR. L46T Year. . . . 

Where's Mr. D?: Michelle Villari munches as she works in 
the Reference Center. 

Umm...: Abbv Bridgeo and Crissy Lopez can make some 
pretty strange faces. 

Tight Squeeze: Anna Hadingham, Wes Przybylski, Rich 
Scioli, and Chris Kenyon sa\'e money by sharing t-shirts. 

What A Guy: Dave Lombardo lends 
a helping hand in the Commons. 

Bear Hug: Melissa Pease and Tricia Corbet brace each other 
for Senior year. 

The .Man Can Do It All: Jeff Russo entertains 
himself while learning. 

82 t>LU\0BJ> CAHD\Pi> 

Let.6 y\ML h A CJ'^^P ^nej 

Aww...: Crissy Lopez stands bv her man, 
Dave Schor. 

To Leave or to Stay?: Some Seniors contemplate 
whether it's worth going to class. 

Only '03 Allowed: Seniors man their table 

All Smiles: Emilee Dorr and Abby Wolf flash their 
pearly whites. 

Setting A Good Example: Billy Senne, a 
Student Council President, gets his things in 

Wanna Go Out?: Abby Bridgeo can't believe her luck 
with Rich Scioli. 


CAfc Jeep 

Aax66^Y: Belt 

RaPI^ ^TATk^N: 100.7 

TcAM: Patriots 

PmNi6 Iced Coffee 

foo^. Subs 


im-C: Low Rise 

tjxo^ Target 
I Honey Farms 

Place. To Qat: 


Car: Minivan 

Aa:iL56^RY: Hemp 

RaPI^ i^TAWN: 98.5 

TcAM: Red Sox ^ 

PriNi6 Banana Milk 

fooo: School Lunch 

67YLE: Straight Leg 


6wc: Kohl's 
Mini Mart 


Ou\i> 85 

\V1jch \\/c. W/i 

Fit for a King: Rich Scioli takes a drink 
with his cake and ice cream. 

- 1 


Is it Raining? Melissa Pease and Dam Manter 
pose with big smiles. 

Happy Halloween: Zach Meyer and Rich Trueblood sit together in a 
pumpkin patch. 

Group Hug: Brvan MacKay, David 
Lombardo and Mike Schor are ready 
for preschool. 

Exploring the 
Great Out- 
doors: Sarah 
Woodruff and 

build a fire on 
a Con trip 

All Smiles: 

Stacy Roberts 
and Rachel 
Shuman share 
a hug (right). 

88 ^LH\ff(l!r. Y0uH<; CaNpipa 

Zrunch: Doug Anderson and Mike Weiler play in the 

Off to Claypit Hill: Vickie Curtis, Susannah Bechtel 
and Doug Anderson are ready for their first dav of 

Winners: Dave Schor, Ben Damm, Jesse McCormick, Eric Kaufman, 
Ste\'e Babcock, Matt Owen, Bryan MacKav, Matt Becker, Jeremy 
Breazzano, and Jon Greenleaf show off their trophies. 


Birthday Boy: Jon Greenleaf and Jeff Russo look like they're 
having more fun than John Murray at his own partv. 

Arrr, Matey: First graders Scott Dale, Eric Kaufman and Rich 
Trueblood dress up for Halloween. 

This is Fun: Eric Kaufman and Anya Priester pose before a 
kindergarten concert. 

Go Celts!: Joe Downer, Fran Sanchez, Mike Schor, Jeremy 
Breazzano and Josh Rapoport cheer at a Celtics game (left). 

Tough Stuff: Johan Rijk, Tim Gustus, Joe Sullivan, 
and Matt Rijk are ready for action. 

What's Up With That?: Ellyn Roth doesn't quite comprehend 
what's going on. 

Girls Day Out: Leslie Hernandez, Sarah Greenleaf, 
Kathryn Vigliotti, Jen Melanson, Emily Bright, and" 
Abby Bridgeo have fun in Boston on a first grade 
field trip. 

Who Done It?: Jess Huang lies motionless on the beach 
during the seventh grade Cape Cod trip. 

Goof in' Off: Dan DiPerna, Eric Kaufman, and Jay 
Fugarazzo pal around. 

Neighborhood Fun: Alyssa Antonell, Josh Rapoport, and Mike and 
Dave Schor have a play date. 

go 6tnwKA Y^?uNc; CaNpipa 

(ne School Down...: Happy Hollow fifth graders Mike Peck, 
J anna Lippmann, Abby Bridgeo, Mike Sullivan, Paul Stockwood, 
I'n Daniel, Emilee Dorr, Miriam Sopin-Vilme, John Murray, Mike 
^ alsh, Paul Walsh, Rich Trueblood, Joe Lingley, Anna Rosenthal, 
i d Kathryn Vigliotti, among others, celebrate their last day of 
.(?mentarv school. 

Off We Go, To The Museum of Fine Arts...: Jon Trimby, 
Rich Langweber, Mr. Graff, Chris Secord, Julie Manley, 
Kate Egan, Jay Fugarazzo, Dan DiPerna, Melissa Pease, 
Shannon Flynn, Rachel Shuman, Kurtis Grant, and Eric 
Kaufman, second graders at Loker, enjoy a day in the 
North End. 

The Long Ride Home: Abby Bridgeo, Gillian Soucy, 
and Nisse Clark pass time coming home from Wash- 
ington, D.C., in eighth grade. 

Cutie Pies: Jesse McCormick and Josh Rapoport get a kick 
out of each other. 

Very Mature: Paul Walsh, Mike Zaffetti, and Rich Trueblood 
know how to have a good time. 

A Fabulous Five: Katrina Pelsue, Vickie Curtis, Emily 
Bright, Melissa Pease, and Julie Kling are ready for the 
Sophomore Semi-Formal. 

George Samiotes 
Steph Wohler 


92 i>an\ofLi CaNpip6 

Jesse McCormick 
Abby Bridgeo 

David Samet 
Alisa Perry 

David Schor 
Aliya Khalidi 

Jay Fugarazzo 
Marisa Falone 

94 -5u4i<7e. ^uPCJU-ATiVc^ 

Dan Galasti 
Rachel Shuman 

ClA^ illPPIE^ 

Ben Daniel 
Amy Moses 

Chang Zhang 
Stephanie Bell 


Markus Ricci 
Annie Connolly 

Kathy Schmidt 

q6 t>i}i\OS. i>UPtEi_AnVLA 



N/aNiluv C^I^ 

E>t6T PLACE. J<? (^O PURJNC A FEtt: 

1) Off Campus 

2) N.I.O.R.B. 

3) Vids 

4) Home to deuce 

flitAlOtST TiJiNc; AT \\/jJ6: 

1) Gota B+ 

2) Eaten the school's fish sandwich 

3) Portfolio conference 

4) Wrestled Becker 

E>ci)T Place, t^? t:>wop f<?e. 

1) Building 19 

2) Victoria's Secret 

3) Weiler's Closet 

4) Wayland Boosters 


1) Hollywood's Porche RIP 

2) Scioli's Shaggin' Wagon 

3) Babcock's Cherokee Cheif 

4) JD's Buick Regal 

\^Ot>T DrEAPEP \J0RDi> FOB. A 

\\/tl6 .fmJPElJT W IIlars 

1) You got a B 

2) Po has arrived 

3) No way dude 

4) That's six demerits 

E>E^T VlPEi? C5"aME: 

1) Shaqfu 

2) Geometric Golfer 

3) Warcraft 

4) Diamonds 

C^0\H<; JO t>CX\00l^ 

1) Bling 

2) Aderol 

3) Hemp Thong 

4) Game Boy 


1) Gibbons 1) Pep Band 

2) Chang was driving 2) Sweet Life 

3) I stopped for a Berger 3) T-Tones 

4) It was Captain Morgan's Fault 5 Second Ri 

E>E^T TiJiMc Ae^uT tue. Cuk^ or 200^ 

1) Statistically, we're smarter than you 

2) We're not the class of 2001 

3) We talk smack 

4) We are ridisulously chill 


1) Napping 

2) Vids 

3) Eating 

4) Wayland Wrestling 

B>i(;(7E^T I2£jc;r£.t as a ^tNl<?R: 

1) Getting good grades in Middle Schoo 

2) Playing sports 

3) Not joining "The Hawks"... 4 life 

4) We didn't keep the funk alive 

1) Not be in the National Honors Society 

2) Poop in your pants 

3) Date a frosh 

4) Get caught staring 

1) MCAS score day 

2) Ben Sparks 

3) Incident on Sports Update 

4) Mr. D attempting to "get down' 
at the Prom 

-) The Yoimg Democrats 
\) Mr. D's socks/ties 
)) The fish sandwich 
l) Shwag 

1) The Field House lobby 

2) Any faculty 

3) Arts Building 

4) Nurse's Office 

E>ci>T Piadup Unel 

1) Good thing 1 have a library card, 
cause I'm checking you out 

2) Wrestling captain?... Oh wait, 
that's me! 

3) Hey, I'm good at video games 

4) Are you an tmderclassman? 

E>c^T Man UNPEJZ. f"lVE. f"E£.T: 

1) Mr. D 

2) Gary Coleman 

3) Wee-man 

4) J-Rapps 

\^ot>T CTuiLL Place; 

1) Raw's basement 

2) Reference Center 

3) H-Farms 

4) Wherex er }-Greens is 


1) Too much booty in the pants 

2) Gangsta's Paradise 

3) Anything Bar'Mitzvah 

4) That slideshow song 

E>lc;^EAT \\/c7RR.Y A6 A ^EMI^E: 

1) Where's Dan DiPerna? 

2) Tyler Castagno 

3) Can I make it to V&D and back in 
one lunch? 

4) Shwag 

\^oi>j fuw Rule jo E>r£ai6 

1) No Poofka's 

2) PDA 

3) Indecent Exposure 

4) Eating in the Reference Center 

\\/;4ER£. W/iLL THE Of 200^ 

E>E iM Tem Yeaiz^? 

1) Retaking the SAT's... again 

2) Sand and Gra\'el 

3) Parole Hearings 

4) Getting held down by the man 

■ixnu?e. -buB-Vcr gg 

Stack Of Sisters: Twins Julie and 
Alison Tutlys back each other up. 

Expired: Ben Ralen is "out of 

Like My New Look?: Alex Blau 
makes himself attractive. 

102 JuNl(7IZ.6 


Kurt Anderson 

Rvan Anderson 

Damien Angelos 

Robert Backman 

Adam Bairn 

Tamsin Ball 

,» / 

1 ^:>^^ 

) "is K 

lexander Banning 

Joel Bamett 

Shannon Barr 

Skvlar Baver 

Miles Bellman 

Sean Berman 

Melvin Best 

Genevieve Birkner Alexander Blau 

Da\ id Blease 

David Bleuer 

Alexandra Botti 

Stephen Carroll Georgina Castellucci Allisence Chang 

\$ ^^^^ J . . :l . .ilk 

Kelley Clifford Robert Clorethy Mitchell Conway 

ianna Gerlovin 

Samuel Heller 

David Glovskv 

Timothy Goessling Eric Goldenbaum Caroline Goodhue 

Alison Hernandez 

Alison Herstine 

Patrick Higgins 

Stephanie Hodge 

Emily Graham 

Ak'\,iiidra Hoey 

Evan Hoke 


James Huang 

Allison Hueber 

Thomas Huff 

Scott Hyland 

John Jacques 

Geoffrey Leard Carol Lee Alexander Lemiszki Gabrielle Levine Brian Lewis Michael Lew i- 

bhn Michalczvk 

Ryan Moorman 

Lotfy Nathan 

Elysse Nava Christopher Nichols Rebecca Noonan 

Shawn O'Brien 

Jennifer Pandiscio Abel Parker-Geisman 

Kvle Peet 

Nicholas Peper 

Derric Perkins 

Jonathan Pivor 

Catherine Porreca 

Jason Potter 

istopher Radowicz Benjamin Ralen 

Eliza Reed 

Michael Reichlen 

Claire Robinson Michael Robinson 

Jeffrey Roblin 


Ashley Rockwell Matthew Rosenfield Zachary Rubinfeld 

^^^^^ ^ '\ 

Benjamin Ryan 

Alexander Salsberij 

w8 JuMl^E^ 

Sohrab Virk Jessica Weatherbee Brandon Weiss 

Harley Yanoff Jessica Yurkofsky Marissa Zornitsky 

Dylan White Elizabeth Wolfson Andrew Wright 

NI^ Picrui^EP 

Chester Barboza 
Kate Barrett 
Alexandra Blumberg 
Myisha Brown 
Danielle Calnan 
Anthony Campbell 
Nicole Caruso 
Julie Cerrone 
Alberto Espaillat 
Duncan Fitch 
Rachel Forman 
Sean Galvez 
Camille Ives 
Amit Johal 
Christopher Kenney 
Justin Li 
Natasha Miller 

Miri Park 
Larry Prather 
Dally Reyes 
Samuel Schilling 

Adam Sulkis 
Angela Tomlinson 
Kathryn Winder 


Running in Circles: Casey Fenwick goes the extra mile during a 
track meet at the Reggie Lewis Center (above). 

Study Break: Danielle Brescia and Jessica 
Main have fun with Ms. Pickett while 
getting extra help (above). 

Crafty Kids: Jen Yuan and Ashley Morr 
are exhausted after making puppets for 
French club (abo\ e). 

110 ^PHOMaasjb 

Putting on the Pressure: 

Amanda Nickerson takes the 
ball on a break away in field 
hockey last fall (right). 

Nice Hair!: Aaron Miller 
and Mr. Christin goof off 
with paperclips in LRT 

Isaac Aaron 

Gavin Allen 

Jessica Awerinan 

Daniel Bache 

Jordan Baiter 

Jonah Bamel 

Janielle Brescia David Brownstein Alexandra Bullard 

Carlvn Burdick 

Edu'ard Burke 

Ravmond Butler 

Flory Calderon 

Paul Cappellucci 

Joseph Carroll 

Thomas Cassell 

Matthew C hase Elizabeth Chertax ian 


Alan Choi Mallory Colson Shane Cooper Joseph Corey Margaret Cromwell Claire Crook j 

Ted Cross Jennings Culver Katherine r3adarria Jil\ on\ a r3a\ is Kiana Da\ is Lucy Dean 

Anne Donovan Matthew Eisenson Casey Fenwick Danielle Fernandes Nicole Flieger Jessica Foreni. 

Stephanie Gibson Rachel Gilbreath Michael Glovsky Daniel Goldman Michael Gordon Jessica Grad) 

112 t>OP\XOHOB£j:> 

Kasey Mackay Jessica Main Caitlm Manning Thomas McDermott Caroline Meliones Da\ idMetcal i 

Ashley Newton Amanda Nickerson Randi Nissenbaum Jonathan Now ak Willian\ Olmstead Vladimir Parfen 

Siobhan Parone Katherine Paul Marc Perkins Mason Perkins Jeffrey Pesaturo Camille Peti 

114 t>OPi\OHOKSJb 

Joseph Pitt Nathan Pocock Amanda Pond Taisa Priestcr Glenford Quilter Rose Quinn 

Alexander Rubin Alexander Rubinfeld Crystal Ruiz Michael Sail Mark Savidge Alexander Schultz 

eah Shackleton Rony Shapira Sam Shapiro Gregory Shelton \ k-^iian Sherry Erica Shubin 

\\6 ^^aoHOK^^ 

Yamartino Christopher Yang Jennifer Yuan Jerry Yuan Jean Yun Daniel Zaffetti 

\^Cn PlCTUR£P 

Michael Allen 
Javier Baez 
Tyler Bergin 
Kayla Bickford 
Jonathan Blum 
Robert Bullard 

John Burke 
Victor Czulak 
Ethan Damon 
Kieran Johal 
Christopher Lyons 

Robert Mikels 
Jillian Moschella 
Elliot Pennington 
Gillian Rafuse 
Tariq Rosario 
John Sideropoulos 

Paul Straus 
Evan Tuckerman 

Young Apprentice: Brian Whittemore is Mr. 
New-mark's favorite student for the day (belov 

Strike A Pose: The freshman girls' soccer team snaps a 
photo with attitude last fall (above). 

Nice Decorations: A freshman CPS class learns 
science in a classroom adorned with atom models 

Down the Homestretch: Adam Kaufman 
pulls it out in the relay race in winter indoor 
track (below). 

^EA^Me^J 119 

Timothy Cassese 

taleb Chafe 

Annalice Chang 

Michelle Chou 

Melissa Chu 

Thomas Ciarlegl ! 

J. Colantropo 

Michael Conley Alexander Connaughton Mariana Conway 

Kaylee Coons 

Courtne\ Cran- 

David Crismond Chrystalina Cruz Joshua Cunningham Alex D'Ambrosio Lasonta Darlington 

India Davi^ 

Elizabeth Engel 

William Engel 

Meredith Feinberg 

Nicole Felipe 

Jennifer Forman 

Benjamin Ft 

120 P'rC^MUJ 

Zoe Freedberg Heather Friedman Hope Friedman Matthew Galasti Lindsay Gardel Melissa Gardel 

vetlana Ga\ shan Christine Gentilucci Michael Gitlin Alexandra Goldstein Julia Goodmonson Michael Goodwin 

exander Greenfeld Samuel Hal Connor Hanlon Amanda Harrington Philip Hastings Mariel Herschler 

Alexandra Ivker Thomas Jacques Charles Jahnke Emilia Jax orsky Alexander Jenny Matthew Johnson 

fu^MOl 121 

[ennifer Mackay Devon Mac Pherson Arthur Mallett 

Joseph Manley 

Meghna Marjadi Elizabeth Matthews 

Robert McCart Domenic McCarthy Katie McCarthy Mollv McCrearv 

Keith McGonigle 

^olin Meiselman Marina Meliones 

Leah Melnick 

James Meyer 

Robvn Mike-Maver Maxim Mitnik 

hristine Moschella 

Daniel Mov 

Meiihann Nacher 

Scott Nicholas 

Alison Novvak 

Colin O'Brien 

Megan O'Brien 

Andrew Ogletree 

Elizabeth Orth 

Kristen Paglia 

Samuel Pegram 

Tl^C^MtU 123 

Sarah Petty Brian Pikarski 


Jennifer Pivor 

Liese Pruitt 

Kevin Racine 

Karna Rav 

Christopher Roth 

Sam Rubenstein Adrienne Rubin 

Stephanie Saba 

Steven Sahzman 

Anna Samiote> 

Jennifei-Manc Samp Felipe Sanchez 

Emma Santangelo 

Victoria Schmidt 

Matthew bcult 

Stanlev Seider 

Bridget Sharrv 

OU\'ia Shaw 

Lara Shelton 

Maneesh Singhal Elizabeth Smith 

124 p'KL^Mt>l 

Idora Sopin-Vilme Margaret Southard 

Jennifer Spinnev 

Janson Staples 

Alison Stout 

Theresa Tardiff 

Maria Tiberii 

Eric Tutlvs 

Sofia Vitiello 

Jeffrey Wadsworth 

Sheena Wang 

Lauren Welch 

Nicholas White 

Brian Whittemore 

Emilv Willard 

Jeffrey Wright 

Kimberlv Yih 

Olivia Zetter 


Samuel Blumberg 
Brian Britto 
Daniel Burgess 
Richard Cincotti 
Daniel Clifford 
Christopher Crowell 
Ashley Fisher 
Wilfredo Garcia 
Samantha Gaucher 
Kenneth Harvey 
Michael Kaye 

Jenny Zhang 

Yunxin Zheng 

Aldis Kaza 
David Levens 
Angel Lopez 
Christopher Lu 
Brian McDonald 
Noel Moschella 
Johnathan Perez 
Bennett Peterson 
Joseph Ponsetto 
Nathaniel Rakich 
Vincent Smith 
Noah Zailen 

fetiUMtM 125 

120 CuiCt ^Aia. 

Don't Get Caught!: Aubrey De Carlo and Brian 
Lewis eat contraband in the Reference Center. 

Good Friends: Jess Sylvester, Melissa Pond, and Hannah Klempner smile 

CAHDiOi> \2Q 

Amnesty International 

Advisor: Dr. Roemer 
Front: Sheena Wang, Sofia Vitiello, 
Danielle Calnan, Sasha Diamond- 
Lenow, Misha Chowdhury, Carly 
Burdick, Hanna Gerlovin, Mitch 
Conway. Row 2: Jessica Hermanson, 
Ashley Newton, Alex Locke, Kathryn 
Jordan, Kayiee Coons, Camille Ives, 
Tiffany Kocher, Anna Rosenthal, Leah 
Shackleton, Mikaela Rosenthal, Emily 
Goldstein, Svetlana Gayshan, Will 
Barnett. Row 3: Felipe Sanchez, Johan 
Rijk, David Lewin, Sarah Legare, 
Kristen Paglia, Courtney Cramer, 
Maria Tiberii, Jojo Aresty. Row 4: Jim 
Helman, Doug Anderson, Ben Kaye, 
Tory DeBassio, Katherine Doyon, 
Danielle Johnson, Alison Courchine, 
Dr. Roemer, Rebecca Stimpson. 

Chess Club 

Advisor: Mr. Hickey 
Mr. Hickey, Andreas Gennis, Chris 
Radowicz, Ben Ralen, Grant LaFarge, 
Michael Edelson, Michael Lewis, James 
Huang, Ike Sway, Peter Kelly, Sergey 
Stavisky, Kyle Peet, Skylar Bayer, 
David Mauer. 

Environmental Club 
Advisor: Mr. Spang 
Front: Jessica Huang, Alisa Perry, Anna 
Hadingham, Cathie Kim, Nick 
Stavropoulos. Back: Emily Bright, Sa- 
rah Greenleaf, Mr. Spang, Bahiyyih 
Comeau, David Brownstein, Crissy 
Lopez, Jenna Disch, Evelyn Dong. 

130 Cuj&A 


Math Team 

Advisor: Ms. Gagne 

Ms. Gagne, Miri Park, Jennifer Huang, 

Jason Whitker, Vishnu Kannabiran, 

Sunny Lou, Tom Lam, Alexander 

Connaughton, Nicole Irwin. 


Snowboarding Club 

Advisor: Mr. Daniels 

Eliot Beals, George Keeler, Adam Rich, 

Tom Hull, Alex Stem, David Hull, Mr. 


Young Republicans 

Advisor: Mrs. Auciello 

George Samiotes, Joe Sullivan, Jeremy 

Breazzano, Ryan Bernard, Markus 

Ricci, Bruce Hamilton, Cameron 

MacPherson, Mrs. Auciello. 


Outdoor Club 

Coach Brown, Mrs. Mast, Ms. Fraser, 
Seth Rogers, Jennings Culver, Ashley 
Morrell, Janson Staples, Jackie Rigoli, 
Alex Bullard, Sarah Barnacle, Mr. 
Christin, Andy Miller. 

Asian Art Appreciation 
Front: Jay Judah, Erika Uyterhoeven, 
Alia Greenbaum, Melissa Chen, 
Michelle Chu, Connie Zhang, Cynthia 
Ma, Alexandra Goldstein 
Second Row: Andy Miller, Masha 
Carey, Liese Pruitt, Lisa Tanaka 
Back Row: Stacey Bethers, Bridget 
Sharry, Joe Pitt, Victor Czulak, Evan 
Tuckerman, Elliot Pennington, Jordan 
Baiter, Michelle Chou 

Asian Cultures Club 

Advisor: Ms. O'Neil 

Eddie Ng, Ms. O'Neil, Eliza Reed, 

Annalice Chang, Allisence Chang, Jay 

Judah, Carol Lee, Chang Zhang, 

Vincent Chou. 

132 CLU^6 


Advisor: Mr. Hermanowski 
Front: Mr. Hermanowski, Julie Manley, 
Kelly Manley, Alison Hueber, Laurel 
Sargent, Alexa Lemmo, Jen Pivor, Hope 
Friedman. Back: Jillian DeCarlo, Alyssa 
Antonell, Lacy Gunner, Aaron Reed, 
Eric Goldenbaum, Alex Jenny, Scott 
Colantropo, Joe Manley, Charles 
Mclnnis, Lindsay Doyle, Jay Judah, 
Mike Stein, Chris Kenney, Caitlin 
Cavanaugh, Christine Moschella, 
Amanda Harrington. 

Spanish Club 
Advisor: Ms. Regan 
Front: Steve Babcock, Alison Briere, 
Bryna Bock-Shields, Nicole Flieger. 
Row 2: Wes Pryzbylski, Chris Kenyon, 
Amanda Moss, Alison Tutlys, Rebecca 
Mahlowitz, Ashley Moyes, Alyssa 
Parker Geisman, Ms. Regan, Jay 
Fugarazzo. Row 3: Tory Meyer, Jay 
Judah, Alison Hernandez, Tim Mena, 
Gina Castellucci, Ashley Sullivan. Back: 
Steve Carroll. 


Tricia Corbet, Lee Mirbach, Erica 
Hermanson, Jessica Grady, Ava 
Fragale, Samantha Todd, Courtney 
Walsh, Katie Hanson, Alyssa Brown. 

Cui^ 133 


Peer Advisors Group 

Advisor: Mrs. Mast 
Front: Emily Bright, Meg Bergan, 
Melissa Pease, Cathie Kim, Lindsay 
Doyle, Kim MacBride, Katie Steinberg, 
Laura Englander. 

Back: James Arsenault, Alison Herstine, 
Nat Jacques, Grant Frieling, David 
Johnson, Geoff Buckle, Markus Ricci, 
Joe Lingley, Mike Weiler. 
Not pictured: Mike Sullivan, Jessie 
Sylvester, Rachel Forman, Rich 
Trueblood, Lindsay LeCain, Matt 
Becker, Kathryn Winder, Malvina 
Niemierko, Aliya Khalidi. 

Gay/Straight Alliance 
Advisors: Ms. Buckley, Ms. Mendonca 

Front: Mrs. Buckley, Stephanie Hodge, 
Samantha Gaucher, Ms. Mendonca 
Davis, Chloe Diamond-Lenow, Neill 
Shelton, Lara Shelton, Melissa Pease, 
Simon Gunner. 

Skate Club 

Steve Saltzman, Greg Shelton, Brian 
Krol, Jarrett Lerner, Zac Meyer, Matt 
Galasti, Dan Gleason, Dan Galasti, 
Gregge Bergman, Caleb Chafe, Ray 
Lordi, Domenic McCarthy, Michael 
Lindquist, Dan Burgess, Sam 
Rubenstein, Joey Carrol. 

134 Cui^ 


Debate Team 
Advisor: Mr. Schmirer 
Front: Blair Critchlow, Kathryn 
Winder, Nadia Leung, Cristina 
Camayd. Back: Nathaniel Howell, Evan 
Hoke, Rich Langvv^eber, Tom Huff, John 
Gately, Mr. Schmirer, Mike Sperling, 
Matt Chase, Jonah Bamel, Lilia 

WHY Club 

Advisor: Mr. Frio 

Front: Amanda Solomon, Rachel 
Talentino, Suzanne Burstein, Ariel 
Tichnor, Ryan Stewart. Row 2: Mariel 
Herschler, Rachel Shuman, Jeff Forti, 
Peter Shively, Jeff Roblin, Christine 
Gentilucci, AUie Burstein. Row 3: Sam 
Schilling, Tim Goessling, Alex Banning, 
Jess Sylvester, Laura Carlson, Kim 
Shames, Amy Crismond, Colleen 
Flynn, Megan O'Brien, Christine Howe. 
Back: Laura Bowman, Emily 
Beckenstein, Tom Lam, Eric Tutlys, 
Sohrab Virk, Isaac Aaron, Robin Mike- 
Mayer, Abby Breslin, Jessica Maccini, 
Emily Bache, Anna Samiotes. 

Young Democrats 
Front: Will Kaplan, Rich Scioli, Cody 
Gantz. Row 2: Stephanie Wohler, David 
Schor, Mike Schor, Matt Eisenson. Row 
3: Joe Downer, Jessica O'Brien, Jon 
Greenleaf, Jeremy Zallen, Adam 
Romanow, Bobby Romanow. Back: 
David Jordan, Alex Blau, David Lewin. 


Cuie>i> 135 

Shots from the annual Haitian 
Holiday party, held in Roxbury. 

French Club 
Advisor: Ms. Langelier 

Sarah Mclnturff, David Metcalf, Elysse Nava, Kyle 
Olmstead, Julie Kling, Aliya Khalidi, Elizabeth 
Chertavian, Jen Spinney, Teresa Tardiff, Rachel 
Gilbreath, Anna Tolmach, Rony Shapira, Chris 
Roth, Ellyn Roth, Ms. Langelier. 

Latin Clu& 


3 *^ 

Scenes from this year's Saturnalia Play 

Latin Club 

Advisor: Mr. Krasnoo 

Front: Bill Bai, Jonathan Brennand, Paul Walsh, 
Stephanie Hodge, Anna LePevre-Levy, Becca 
Noonan, Jenny Zhang, Emily Tersoff. Row 2: Mr. 
Krasnoo, Elaine Barr, Lizzie Smith, Ellie Matthews, 
Colin O'Brien, Tom Ciarleglio, Chris Hoy, Jay 
Judah, Brendan Weiss, Maneesh Singhal, Jeff Russo. 
Back: Matt Dong, Stan Seiden, Will Fulton, Kim 
Stabile, Alex Ivker. 

13^ Cuitxt 


Book Club 

Advisor: Ms. Gillespie 
Front: Stephanie Hodge, Alison 
Herstine, Bill Bai, Ms. Gillespie. Back: 
Elizabeth Woflson, Simon Gunner. 

1 ^ * * 


Advisors: Ms. Gillespie and Mr. Keaney 
Front: Ms. Gillespie, Mr. Keaney, 
Alison Tonsmeire, Aliya Khalidi, Lind- 
say Doyle, Adam Baim, Julie Kling. 
Back: Jonah Model, DevinO'Neil, Bruce 

The business 
club hosts a 

isiness Club 
visor: Mr. Wilk 

mt: Miles Bellman, Harley Yanoff . Back: John Murray, James Shaw, Erica Shubin, 
ya Slavin, Greg Slavin. Not Pictured: Ryan Bower, Kurtis Grant, Steve Liu, Mike 
ilsh, Dave Bleuer, Dewey Rosenfield, Casey Fenwick, Genia lartchouk, Trevor 
egan, Bobby Lerman, Marc Perkins, Jeff Pesaturo, Matt Radowicz, JT Ramsey, 
itt Rogan, Alex Schultz, Sam Shapiro, Sarah Slote, Sara Townsend, Dan Zaffetti. 

Cluba 137 


Presidents: David Schor, Marcus Mann, Billy Senne 
Vice President: Michael Sperling 
Treasurer: Josh Rapoport 
Secretary: Alex Blau 


Class of 2003: Matt Becker, Jon Greenleaf, Vishnu Kannabiran, Rich Langweber, Alisa Perry, Mike Schor, Greg Slavii 
Class of 2004: Alex Banning, Skylar Bayer, Tim Goessling, Alex Hoey, Tom Huff, Alex Selby, Kathryn Winde 
Class of 2005: Stephanie Gibson, David Lewin, Macie Perkins, Alex Rikleen, Michael Sail, Amanda Solomon, Jennifer Wol 
Class of 2006: Gwen Hyland, Lauren Bloch, Glenn Altshuler, Emilia Javorsky, Chris Hoy, Theresa Tardit 

ClAt^ Of 200^ 

President: Mike Schor 
Vice President: Rich Scioli 
Treasurer: Jon Greenleaf 
Secretary: Anya Priester 

Executive Board Members: M; 
Becker, Vishnu Kannabiran, K 
MacBride, Marcus Mann, Melis 
Pease, Alisa Perry, Josh Rapopc 
Adam Romanow, David Sch( 
Abby Southard, Greg Slavin, Gilli 

135 trrupun CoMOL 

Of 2004 

President: Grant LaFarge 
Vice President: Sergey Stavisky 
Treasurer: Mark Hebert 
Secretary: Evan Hoke 

Executive Board Members: Skylar Bayer, Alex Blau, 
Laura Carlson, Grant Frieling, Matt Frolin, 
George Gennis, Tim Goessling, Allison Hueber, 
Laurel Sargent, Alex Selby, Rachel Talentino. 

Cu^ Of 2003 

President: Zack Freundlich 
Vice President: Macie Perkins 

Treasurer: Taisa Priester 
Secretary: Margaret Cromwell 

Executive Board Members: Isaac 
Aaron, Chris Becker, Matt Eisenson, 
Sephanie Gibson, Caroline Meliones, 
David Metcalf, Lee Mirbach, 
Cammie Petri, Michael Sail, Jason 
Whitaker, Jennifer Yuan. 

CLM>t> Of 2006 

President: Chris Hoy 
Vice President: Sheena Wang 
Treasurer: Alexander deMoor 
Secretary: Meghna Marjad 

Executive Board Members: Matt Scult, 
Maneesh Singhal, Betsev Engel, 
Maggie Southard, Sarah Legare, 
Kristen Paglia, Marina Meliones, 
Alex Ivker, Lasonta Darlington, Alex 

\\/lNTEJ2. \N/e£J^ PlAY6 

Four Little Words 


Director: Jessica Awerman 
Production Assistant: Jamie Silverman 

Jonah Bamel 
Gillian Rafuse 
Nicole Flieger 
Debra Rosenberg 
Jessica Awerman 
Ashley Morrell 

Zachary Freundlich 
Bryna Bock-Shields 
Emily Berardi 
Katherine Dadarria 
Camille Petri 
Alex Rikleen 

The Day The President Called.., 
and Called... and Called... 

Directors: James Arsenault and Caitlin Donovan 

Miles Bellman 
Alex Selby 
Camille Ives 
Suzanne Burstein 
Laurel Sargent 
Hanna Gerlovin 

Melissa Falone 
Ben Kaye 
Tim Goessling 
Steve Carroll 
Caitlin Donovan 

B.Y.O.C.: Bring Your Own Compas 

by Melissa Pease, Vickie Curtis & Emily Bright 
Directors: Vickie Curtis and Emily Bright 

Starring: Anna Hadingham 
Malvina Niemierko 
Ellyn Roth 
Julie Kling 
Marisa Falone 
Dave Eisenson 
Richard Langweber 
Adam Romanow 
Chris Kenyon 
Sarah Greenleaf 

An Adaptation of 

The Good Doctor 

By Stan Seiden and Jenny Zhang 

Starring: Will Barnett 
Jenny Zhang 

140 W/lHTtE. W/ttlC PuXYi 

Stan Seiden 

Christine Rhodes 
Alisa Perry 
Melissa Pease 
Bahiyyih Comeau 
Geoff Buckle 
Jonathan Greenleaf 
John Peterson 
Doug Anderson 
Stevie Babcock 
Markus Ricci 

Sorry, No Photo Available 

Perfect!: Jonah Bamel praises his new script as 
Zach Freundlich looks on in awe (below). 




Listen Up!: Gillian Rafuse 
can't stand the excessive 
pride of Mr. Fidgit and 
decides to finally speak her 
mind (left). 

It Doesn't Have to End That Way: 'Mr. 

President' Miles Bellman tries to explain 
and rectify the series of misfortunes 
surrounding a fateful game of golf 

lio's That?: 

ma Hadingham, 
iristine Rhodes, 
alvina Niemierko, 
isa Perry, EUyn 
)th, Melissa Pease, 
lie Kling, and 
hiyyih Comeau are 
rious of Sarah 
■eenleaf, the nature 
jman (right). 


Huh?: Ben Kaye is confused by Steve 
Carroll, Laurel Sargent, and those big 
swirling lollipops. ..(below) 

Hey There!: Suzanne 
Burstein tries to seduce 
the foreign exchange 
student, played by Ben 
Kaye (left). 

Here's What's Wrong With You!: Angry 
father Chris Kenyon lashes out at his malad- 
justed son Doug Anderson (below). 

Everyone Dance!: The cast of the 
Senior play, B.Y.O.C.: Bring Your 
Own Compass, is united at the closing 
scout campfire (left). 

W/ihfrtR. \\/t£j<: Playa 141 


Sweet Songs: A guitarist 
serenades the crowd in the 
Little Theater. 

Don't Get Too Close!: A volunteer from 
Drumlin Farms displays a falcon to a 
group in LI. 

Feel The Music: The freshman band Bottle Rockit played a few 
songs and kept the audience entertained. 

Listen Up!: Many students came to see the Enron 
prosecuter and his assistant discuss the justice system. 

Did You See That?: The talent show enticed some 
impressive break dancers to show off their moves. 

142 W/iHTta. \\/tcjiC 

Do I Qualify For Food Stamps?: Students 
participate in a Project Bread interactive role 
playing presentation, in which they pretended 
to be people struggling to buy nutritious food 
for their families. 

W/lHTtE. \\/t£lt 143 

Emily Bekenstein 

Emily Berardi 

Emily Bright* 

Suzanne Burstein 

Gina Castellucci 

Christine Clancy* 

Vicki Curtis 

Samantha Donalds 

Molly Donovan 

Laura Englander* 

Alia Greenbaum 

Katie Hanson* 

Jessica Hermanson 
Julie Kling* 

Nadia Leung 
Pam Leven 
Tina Love 
Julie Manley 
Molly McCreary 
Jen Pandiscio* 
Claire Robinson 
Ashley Rockwell 
Holly Serine 
Leah Shackelton 
Bridget Sharry 
Rachel Shuman 
Abby Southard 
Katie Steinberg* 
Vicki Strafuss* 
Theresa Tardiff 
Sarah Woodruff* 
Jenny Zhang 


liana Barker* 
Sarah Barnacle 
Stacey Bethers 
Alexandra Botti 
Laura Bowman 
Carly Burdick* 
Elizabeth Chertavian 
Kaylee Coons 
Allison Courchine* 
Courtney Cramer 
Jaime Curtis 
Lasonta Darlington 
Jenna Disch 
Lindsey Doyle 
Billie Edington* 

Courtney Fenwick 
Stephanie Gibson 
Mariel Hershler 

Stephanie Hodge* 
Katie Huff 
Gwen Hyland 
Alex Ivker* 
Danielle Johnson 
Kathryn Jordan 
Lindsey Jordan* 
Melanie Knight 
Lilia Kravchuk 
Carol Lee 

Cameron Macpherson 
Caitlin Manning 

Leah Melnick 
Noel Moschella 
Elizabeth Orth 
Melissa Pease* 
Camille Petri 
Jennifer Pivor 
Anna Rosenthal 
Olivia Shaw 
Elizabeth Smith 
Kim Stabile* 
Courtney Walsh 
Sheena Wang* 
Jennifer Wolf 
Michelle Villari 

Chaz Bernon 
Doug Anderson* 
Matt Bird* 
Misha Chowdhur 
Matt Dong* 
Dave Eisenson* 
Will Fulton* 
Cody Gantz* 
Chris Kenyon* 
Billy Senne* 
Jon Wons* 
Jeremy Zallen* 

James Arsenault* 
Melvin Best 
Thomas Ciarleglio 
Jonathan Gately 
Eric Goldenbaum 
Simon Gunner* 
Nat Jacques* 
Steven Kinney 
Ray Lordi* 
Arty Mallett 
Jonathan Perez 
Brandon Weiss* 

denotes membership in Concert Choir 

144 Cuobml C^ftauPi) 



Doug Anderson 
liana Barker 
Misha Chowdhury 
Will Fulton 
Cody Gantz 
Katie Hanson 
Alex Ivker 
Ray Lordi 
Melissa Pease 
Kim Stabile 
Sarah Woodruff 
Jenny Zhang 

Emily Bright 
Carly Burdick 
Christine Clancy 
Lindsey Doyle 
Billie Edington 
Laura Englander 
Hanna Gerlovin 
Katie Huff 
Julie Kling 
Olivia Shaw 

James Arsenault 
Steve Babcock 
Alex Blau 
Matt Dong 
Dave Eisenson 
Jon Greenleaf 
Nat Jacques 
Chris Kenyon 
Billy Serine 
Jeremy Zallen 

CuoBAL C^BouPi) 145 

Danielle Berkowitz 
Laura Carlson 
Mariana Conway 
Margaret Cromwell 
Melanie Knight 
Erica Licht 
Ashley Moyes 
Miri Park 
Sarah Petty 
Liese Pruitt 
Markus Ricci 
Jenni Spinney 
Victoria Strafuss 
Jennifer Yuan 
Connie Zheng 


Jennifer Forman 
Thomas Huff 
Yoon-Surh Kim 
Annabel Lane 
Alison Nowak 
Debra Rosenberg 
Mikaela Rosenthal 
Katie Sardina 
Idora Sopin-Vilme 
Courtney Walsh 

Bill Bai 

Isaac Aaron 
Matt Johnson 
Elizabeth Rodd 
Andrew Rotker 
Eric Tutlys 
Jeff Wright 

Christine Gentilucci 
Charles McLonis 


Bradford Boggia 
Alex Connaughton 
Laura Englander 
Daniel Fuchs 
Patrick Higgins 
David Hull 
Angel Lopez 
David Mauer 
Thomas McDermott 
Alexander Rubinfeld 
Michael Weiler 

David Mauer 

Rose Quinn 

Christine Clancy 
Katherine Doyon 
Melissa Pease 
Alison Tutlys 
Erica Uyterhoeven 


Doug Anderson 
Emily Goldstein 
Anna Hadingham 
Matthew Owen 
Rebecca Stimpson 
Julie Tutlys 
Sophia Vitello 
Gail Winning 


Allisence Chang 

Blair Critchlow 
Alisa Perry 

Dave Glovsky 

Sophie Gees 
Dave Johnson 

Steve Babcock 

Dan Fuchs 
Tim Goessling 
Tom McDermott 
Jenny Samp 

Cathy Asber 
Jen Huang 
Jess O'Brian 
Noah Zallen 

Jon Greenleaf 
Nicole Irwin 
Marcus Mann 
Stan Seiden 

Glen Altschuler 
Miles Bellman 
Bruce Hamilton 

Robby Athan 
Scott Gantz 
Brian Hughes 
Aldis Kaza 
EUie Mathews 
Bobby Romanow 
Richard Scioli 
Maria Tiberii 

Kyle Olmstead 

Alex Banning 
Sarah Greenleaf 
Tom Hehir 
Adam Romanow 
Sarah Woodruff 

14^ B>aNp 

Alt0 i)A3iapU0Hii 

Blair Critchlow 
Eric Tutlys 

Dave Glovsky 
Julie Tutlys 

Sophie Gees 

Jazz Cj16ca4M-c 

Dan Fuchs 
Tom McDermott 
Jenni Samp 

Jon Greenleaf 
Nicole Irwin 
Marcus Mann 
Stan Seiden 

Alex de Moor 
Matt Johnson 
Elizabeth Rodd 

Alison Tutlys 

Jazz Project 

Debra Rosenberg 

Alex Connaughton 
Angel Lopez 

Dave Eisenson-Piano 
Mike Sperling-Piano 
Kyle Olmstead-Bass 
Adam Romanow-Drums 
Alex Blau-Guitar 

Miles Bellman 
Glen Altshuler 

Alex Greefeld-Bass 
Raymond Lordi-Bass 
Maneesh Singhal-Bass 
Tom Hehir-Drums 
Kama Ray-Drums 
Bobbv Romanow-Drums 
Joe Corey-Guitar 
Artie Mallet-Guitar 
Yohan Rijk-Guitar 
Alex Selbv-Guitar 

£>ArJp 147 


Nina Lordi* 
Erin Ezbicki* 
William Song* 
Samuel Heller 
Vishnu Kannibiran* 
Misha Chowdhury 
Scott Dale 
Evan Hoke 
Anna Rosenthal 
Connie Li* 
Emily Tersoff 
Victoria Lee , 
Michelle Chou 
Christopher Lu 
Samuel Hai 
Jean Yun 

David Brownstein* 
Kathleen Wang * 
Jonathan Brennand 
Kate Egan 
Jenna Disch 
Damien Angelos 
Catherine Porreca 
Skylar Bayer 
Devon MacPherson 
Emi Okumura 
Hannah Cao 
Sunny Lou 
Tamsin Ball 
Ryan Bernard 
Caleb Chafe 
Tom Lam 
Leah Melnick 
Lisa Tanaka 
Laura Shelton 
Vincent Chou* 

Joanna Lippmann* 
Jason Whittaker* 
EUery Harrington 
Jessica Yurkofsky 
Lindsay Jordan 
Colleen Bowman 

Tiffany Kocher* 
Susannah Bechtel 
Kama Ray* 
Adam Larsen* 
Elaine Barr 
Colin O'Brien 
George Gennis 
Evelyn Dong 




Holly Emery* 
Jonathan Trimby* 
Brian Lewis 
Kyle Olmstead 
Matthew Eisenson 
Gavin Allen 
Lynn Larsen 
Maneesh Singhal 


Christine Clan( 
Melissa Pease 
Alison Tutlys 

Rose Quinn 

Douglas Andersc 
Julie Tutlys 

Steve Babcoct 

Jennifer Huan^ 
Catherine Asbe 
Jessica O'Brien 
Noah Zallen 

Thomas McDerm 
Jennifer Samp 
Dan Fuchs 

Allisence Chanj 

Nicole Irwin 
Marcus Mann 


Emi Okumura 
Jennifer Huang 


Adam Romanow 
Sarah Greenleaf 
Tom Hehir 
Sarah Woodruff 

* denotes Sinfonia Members 

14S ^enJL6TRA 



Tamsin Ball 
Allisence Chang 
Misha Chowdhury 
Christine Clancy 
Matt Dong 
Erin Ezbicki 
Dave Johnson 
Carol Lee 
Courtney Walsh 


James Arsenault 
Doug Anderson 
liana Barker 
Kevin Becker 
Emily Berardi 
Bryna Bock-Shields 
Emily Bright 
Carly Burdick 
Misha Chowdhury 
Christine Clancy 
Mitch Conway 
Courtney Cramer 

Vickie Curtis 
Caitlin Donovan 
Courtney Fenwick 
Will Fulton 
Hanna Gerlovin 
Simon Gunner 
Anna Hadingham 
Katie Huff 

Emilia Javorsky 
Dani Johnson 
Jay Judah 
Ben Kaye 
Julie Kling 
Brendan Macintosh 
Becca Noonan 
Melissa Pease 
Leah Shackleton 
Lizzie Smith 
Kim Stabile 
Vicki Strafuss 

Richard Weingartner 



Kyle Olmstead 
Kama Ray 
Louis Toth 

Susan Johnson 
Mark Kohler 

Joshua Finstein 

Carol Bradford 
Joseph Oneschuk 
Jane Ezbicki 
Erin Ezbicki 
Nina Lordi * 

Jamc^ LapiNl 

150 f/HJ- MUAICAL 


he Narrators: Anna Hadingham, Jay 
adah, and Vickie Curtis (below) 

The cast assembles 
for the opening 

Doug Anderson 
and Will Fulton: 
Princes and the 
Pee (right) 

Looking at the Giant 

Hollie Emery 
Todd Lipcon 
Emily Goldstein 
Jeremy Zallen 
Jaime Curtis 

Sarah Woodruff 
Stephanie Hodge 
Samantha Donalds 
Jessica Yurkofsky 
Will Barnett 

Anna LeFevre-Levy 

Courtney Walsh 

Tall K^uaical 151 



Tucc nc onnv 





Carly Burdick 
Vickie Curtis 
Caitlin Donovan 
Molly Donovan 
Billie Edington 
Josh Ellman 
Katie Huff 
Julie Kling 
Lindsey LeCain 
Rich Langweber 

Amanda Moss 
Colin O'Brien 
Jessica O'Brien 
Jennifer Pandiscio 
Melissa Pease 
Dan Roberts 
Ellyn Roth 
Sergey Stavisky 
Advisor: Mr. Delaney 
Attorney-coach: Mr. Burdic 

\\/iJAT 16 V^OOL TrJAL? 

Mock Trial is an activity in which students prepare a legal case that has been approved by 
the Massachusetts Bar Association and is relevant to the students' lives. This year, the case 
dealt with racial profiling, terrorism, and a questionable search and seizure of a Massachu- 
setts high school student of Middle Eastern descent. The students on the Mock Trial team 
meet several times a week to prepare legal theories for both the prosecution and defense 
sides of the case. Students who perform as lawyers prepare direct and cross examinations, 
as well as opening statements and 

closing arguments. Students who 
play witnesses develop a credible 
character who can support the 
team's legal arguments. After 
several months of preparation, the 
students engage in courtroom 
competitions against other 
Massachusetts high school teams 
in hopes of advancing to a national 
competition. The Mock Trial team 
this year was successful in making 
it to the Elite Eight round of the 
State Championship. 


152 M''^ Trial 

Study Break: During preparation for their next trial, members of the team st' 
for a photograph. Front: Mr. Delaney, Amanda Moss, Julie Kilng, Billie 
Edington. Row 2: Rich Langweber, Jennifer Pandiscio, Melissa Pease, Carly 
Burdick, Josh Ellman, Vickie Curtis, Jessica O'Brien, EUyn Roth. Back: Colin 
O'Brien, Sergey Stavisky, Dan Roberts, Lindsey LeCain, Caitlin Donovan. 

Seniors: Rich Langweber, 
Lindsey LeCain, Julie Klrng, 
Vickie Curtis, Melissa Pease, 
Jessica O'Brien, and Ellyn 
Roth clown around during a 

hat Do You Think?: Amanda Moss 
v^es Julie Kling some advice about a 
rt of her argument (below). 

Therefore...: Josh Ellman works on his 
argument (above). 

On The Road: The bus 

fills up to go to the 
courthouse. Front: 
Jennifer Pandiscio, 
Vickie Curtis. Row 2: 
Molly Donovan, Carly 
Burdick, Colin O'Brien. 
Row 3: Katie Huff, 
Melissa Pease, Caitlin 
Donovan, Ellyn Roth. 
Row 4: Josh Ellman, 
Julie Kling, Amanda 
Moss, Billie Edington. 
Back: Rich Langweber, 
Jessica O'Brien, Sergey 
Stavisky, Lindsey 

^oac JoAL 153 

Ej^cj2i>^N Play F"l6tt\/al 


Cindy Powell 
Deputy Swaine 
Raj Gupta 
Drake Plugg 
Pepper Bender 
Alan Kent 
Granny Hawken 
Andy Meyer 
Joannie Plugg 
Sheriff Powell 

Emily Goldstein 
Sarah Woodruff 

liana Barker (2005) 
Alex Blau (2004) 
Misha Chowdhury (2003) 
Mitch Conway (2004) 
Courtney Fenwick (2003) 
Will Fulton (2003) 
Dani Johnson (2004) 
Jay Judah (2004) 
Melanie Knight (2005) 
Kim Stabile (2004) 

Richard Weingartner 

It has been a tradition of the Drama Depart- 
ment to participate in the Emerson Drama Festi- 
val every winter. This year's piece, "Replacing 
Reynolds/' was written by the ensemble and then 
performed at the festival. The play was origi- 
nally staged in the round and was reconfigured 
for the High School's Little Theater. 

"Replacing Reynolds" is the story of FBI Spe- 
cial Agent Alan Kent. He is investigating the 
death of Agent Reynolds, whose body was found 
in the area surrounding the small town of Fire 
Lake, Arizona. It is also the story of Raj Kumar 
Gupta, the new science teacher in Fire Lake, 
whose hobbies include geology and searching for 
extraterrestrial life. Along the journey that winds 
these two stories together are a land-greedy Real 
Estate Agent, trying to buy old Granny Hawken's 
land, the Sheriff and the Deputy, two Earth 
Scouts with gold fever, Joannie Plugg, who runs 
the local diner, and her delinquent brother, 
Drake. This genre piece is an action-adventure/ 
murder mystery/ sci-fi all rolled into a little more 
than an hour. 

Varsity Boys Soccer: Front: Coach Snow, Jesse McCormick, Eric Kaufman, Grant 
Frieling, Coach Leone. Row 2: Damien Angelos, Blair Critchlow, David Johnson, 
Aaron Reed, De\'in O'Neil, Alex Banning. Row 3: Matt Owen, Anthony Keller, 
Bryan MacKay, Geoff Buckle, Tom Huff, Jonathan Wons. Row 4: Peter Shively, 
Bobby Doran, Steve Carroll, Miles Bellman, Ryan Bower, Paul Cappellucci, David 

Here He Comes: Senior Captain 
Eric Kaufman is in control 

Seniors: Front; Jesse McCormick, Eric Kaufman, David Schor. Row 2: 
Anthony Keller, Matt Owen, Aaron Reed, Devin O'Neil. Row 3: Bryan 
MacKay, Geoff Buckle, Ryan Bower. 

Go For It: >LiVa'i i^apuun Jesse 
McCormick looks determined to 
get the ball (above). 

Coaches and Captains: Coach Snow, Jesse McCormick, Eric 
Kaufman, Grant Frieling, Coach Leone. 

158 E><7Ya' tiOOCXSL 

ghting It Out: Tom Huff struggles with 
I opponent. 

Sharp Turn: Br\ an MacKa) gct.s rcad\ to 
boot the ball downfield. 

Freshman Boys Soccer: Front: Sam Rubenstein, Yoon-Sarh Kim, Alex de Moor, 
Charlie Jahnke, Robby Athan, Matt Galasti, Devon MacPherson. Row 2: Mike 
Connolly, Will Engel, Alex D'Ambrosio, Gregge Bergman, Maneesh Singhal, 
Aldis Kaza, Scott Nicholas. Row 3: Dave Crismond, Brian Whitemore, Nick 
White, Dan Burgess, Colin Meisleman, Steve Saltzman, Maxium Mitnick, Coach 

Junior Varsity Boys Soccer: Front: Shawn O'Brien, Alex Selby, Keith Stevens, 
Dylan White, David Bleuer, Coach Anderson. Row 2: Isaac Aaron, Alex Stern, 
Alex Rubinfeld, Gregory Shelton, Dave Hull, Tom Soper. 

Let It Rip: Captain Grant Frieling launches the ball. 

Girls' Varsity Soccer: Front: Rachel Shuman, Gillian Soucy, Shannon Flynn. 
Row 2: Kyra Travis, Colleen Flynn, Amy Crismond, Lindsay Doyle, Cammie 
Petri, Rachel Talentino, Laurel Sargent. Row 3: Michelle Smith, Jess Foreman, 
Brittney Kaufman, Jenna MacKay, Ariel Tichnor, Suzanne Burstein. 

Aggression: Rachel 
Talentino uses her 

Captains: Shannon Flynn, Gillian Soucy, and 
Stephanie Wohler. 

Power: Jess Foreman taKL^ u ic oail downfield. 

Seniors: Hannah Klempner, Shannon Flynn, Gillian 
Soucy, Steph Wohler, and Rachel Shuman. 

What A Foot!: Amy Crismond 
launches the ball. 

Listen Up!: The team gets a pep talk from Coach Gillman. 

;irls' Junior Varsity Soccer: Front: Olivia Shaw, Abby Breslin, Nancy 
'iCianni, Laura Carlson, Lindsey Shagoury, Lauren Welch. Row 2: Jess 
.werman, Jen Wolf, Sarah Redmond, Casey Fenwick, Stephanie Gibson, 
iobhan Parone, Jacilyn Rigoli, Coach Mast. Row 3: Katherine Paul, Laura 
amartino, Lucy Dean, Heather Friedman, Sarah Slote, Sara Townsend, 
asey MacKay. 

We're Waiting: Steph 
Wohler and Kyra Travis 
wait for play to begin. 

Girls' Freshman Soccer: Front: Nadia Leung, Annalice Chang, lern 
Tardiff, Adrienne Rubin, Jessica Rosenhaus, AUie Burstein. Row 2: 
Lindsay Gardel, Elli Orth, Ali Leven, Annabel Lane. Row 3: Allison 
Nowak, Robyn Mike-Meyer, Sarah Legare, Kim Yin, Alex Ivker, Alex 
Locke, Leah Melnick, Jen Spinny, Melissa Gardel. Not pictured: 
Coach Ricci. 

Frustration: Team members watch the 
game on the bench, wishing they 
could play. 

Good Move: Rachel Talentino 
cuts upfield. 

Phew!: Colleen Flynn 
takes a moment to rest 
in the middle of a 

Stop That Ball!: Sasha Diamond-Lenow gets a 
foot in. 

C!J"iRj_6' t>occag. \6\ 

Varisty Football: Front: Markus Ricci, Ryan Stewart, Brandon Anderson, Sam Breslin, Dave 
Lombardo. Row 2: Bobby Lerman, Alex Schultz, Joel Barnett, Geoff Leard, Justin McConnell, 
Mark Hebert, Chester Barboza, Aaron Miller. Row 3: Alex Perkins, Matt Chase, Marc Perkins, 
Chris Lyons, John Eckert, Eric Landry, Eric Goldenbaum, Coach Henry, Coach Chase. Row 4: 
Coach Parseghian, Sam Schilling, Dave Lewin, Tim Hogan, Michael Kern, Sohrab Virk, Zack 
Rubinfeld, Michael Allen. Row 5: Jeff Pesaturo, Charles Mclnnis, Alex Jenny, Joe Dorr, Joe 
Manlev, Carl Morsch. 

Put On Your game Face: 

Brandon Anderson runs ont 
the field. 

v*E <t.rv 


Coaches and Captains: Front: R\ an Stewart, Brandon Anderson, Sam 
Breslin. Back: Coach Chase, Coach Parseghian, Coach Henry. 

Action: Sam Breslin passes the ball ti 

I 10 HO I 

Seniors: Markus Ricci, Brandon Anderson, and Dave 

Hustle!: \lL'mboi > o\ the \\ ayland team get 
readv to rush down the field. 

Freshman Football: Front: Joey Ponsetto, Phil Hastings, Dan Hogan, Andrew 
Ogletree, Marquis Lurelike, Josh Cunningham, Caleb Barnett, Raymond Lordi. 
Row 2: Keith McGonigle, Dominic McCarthy, Alex Connaghton, Scott 
Colantropo, Jeff Wright, Dan Clifford. Row 3: Kevin Balben, Dany Moy, Drew 
Kilburn, Sam Pegrem, Vin Smith, Bobby McCart, Coach Hermanowski. Row 4: 
David Jordan, Connor Hanlon, Joe Dorr, Bobby Romanow, Joe Manley, Alex 
Jenny, Jake Meyer. 

School Spirit: Tom Huff, Jesse McCormick, /Vcmm Reed, Cody Gantz, Mike Sperling, 
Blair Critchlow, and Rich Scioli don't seem to mind the cold as they root for the home 

Let's See What You've Got: 
One of the coaches observes his 
players in action. 

Strength to Spare: 

Number 17 looks 

Practice Photo: The players pose for a fun picture before practice. 

Out Of My Way!: Number 20 
powers downfield with the ball. 

Varsity Field Hockey: Top: Coach Meterparel, Richard Trueblood, Amanda Pond, Zack 
Freundlich, Caitlin Doran, Christina Green, Alex Hoey, Alison Hueber, Sam Heller, 
Amanda Nickerson, Katherine Doyon, Coach Fraiser, Bottom: Sarah Maclnturff, Abby 
Southard, Gail Winning, Melissa Pond, Crissy Lopez, Abby Bridgeo, Aliya Khalidi. 

Seniors: Melissa Pond, Sarah Maclnturff, Abby Southard, Richard Trueblood, Aliya Khalidi, 
Gail Winning, Crissy Lopez, Abby Bridgeo. 

Move Up!: Zack Freundlich • 
takes it upfield. 

Power: Abb\ Bridgeo prepare; 
to smack the ball down field. 

1^4 fitLP Jj<?alc.Y 

caches and Captains: Coach Fraiser, Captains Melissa 
3nd, Crissy Lopez, Gail Winning, Coach Meterparel 

R&R: Alison Hueber, Christina Green, Abby Southard, 
Sarah Maclnturff, and Katharine Doyon take a break to 
watch the game. 

n.ior Varsity Feild Hockey: Top: Coach Fraiser, Clau'e Robinson, 

Serine, Nikki Villari, Macie Perkins, Katie Sardina, Tamsin 
\\\. Front: Melanie Knight, Anne Donovan, Jillian DeCarlo, Jess 
h ester, Caitlin Manning, Jamie Silver. 

Keep It Out!: Aliya Khalidi, Katharine Doyon, and Sam 
Heller work on defense. 

reshman Field Hockey: Front: Emil\ Willard, Betsy 
:ngel, Christine Gentilucci, Kristen Paglia, Lisa Bamel, 
/larina Meliones. Row 2: Coach McNamee, Zoe Freedberg, 
/larissa Devlin, Danielle Berkowitz, Meredith Feinburg, 
'Ofia Vitello, Adrienne Blum. Row 3: Samantha Taylor, 
■amantha Roblin, Molly Donovan, Gwen Highland, Mariel 
ierschler, Meghna Marjad. 

Hanging Out: Top: Alison Hueber, Sarah Maclnturff, 
Abby Southard, Amanda Pond, Amanda Nickerson, Alex 
Hoey, Katherine Dovon, Sam Heller, Aliya Khalidi, 
Richard Trueblood, Caitlin Doran, Bottom: Crissy Lopez, 
Zach Freundlich, Abby Bridgeo, Melissa Pond, Gail 


Cross Country: Front: Coach McGov'ern, John Murray, Scott Dale, Jia Jia Hou, Joanna 
Lippmann, Evelyn Dong, Coach Thompson. Row 2: Lauren Bloch, Will Song, Margaret 
Cromwell, George Gennis, Noah Zallen, Mike Stein, Tom McDermott. Row 3: Evan Hoke, 

Pat Higgins, Ben Peterson, John Jacques, Tom Lam, Art Mallett, Ben Ryan, Jeff Krowne. Strong Finish: Mike Stein 

Row 4: Sam Hai, Drew Rotker, Mike Warden, liana Zieff, Sunny Lou, Allison Bowhers. powers down the home stretch. 

Captains and Coaches: Coach McGovern, Jia Jia Hou, Scott Dale, Coach Thomp- 

Senior Celebration: Seniors Evelyn Dong, Joanna Lippmann, Jia Jia Hou, Scott 
Dale, and John Murray celebrate after another well run meet. 

Almost There: ^cott Dale r^ho\\> off 

his wimiing stride. 

Outnumbered: A group of Wayiand 

runners gets readv to edge out one of 
its opponents. 

Ctta£>i> Counmr \trj 


y68 C^OLF 

There It Goes 

Half the team prepares for a competition at the country club. 

Line It Up 

The team assembles for a picture. 

Dewey, MC, and 
Mike show off their 
golf gloves. 

Mr. McCoy is 
proud of his caddy. 

Chris is ready to go, but 
Dewey wants to keep on 


Did It Go In? 



Skvlar Baver 
Stephanie Bell 

Alex Blau 
Alex Bullard 
Teddy Burke 
Mallory Colson 
Joe Corey 

Bahiyyih Comeau 
Allison Courchine 
Jennings Culver 
Alexander Czulak 

Victor Czulak 
Michael Edelson 
Duncan Fitch 
Scott Gantz 
Andreas Gennis 
Michael Glovsky 

Andrew Hagger 

Bruce Hamilton 
William Kaplan 
Anatolv Kazakin 

Peter Kelly 
Grant LaFarge 

Pam Leven 
Michael Le\vis 
David Mauer 
Joey Melnick 
Ryan Moorman 
Jen Pandiscio 
Vlad Parfenov 

170 Catw 

Alisa Perry 
Anya Priester 
Chris Radowicz 
Ben Ralen 
Alex Rikleen 
Alex Salsberg 
Mark Savidge 
James Shaw 
Sergey Stavisky 
Ike Sway 
Benjamin Wellington 
Andrew Wright 

Jason Xenakis 
Chang Zhang 
Marissa Zornitsky 

Eliot Beals 
Elaine Barr 
Michael Gitlin 
Jenna Herschler 
Christine Howe 
Andrew Keller 

Steven Kinney 
Aaron Koegel 
Jacob Kravetz 
Adam Larsen 
Erica Licht 
Cameron MacPherson 
Abel Parker Geisman 
Matt Radowicz 
Stan Seiden 
Eric Tutlys 
Jeff Wadsworth 

[vujL Cuff PI FAPiNc; 

Captains: Marisa Falone, Nisse Clark, and 
Meg Bergan. 

Varsity Cheerleading: Front: Nina Lordi, Marisa Falone, Nisse Clark, Meg 
Bergan, Stacy Roberts. Row 2: Coach Miller, Tricia Corbet, Miriam Sopin- 
Vilme, Ellyn Roth, Dani Manter. Row 3: Gina Castelucci, Kate Barrett, Sean 
Berman, Emily Graham, Melissa Falone. Row 4: Jeanie Susana, Danielle 
Fernandes, Amanda Solomon, Jessica Grady, Meghan Sherry, Samantha 
Todd, Caroline Meliones, Jessica Main. 

Junior Varsity Cheerleading: Front: Christina Camayd, 
Sammi Gaucher, Arielle Blum, Kathryn Jordan. Row 2: 
Coach Miller, liana Zieff, Ryan Sullivan, Claire Crook, 
Jojo Aresty. Row 3: Jessica Maccini, Alexa Lemmo, Emil 
Bache, Hope Friedman, Christine Moschella. 

Seniors: Front: Nina Lordi, Marisa Falone, Nisse 
Clark, Meg Bergan, Stacy Roberts. Row 2: Tricia 
Corbet, Miriam Sopin-Vilme, Ellyn Roth, Dani 

They've Got Spirit: Jessica Grady, Meghan Sherry, and Sean Berman show off 

their acrobatic skills at a football game. 

172 f AU- ^Uccpi cAniHr, 

\\/|NTEJ2. C4jE£JiLEAPlNc7 

Varsity Cheerleading: Front: 
Tricia Corbet, Nisse Clark, 
Marisa Falone, Stacy Roberts. 
Row 2: Ashley Moyes, Amanda 
Solomon, Caitlin Doran, Jess 
Sylvester, Melissa Falone, 
Alison Tutlys, Ryan Sullivan. 
Row 3: Jessica Maccini, Alexa 
Lemmo, Emily Bache, Kate 
Barrett, Emily Graham, 
Rebecca Mahlowitz, Claire 
Crook, Tory Meyer. 

Flying High: Kate Barrett defies 
gravity (below). 

Seniors: Marisa Falone, Nisse Clark, Tricia Corbet, Stacy Roberts. 

Let's Go Wayland!: The cheerleaders psych up the 
crowd as they support the Warriors (bottom right). 

)p Form: The cheerleaders end their strong routine with smiles 
a game in Westford (below). 

W/iffrtR. CuttEi-tAoihJc 173 




Seniors: Devin O'Neil, Ben Damm, Anthony Keller, Cody Gantz. 

Mens' Varsity Basketball: Front: 
Deyin O'Neil, Ben Damm, Anthony 
Keller, Cody Gantz, Mark Rhines. 
Back: Peter Shiyely, Joe Dorr, Dayid 
Johnson, Dewey Rosenfield, Isaac 
Aaron, John Michalcyzk, Dan Clifforc 
Coach Reppucci. 

Concentrate: Dan Bache goes for the 
jumpshot (aboye). 

Executing the 
Play: Dewey 
driyes it hard to 
the hoop with 
the help of a 
block by Deyin 
O'Neil (right). 

Coach and Captain: Captain Deyin O'Neil 
with Coach Reppucci. 

174 £>A6I^Te>ALl- 



Mens' Junior Varsity Basketball: 

Front: Michael Allen, Brian Hughes. 
Back: Alex Rubinfeld, Maris Joniec, 
Dan Zaffetti, Coach Putnam, Bobby 
Lerman, Andrew Hagger, David 

Who's Open?: Devin O'Neil searches for 
a teammate to pass to (above). 

Mens' Freshman Basketball: Front: Joe Pansetto, 
Alex Jenning, Justin Barrett, Phil Hastings, Chris 
Doran. Back: Coach Dubie, Steve Saltzman, Tom 
Soper, Dan Burgess, Sam Wolfson, Colin Meiselman, 
Scott Colantropo, Matt Johnson. 

Teamwork: Anthony Keller brings in the rebounci and 
looks for the quick hand-off to a teammate (below). 

>uick Hands: Number 5 rises above the rest to capture the rebound. 

E>A6l<lt.T&ALl_ 175 

Womens' Varsity Basketball: 

Front: Gina Castellucci, 
Caitlin Cavanaugh, Michelle 
Smith. Row 2: Jess Foreman, 
Alison Bovvhers, Sara 
Townsend, Megan O'Brien. 
Back: Coach Thompson, 
Emma Santangelo, Kieran 
johal, Kasey Mackay, Jenna 

17^ B>AatltT&ALJ. 

Gotcha!: Gina 
Castellucci reaches 
for a rebound (right). 

omens' Junior Varsity BasketbaU: Front: Lily Wilson. Row 2: 
bby Breslin, Adrianne Rubin, Brittany Kaufman, Jen Wolf, Sunny 
Du. Back: Coach Murphy, Jeannelys Susana, Kim Yih, Alex Ivker, 
lex Bullard, Pam Leven. 

Team Spirit: The 

Varsity team takes a 
timeout to strategize 

^omens' Freshman Basketball: Front: Samantha Kaminsky, 
auren Welch, Elaine Barr, Teresa Tardiff, Lilia Kravchuk. 
ack: Ali Leven, Robyn Mike-Mayer, Idora Sopin-Vilme, 
laudia Shapiro, LaSonta Darlington, Meghann Nacher, 
each Jenks. Missing: Sofia Vitello, Sheena Wang. 

Team Spirit: Members of the 
Varsity team cheer on JV players 

Go For It: Jess Foreman goes in for 
a lay-up (left). 

&A6Ki.TE>AU. 177 

r ' Wn h] 

Mens' Indoor Track: Front: Robby Athan, Aaron Reed, Jay Fugarazzo, John Murray, 
Brandon Anderson, Noah Zallen. Row 2: Mike Sail, Matt Virzi, JT Ramsey, Mike Stein, 
Geordie Keeler, Paul Cappellucci, Sam Breslin, Marc Perkins, Grant Frieling, Alex Banning, 
James Shaw. Row 3: Coach Friedlander, Mike Conley, Pat Higgins, Drew Rotker, Vincent 
Chou, Charlie Jahnke, Yooni Kim, Alex Lemiszki, Mike Gordon, Ben Peterson, Jason 
Whitaker, Tom Huff, Ryan Stewart, Joe Lingley, Maneesh Singhal, Aldis Kaza, Coach Snow. 
Row 4: Jonathan Nowak, George Germis, Chris Winner, Damien Angelos, Evan Fioke, Eric 
Kaufman, Robert Keller, 
Adam Kaufman, John Eckert, 
Mark Hebert, Scott Nicholas, 
Mike Scult. 

Coaches and Captains: 

Coach Friedlander, Aaron 
Reed, Jay Fugarazzo, John 
Murray, Brandon Anderson, 
Coach Snow. 

Taking It In Stride: George Gennis 
paces himself around the track 
(above right). 

Every Inch Counts: Aaron Reed 
gives it his all in the long jump 

Up and Over: Erica Kaufman 
bends over the high jump pole 

178 INP<7<7E. TrACIC 

Womens' Indoor Track: Front: Gail 
Winning, Crissy Lopez, Abby Bridgeo, 
Shannon Flynn, Jia Jia Hou. Row 2: 
Ashley McCarthy, Lucy Dean, Ellie 
Orth, Amanda Nickerson, Casey 
Fenwick, Elysse Nava, Lindsay Doyle. 
Row 3: Coach McGovern, Sasha 
Diamond-Lenow, Jenny Samp, Jen 
Spinney, Nicole Felipe, Annalice 
Chang, Maria Tiberii, Anne Donovan, 
Ariel Tichnor, Laura Carlson, Coach 

Coaches and Captains: Coach 
McGovern, Gail Winning, 
Crissy Lopez, Abby Bridgeo, 
Shannon Flynn, Coach Will- 
iams (left). 

How Does That Work?: 

Lucy Dean looks like she's 
sitting on air as she executes 
a long jump (right). 

Unstoppable: Gail Winning powers around a curve (bottom left). 

Perfect Form: Laura Carlson glides effortlessly over the high jump bar 



Wayland Wrestling: Front: Coach Parseghian, 
Coach Sean Chase, Bryan Mackay, Dave 
Lombardo, Markus Ricci, Matt Becker, Mike 
Sperling, Coach Gary Chase, Coach Krasnoo. Ro\ 
2: Tim Hogan, Eric Landry, Sam Heller, Sohrab 
Virk, Gregory Jenkins, Nathaniel Howell, Chris 
Lyons, John Downer, Billy Senne, Dustin Sebell. 
Row 3: Janson Staples, Eric Goldenbaum, Dan 
Goldman, Max Minick, Angel Lopez, Eliot Beals, 
Mark Savidge, Gregge Bergman. 

Coach Chase congratulates Mike Sperling (bottom). 

Clockwise from upper left: Sam Heller, Bryan Mackay, 
and Eric Landrv wrestle. 

Clockwise from top left: Zack Rubinfeld, Matt Becker, 
Dustin Sebell, and Max Mitnick try to find a way to gain 
an advantage. 

Mens' Hockey: Front: Bobby McCarl 
Matt Owen, Charles Mclnnis, Todd 
Lipcon, Kevin Balben. Row 2: Amit 
Johal, Blaine Doherty, Mickey Lentz, 
Danny Moy, Zack Johnson, Paul 
Strauss, Hunter Strauss. Back: Coach 
Pelletier, Domenic McCarthy, Shawn 
O'Brien, Jim Helman, Matt Radowic; 
Chris Radowicz, Coach Carabatsos. 

Captains and Coaches: Coach Pelletier, Blaine Doherty, Matt Owen, Shawn O'Brien, 
Coach Carabatsos. 

All Right!: Matt Radowicz celebrate> 
good plav (above). I 

Seniors: Todd Lipcon and Matt Owen 

182 iSaac^r 

Wait For the Whistle: Bobby McCart is anxious to start pla 

Back-to-Back Divison II Regional Champions 

2001 & 2002 

Charlie Whitney towers over the 
rest as Middlesex wins a lineout 
against Amoskeag 

Middlesex Highlanders 2002: Front: Marcus Mann, Matt Virzi, Bobby 
Hugenberger, Zach Ducharme, joe Goessling, Jon Trimby, Lawrence Litchfield, 
Greg Stalilonis, Kyle Judah, Mark Rudenauer, Matt Cook, Dan Tamto, Mike 
Sullivan, Chris Rosser. Row 2: Maris Joniec, Jeff Berardi, Joe Corey, Gavin Allen, 
Anatoly Kazakin, Scott Dale, Tom Hull, Steve Lash, John Hebert, Mike Ball, Chris 
Ormonde, John Bayard, Billy Senne, Justin Edwards, Richard Trueblood, Mike 
Onoyan, Chris Secord, Coach Olsen. Back: Corey Fenwick, Jeff Bernard, Mike 
Talentino, Mike Nazarian, Stower Beals, Stevie Babcock, Charlie Whitney, Gerard 
Cannon. Missing: Lisa Dopfel, Malvina Nimierko, Kamran Bulat, Jean-Sebastian 
Cagnionde, Sam Heller, Muhammad Khalau, Brian Lewis, Evan Sypek. 

Kamran Bulat is ready to make a move in a match against Bishop- 

184 l2u<;^Y 

Highlanders stretch with Coach Olsen The Highlanders fire it up before a match 

Steve Lash breaks away from a St. Bernards 

2002 Season 

2002 New England 








Middlesex 47 

St. Bernards 




Middlesex 35 






Middlesex 33 

Bentley Col. 




Babson Col. 

A little help, guys? 

Justin Edwards drops the ball back after a pile-up 

The Highlanders line up pre-game time 


Ru<;e>Y 185 

Front: Christine Howe, Betsy Engel, Melissa 
Gardel, Amanda Pond, Alex D'Ambrosio, Tom 
Hehir. Row 2: Lisa Tanaka, Sarah Petty, Eliza 
Reed, Emilia Javorsky, Marina Meliones, Caroline 
Meliones, Chris Hoy. Row 3: Alex deMoor, 
Katherine Doyon, Julie Cerrone, Maggie Southard 
Allison Hueber, Leah Shackleton, Jojo Aresty. 
Row 4: Adam Sulkis, Dave Metcalf, Chris Becker, 
Robbie Backman, Hope Friedman, Danielle 
Berkowitz, Heather Friedman, Coach Foley, Coacl 
Threinen, Coach Meliones. Row 5: Jon Wons, Sean 
Berman, Amanda Harrington, Caleb Chafe, Chris 
Crowell, Tom Lam, Keith McGonigle, Alex 
Connaughton. Back: Meg Bergan, Jessica Huang, 
David Eisenson, Chris Kenyon, Melissa Pond, We? 
Przvbv'Iski, .Andv Miller. 

Captains & Coaches: Coach Meliones, Meg Bergan, 
Jessica Huang, Melissa Pond, Chris Kenyon, David 
Eisenson, Coach Foley, Coach Threinen. 

High Time: Diver Melissa Pond 
twists in the air. 

What did you think? Chris Kenyon gets some advice from 
an official as coach Foley and Katherine Doyon look on. 

Seniors: Meg Bergan, Jessica Huang, Melissa 
Pond, Chris Kenyon, Da\'id Eisenson, Wes 
Przybylski, Andy Miller. 

\86 i)\\/iMMiN<; AMP Pmnc 

Use Those Arms: Jess Huang backstrokes down a 
practice lane. 

Keep It Up! A group of Warriors cheer on their teammates. 

Hands In: The team congregates to do a cheer. 

itretch Out: Dave Eisenson and Wes Przybylski dive off the 

How Did We Do? Coach Threinen, Dave Eisenson, MeUssa Pond, and Leah Shackleton check out 
the time stats. 


.5vVlMMlMC AHP Pmnc 187 


Cross Country and Downhill Skiing: Front: Emih 
Willard, Alison Nowak, Nicolle Villari, Scott Dale, 
Rachel Shuman, Susannah Bechtel, Mike Weiler, 
Katie Steinberg. Row 2; Kristen Paglia, Samantha 
Roblin, liana Zieff, Lauren Bloch, Joanna Lippmanr 
E\'elyn Dong, Jenna Disch, Tamsin Ball, Geoff 
Buckle, Kurt Anderson. Row 3: Colleen Flynn, 
Stephanie Gibson, Marissa Devlin, Blair Critchlow, 
Alex Czulak, Jeff Roblin, David Bleuer. Back: Coach 
Conlon, Scott Gantz, Matt Eisenson, Devon 
MacPherson, Adam Rich, Alexander Czulak, Coach 
Jacques, Geoff Wright. 

Speed: Tamsin Ball flies down the slopes. 

Captains Scott Dale, Rachel Shuman, Susannah Bechtel, and Mike Weiler. 

Seniors: Front: Rachel Shuman, Susannah Bechtel, Katie 
Steinberg. Back: Evelyn Dong, Jenna Disch, Geoff 
Buckle, Joanna Lippmann, Scott Dale, Mike Weiler. 

190 ^i^iN<; 

trong Skiers: Rachel Shuman, Mike Weiler, and Geoff Buckle ^re You Ready?: Wayland Skiers don their equipment before 
ex their muscles in the fieldhouse (above). ^ ''^^^ (above). 

Zross Country Master: Scott Dale glides through 

he top of the mountain, the ski lifts still in view. 

.61O1MC 191 

TaJc 6iO Team 

Matt Eisenson, Adam Rich, Nat Jacques, and Kurt Anderson 
added a layer of swim trunks for a meet. 

What's Wrong With This Picture?: Number 15 
lines up to ski in a swimsuit. 

Look Twice: Number 50 fights for the finish in 
this double exposed photo. 

192 ^l^lH< 

Good Luck: Samantha Roblin 
is going to try skiing in a 

Daring Fashion: Evelyn 
Dong mixes patterns freely. 

Brrr!: David Bleuer and Blair Critchlow don't mind the cold. 

Emotion: Christine Rhodes feels the music. 

Window 2003: Front: 
Kate Egan, Camille Ives, 
Kathryn Winder, Hanna 
Gerlovin, Jen Pivor, 
Kathryn Jordan, 
Courtney Cramer, Alex 
Ivker. Back: Jes 
Hermanson, Sarah 
Greenleaf, Christine 
Rhodes, Julie Kling, 
liana Barker, Katie Huff, 
Carly Burdick, Ashely 
Moyes, Billie Edington, 
Lizzie Smith, Alison 

Sadness: liana Barker hides her face. 

One, Two, Three...: Kathryn Jordan works her 
hands (right). 

Flip It: Lizzie Smith, Courtney Cramer, Katie 
Huff, Kate Egan, and Billie Edington swing 
their legs over. 

Warming Up: 

Alison Hernandez, 
Jess Hermanson, 
Camille Ives, Lizzie 
Smith, Julie Kling, 
and Katie Huff 
stretch out (left). 

Like This: Sarah 
Greenleaf instructs 
some dancers during 
a rehearsal (right). 

\\/ihp(AV Pamcc. Te^upl 193 


Varsity Baseball: Front: Tim Hogan, Pat 
Higgins, Geoff Leard, Brandon Anderson, 
Eric Landry, Cfiarles Mclnnis, Jeff Forti. 
Back: Coach Fulginite, Tom Cassell, Nick 
Pepper, Ryan Stewart, Joe Dorr, Peter 
Shively, Nate Pocock, Sliawn O'Brien, Bria 

Junior Varsity Baseball: Front: Sam Blumburg, Mike Reichlen, Jeff Pezatoro, 
Bobby Romanow, Alex Jenny, Brendan Macintosh, Andrew Hagger. Back: Sam 
Shapiro, Dan Bache, Ethan Damon, Jim Helman, Joe Manley, Dave Hull, Coach 

All Business: Senior Brandon Anderson 
looks like a professional (above left). 

Freshman Baseball: Front: Keith 
Mcgonagle, Alex Connaughton, Joey 
Ponsetto, Ray Lordi, Caleb Barnett, Kevin 
Balben, Dan Hogan, Angel Lopez. Back: 
Phil Hastings, Matt Johnson, Justin 
Barrett, Dave Crismond, Connor Hanlen, 
Steve Saltzman, Chris ChroweU, Scott 
Colantropo, Coach Cincotta. 

194 E>A^U>A1J- 




Varsity Softball: Front: Liz Kaminsky, Anna Rosenthal, 
Sasha Diamond-Lenow, Steph Wohler, Kelly Manley, 
Aubrey DeCarlo. Back: Kieran Johal, Meghan Sherry, Katie 
Paul, Caitlin Donovan, Marina Meliones, Caroline 
Meliones, Lily Wilson, Megan O'Brien, Coach Meliones. 

Captains: Junior Sasha Diamond-Lenow 
and Senior Steph Wohler lead the team. 

[unior Varsity Softball: 

Front: Ashley Morrell, 
Christine Moschella, 
A.shley Sullivan, Meredith 
Fineberg, Mariana 
Zonway, Jessica 
Jlosenhaus, Kaylee Coons, 
Micole Flieger. Back: 
Coach Fraser, Claudia 
5hapiro, Sarah Petty, 
-leather Friedman, 
\manda Harrington, 
\lexa Lemmo, Adrienne 
^ubin, Sheena Wang, 
ermifer Wolf. 

Boys' Varsity Lacrosse: 

Front: Chris Kenney, Rich 
Langweber, Ben Damm, 
Dave Lombarcio, Eric 
Kaufman, Cody Gantz, Err 
Anderson. Row 2: Sohrab 
Virk, Mark Hebert, Matt 
Rijk, Jay Fugarazzo, Joe 
Lingley, Geoff Buckle, 
Markus Ricci, Tom Huff, 
Kurt Anderson. Back: Coac 
Eaton, Alex Stern, Tim 
Goessling, Sam Schilling, 
Chris Yang, Adam Kaufma 
Andrew Wright, Justin 
McConnell, Scott Hyland, 
Zack Rubinfeld, Coach 

Seniors: Front: Jay Fugarazzo, Markup 
Ricci, Matt Rijk. Back: Rich Langweber 
Errol Anderson, Dave Lombardo, Eric 
Kaufman, Cody Gantz. 

Freshmen Boys' Lacrosse: Front: Mickey Lentz, Josh Kahn, 
Gregge Bergman, Chris Doran, Yoon-Surh Kim, Bobby 
McCart, Sam Pegram, Josh Cunningham, Brian Kramp. Back: 
Coach Chase, Johnathan Perez, Charlie Jankhe, Nick White, 
Domenic McCarthy, Jake Meyers, Drew Kilburn, Felipe 
Sanchez, Jeff Wright, Mike Goodwin. 

Boys' Junior Varsity Lacrosse: Front: 
Nathaniel Howell, David Blease, Chris 
Winner, Greg Jenkins, David Metcalf, 
Alexander Rubinfeld, Tim Mena, Eliot 
Beals, Jeff Krowne. Back: Amit Johal, Chri 
Lyons, Adam Rich, Hunter Straus, Georgt 
Keeler, Jonathan Nowak, Dan Goldman, 
Jon Eckert, Alex Schultz, Coach May. 

Coaches and Captains: Coach Cavanaug 
Dave Lombardo, Eric Kaufman, Coach 

Varsity Girls' Lacrosse: Front: Amanda 
Pond, Amanda Nickerson, Rachel Shuman, 
Michelle Smith, Melissa Pond, Ariel Tichnor, 
Colleen Flynn. Back: Coach Oilman, Marisa 
Falone, Abby Bridgeo, Alison Hueber, Nisse 
Clark, Gail Winning, Anya Priester, Caitlin 
Cavanaugh, Crissy Lopez, Hannah 
Klempner, Jenna Wrean, Jen DeStefano, 
Kasey Mackay. 

Freshmen Girls' Lacrosse: Front: Anna 
Samiotes, Ellie Orth, Olivia Shaw, Betsy 
Engel, Samantha Kaminsky, Lauren Bloch. 
Middle: Adrienne Blum, Allie Burstein, Gwen 
Hyland, Maggie Southard, Mariel Herschler, 
Larua Bowman, Marissa Devlin. Back: Emily 
Willard, Zoe Freedberg, Alison Nowak, 
Samantha Roblin, Lisa Bamel, Emma 
Santangelo, Erica Licht, Jenna Mackay. 

's Not So Bad: Gail Winning proves it's possible to 
ave fun while practicing lacrosse (above). 

Coaches and Captains: Melissa Pond, 
Coach Gilman, Rachel Shuman, 
Michelle Smith. 

Seniors: Front: Jenna Wrean, Anya Priester, 
Rachel Shuman, Hannah Klempner, Abby 
Bridgeo, Caitlin Cavanaugh, Gail Winning. 
Back: Nisse Clark, Jen DeStefano, Crissy Lopez, 
Marisa Falone, Melissa Pond. 

Lacs^'.^ac 197 

Boys' Track: Front: Evan Hoke, George Gennis, Robby Athau, Noah Zallen. 

Middle: John Michalcyzk, Grant FrieUng, Sam BresUn, Blair Critchlovv, Damien Angelos, Ben Wellington, Rob Bachman, Eric 

Goldenbaum, Bryan Mackay, Steve Kinney. Back: Coach Snow, Coach McGove 
Artie Mallett, Tom Lam, Tom Hehir, Jard Idels, Colin O'Brien, Colin Meiselmar 
Shane Cooper, Maneesh Singhal, Danny Moy, Dan Clifford, Aldis Raza, Scott 
Nicholas, Coach King, Coach Davies. 

198 6priNc; TeaciC 

The Practice of Champions: Aaron Reed 
runs a few laps around the Fieldhouse. 

Coach and Captain: Coach Sno\j 
and Aaron Reed. 

Girls' Track: Front: Annalice Chang, Jessie Foreman, Sara 
Townsend, Claire Crook, Jen Boyer, Jia Jia Hou, Shannon 
Flynn, Lindsay Doyle, Rachel Talentino, Abby Breslin, Nicole 
Felipe, Lindsay Gardel, Jenni Samp. Back: Coach Snow, Coach 
McGovern, Askley Rockwell, LaSonta Darlington, Kim Yi, 
Molly Donovan, Sarah Legare, Alison Bowhers, Surmy Lou, 
Nadia Leung, Coach King, Meghna Marjadi, Coach Davies. 

Lightning Fast: Shannon Flyrm goes the 

Captains: Lindsey Doyle and Shannon Flynn 

E>^6 TeNNI6 

Boys' Tennis: Front: Raymond Butler, Alexander deMoor, Sam Rubenstein, Harris Rosenheim, Chris Wu, Tom Ciarleglio, Alex 
Greenfeld, Will Engel. Middle: Jacob Kravetz, Mike Gordon, James Huang, Keith Stevens, Harley Yanoff, Paul Capellucci, Brad 
Garone, Brad Boggia, Kyle Olmstead, Dan Fuchs. Back: Coach Powers, Mike Sperling, Rich Scioli, Matt Eisenson, John Pivor, 
Dave Schultz, Paul Walsh, Dan Roberts, Sam Wolfson, Matt Scult, Isaac Aaron, Coach Conlin. 

I Hope You're Ready: Dave 
Schultz serves one up (above). 

Seniors: Rich Scioli, Paul 
Walsh, Dave Schultz. 

Girls' Tennis: Front: Caitlin Doran, Kyra Travis. Middle: Christine Gentilucci, Jen Huang, 
Sarah Redmond, Danielle Calnan, Jess Huang, Michelle Steingisser, Jean Yun, Sarah Barnacle, Leven. Back: Carolyn Walsh, Rose Quinn, Gina Castellucci, Masha Carey, Macie Perkins, 

Lilia Kravchuk, Colleen Bowman, Julia Grimanis, Stacy Bethers, Ali Goldstein, Coach Reid Here It Comes: Jessica Huang 

watches the ball fall towards her 

Coaches and Captains: Jessica 
Huang, Caitlin Doran, Coach Reid, 
Kyra Travis. 

Junior Tennis 
Players: Gina 
Danielle Calnan, 
Kyra Travis, and 
Caitlin Doran 
take a break 
from practice on 
a chilly day 

TtMHki 201 

Congratulations to the Class o/2003! 

Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry 

230 Pond St.. Natick, MA 01760 (508) 653-2417 Fax (508) 650-5715 

James F. Kane, DMD, MS Johanne Y. Kim, DDS 

David A. Tesini, DMD, MS Ferdinand C. Sabelis, DMD 

Nancy Jo Soporowski, DMD Daniel J. Bley, DDS 

Olga L. Restrepo, DMD Parisa Safaei. DMD 

Visit our website at 

Lie. #011254 Reg. #101419 


Genercd Contractor 
TEL (508) 653-1174 

347 Old Connecticut Path 
Est. 1976 Wayland, MA 01778 

1 Wesley Przybylski 

Go Wes! 
Our Little 
We are so proud of 

Love Mom, Dad, 
Alexis, and J.J. 

Richard Scioli 

Richard! We are so 
proud of you. May you 
always keep your sense 
of humor, grow wiser 
with each experience, 
and be happy along the 

road that lies ahead. 
Love Dad, Mom + Phil 

204 Ap6 

Good Luck Class of 



From the 2005 Executive Board 

Ap6 205 

Congratulations, Chris! 

We are very 
proud of you. 
Don't forget 
distance swim- 
ming, T-Tones, 
Hamlet, or 10 
Jericho Lane, 
and keep your 
Jim Croce and 
Four Quartets 
close by Good 
Luck in school! 
We love you 
Mom, Dad, very much. 

Katherine, & Allison 

^ Abigail Wolf J 


You were the first bom, 
first to take a step, first to 
go to school, first to gradu- 

ate and 
first in 
my heart. 

r Great Good 
love. Gram 

Gail Winni 


You light up 

every day 

with your 


smile and 

we are so 

proud of 
your accom- 

Love— Dad, Mom, 
Richard & Lily 

Matthew Owen 

Twilight, ocean breeze, "puff 
and Mom— all things comfort- 
ing, held close to the heart. 
Congratulations Matt! 
Love always. Dad 

206 Apa 

David Eisenso 


Triple Trouble 

Dear David, 
We Ve had some 
great times through 
the years but the real 
adventure is just 


Emily and Sarah 

Congratulations Susannah 
We're proud of you and 

Love you always. 
Mom & Dad, Chris & Jon 


You'll be on your way up! 
You'll be seeing great sights! 
You'll join the high fliers 
who soar to high heights. 

You won't lag behind, because you'll have the speed. 
You'll pass the whole gang and you'll soon take the lead. 
Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. 
Wherever you go, you will top all the rest. 

-Dr. Seuss 

Kimmie Koo!!! 
We love you more 
than you could 


Mom, Dad, 
Melissa & 
rj^jjl Heather 

Apa 207 

Wayland High School 
Class o£ 2003! 

L Savings Bank 

where you're worth more"- 


1 50 Commonwealth Road, Wayland 

(508) 655-8274 1 -877-1 NFO CTR 



Herbert J. Stacks, D.D.S. Kathryn Wynkoop Ikuma, D.M.D 
Annie Amsalem, D.D.S., MscD, Periodontics & Implants 

Complete Preventive and Restorative Dentistry for the Entire Family 

Our State-of-the-art office can provide all of your dental needs with a 
gentle touch in a Silver (Amalgam) Free/ Mercury Free Environment 

" New Patients Welcome 
o Cosmetic Dentistry 
o Emergency Care Available 
° Day & Evening Appointments 
o Periodontist on Staff 
° Implants 

° Nitrous Oxide Available 
° Most Insurance Accepted 
o Children's Dentistry 
° Laser Tooth Whitening 
° Air Abrasion (Drill- and 
Needle- Free) Cavity Treatment 

Post Road Professional Building -311 Boston Post Road • Wayland, MA 01778 
(In the Wayland Village / Bread & Circus Shopping Center on Rt. 20, Wayland) 

(508) 358-7100 


tOt il If* th II liiu itwt: ( f't'i 


Congratulations Class of 



Never forget 

akes only 


or 01 



Mgmber FDIC 
Msmbar SIF 

m The Vaiage Bank" 


62 Boston Post Road (Rt. 20) 
(508) 358-5136 

210 Api 

Ac>6 211 


From Your Friends At 

Roche Bros. I Sudbury Farms 

212 AD£> 

..I » X 


We are all proud 
of you and love 
you so much. 

Mom, Dad, and 


We are so very proud of you and in awe of all 
that you have accomplished. 

Dance as though no one is watching you. 
Love as though you have never been hurt before, 
Sing as though no one can hear you. 
Live as though heaven is on earth. 


Be true to yourself— We believe in you! 

The best is yet to come. Enjoy your life! 

Bunches of love to you. 
Mom & Jonathan 

Apa 213 

Congratulations Abby! 

Miss A, CocoButt, Bubble #1, no matter how you say it.. means love. 
We're so proud of you, all your dear friends, and the entire Class of 2003. 
Go get 'em. 

Love Always, 

Dad, Mom, Mags and Mike 
RS. Remember moon and stars! 

James Shaw 


You have fearlessly faced every challenge 
with poise, good humor, and a determin- 
ation to prevail; we are proud of you. You 
now journey on a new quest to make your 
place in the world. Go with our blessings, 
and with our knowledge that you possess 
the serenity to accept the things you can- 
not change, the courage to change the things you can, 
and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Thank you for 18 wonderful adolescent years. We look 
foward to sharing the world with you as an adult. 

Love, Mom, Pop, and Calvin 

P.S. Madison, Monroe, and 
Morgan send their love too. 

Rachel S' 

"You have brains in your head 
You have feet in your shoes 
You can steer yourself 
Any direction you choose. 
Oh the places you'll go!" 

-Dr. Seuss 

We love you. 
Mom and Samantha 

214 A06 

Katrina Pelsue 

Congratulations ! 
We love you and 
are so proud of 
Mom, Dad, 

Jessica O'Brien 

Congratulations Jessica! 
"Go confidently in the direction of your 
dreams. Live the life you've imagined." 
—Henry David Thoreau 
We love you very much! 
Mom, Dad, and Colin 

Zachary Smith 

Congratulations Zach! 
You are the absolutely best son ever. We are 
so proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, and Dana 

Aaron Reed 

Thanks to your teachers. Coach Snow, and 
Jim Griffin 
For playing a decisive part. 
If life is a mid-distance race. 
You're off to a wonderful start! 

Love, Mom, Stu, and Oliver 

Apa 215 

"Twenty years from now you will be more 
disappointed by the things that you didn't do 
than by the ones you did do. So throw off the 
bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. 
Dream. Discover." 








~Maik Twain 



The Class of 2004 s 

21 ^ Api 

Wayland High School 
Parent-Teacher Organization 

Apa 217 

''Go confidently in the 
direction of your dreams. 
You must live the life you 
have imagined." 
—Henry David Thoreau 

Continue following your 
dreams. Love, 
Mom, Michael & Matt 

lie Klin 

Parents can only 
give good advice 

or put their 
children on the 
right path but the 
final forming of a 

character lies in 
their own hands. 
Julie, we are so 
proud of who 
you are, and are 
excited about 
who you will 
All our love, become. 
Mom, Dad, Brianna and Scooter 

218 Api 


Exploring New Frontiers ! 

Go Get 'Em Girl 
We're So Proud of You 
Love Always 
Mom, Dad, Hanon and Cody 

Alisa Perry 

YouVe come a long way, baby! 



Be Proud! (We are!) 
Love Mom, Dad, 
and Maya 

bigail Wolf 

Dear Abby, 

You have always had your own wonderful 
sense of style. We are very proud of you and 
the paths you chose to walk. Don't be afraid 
to take chances! Try it all. 

We love vou! Mom & Dad 

Je ssica Jrlermanson 

Always remember [ 

through life that 
your family will be 4 
there and youll 
never be alone. 
We are so proud of 
you and your 
many talents. 

We love you ~ Dad, 
Mom, Erica & Alex 

The secret of success is to get out of bed in the morning. 
Do Well. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

^ Jessica Huan 

Chuckina (Jessica), 

You have brightened our lives with your 
smile and wonderful sense of humor. Con- 
gratulations on your graduation! We are so 
proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Jackie & Timmy 

22.0 Ada 

Andrew Austin Mille^ 

Congratulations, Andy! 
What a wonderful accomplishment! 
From Mrs. Pierce's kindergarten to your high 
school graduation - where did the time go? 

Scholar, swimmer, musician, equestrian. Eagle 

a future in physics - 
Follow your vision and make it so. 
Never lose your spirit. i 
We are very proud of you. 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Grandma and 
Ryo Ohlai 

FAnya Priester 1 

Sail on silver girl. 
Sail on by. 

Your time has come to shine. 
All your dreams are on their way. 
See how they shine... 

Simon and Garfunkel 

Darling Girl, 

Always be true to yourself and know that 
you are loved. Mama, Papa and Bitsy 

Christine Rhodes 

Dear Christine, 

We are so proud of you! 

We wish you and the class of 2003 

much happiness and success 

in the years ahead. 

All our love 

Mom, Dad, and Michelle 

Congratulations! n ' 

2003 Graduates 

Est. 1876 

on a job well done. 



Marisa Falone 


You danced your way into our hearts, 
forever, and have made us proud along 
the way Congratulations on all your 
accomplishments. May every one of your 
dreams come true. 
Love Mom, Dad, and Blackie 

Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar! | 
And you'll live as you Ve never lived be- 
fore../' BFF, keep singing 
and sharing your laughter 
with the world. If you ever 
forget the tune. Til be here 
to remind you how it goes. ^^^m ^ 

ril miss you f ^I^A Wt 

APi> 221 

Last of the Lopez train! 

You can grow up and graduate - but you'll always be our 
baby''! Congratulations! Love you! 

Mom & Dad, J. Michael & Shannon, Marissa & Jose 


The time has flown. 

And you have grown 
So fast! 

Congratulations and love always. 
Mom and Dad 

222 Ap6 

Jenna Wrean J 

We Love You 
Jen, Congratu- 

Mom, Jay, 
Mariel and 

Anna Rosenthal 

We Love You 

Q ' ' We are very proud of 
vou and know that 
'^f the world is a better 
place with you in it. 


Mom, Dad, Aaron, 
& the entire Gazerro 
and Rosenthal 

Michael Weiler 

Hallelujah Michael!! 

Bon Voyage and don't 
forget your milk crates! 
We Love You! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kate, 
and Meghan 

Scott Dale 

Scott and the 
Class of '03 
■i^l Thanks to the 
Friends and 
^amily who helped along the way 
Mom, Dad, & Sarah 

Joseph Sullivan 

Congratulations ! 
We love you and 
We're so proud of 
Mom, Dad, 
Missy, Kobe, 
and Mario 

am Romano 

Drummer, Student, 
Brother, Son, and Friend 

Congratulations ! 
We are so proud 
of you. 

With much love. 
Mom, Dad, 

and David 

Api 223 

Mary Elizabeth McConnell 

May the road rise to meet you. 
May the wind be always at your back. 
May the sun shine warm upon your face. 
And rains fall soft upon your fields. 
And until we meet again. 
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand 

Mary, We are so very proud of you 

With love. Mom, Dad, Justin, Matthew and Tyson. 



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Aerosmith and 
The Lingley Family 

TELEPHONE (508) 358-2918 

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Office hours 73 pelham island road 


Tasty Pizzas and Hot Oven Grinders 
For faster service, call 358-7316 
They will be ready on your arrival 


336 Boston Post Road 
Wayland, Mass. 

Prices subject to change 

391 Boston Post Road, Weston, MA 02493 • 781-647-004! 

224 Apa 

Congratulations Nisse! 

Your integrity, leadership, and perseverance have made us proud! 

Apa 225 

Gillian Soucv 

We're so proud of you and the person you Ve become. 
You have much life ahead of you, but you'll always have the memories. 
You're a wonderful daughter, friend, and sister. Remember our trip to 
Bermuda -- "Shut up, no you shut up" -- and Cape Cod 
"Gillyillyannieoleo" and especially St. Lucia!! "There's no place like 

home for the holidays." 
We love you always. 

Dad, Mom, Trevor & Garrett 

Courtney Walsh 

You're a lovely person 
who has brought us and many others much jot) 

We love and admire you^ 
Mommijj Dadj Bill, Ann, 
Jennifer, Porter, Chrissie, Sophie, & Marnie 

tacy KoberTs^ 

Your kindness, spirit and sense of humor 
brighten our lives and you make our world 
sparkle with love. May all your good 
dreams come true. 
We lo\'e you always. 
Mom, Dad and Jason 

Congratulations Class of 2003! 

Jonathan Trimby 

"Wl^at lies 
behind us and 
what lies 
before us are tiny 
compared to 
what lies 
within us/' 
—Oliver Wendell 

Congratulations Jonathan! We are 
proud of everything you lia\^e 
accomplished, but most of all we are 
proud of who you are. 
With our lo\^e, alw^ays, 
Mom and Dad 

Apa 227 

To The Class of 2003 

May the light 
always find you 
on a dreary day. 
When you need to be home, 
may you find your way. 
May you always have courage 

to take a chance. 
And never find frogs in your 

Alia Greenbaum 


Live the hfe you 
have imagined. 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Jon, 
Sage + Avalon 


Richard Trueblooc 

Congratulations, Rich! 

Your winning smile and sparkling eyes 
reflect your beautiful soul. We are so proud ( 

Love you forever, 

Mom, Michael, Sandy and Mittens 

Congratulations Jeremy! You have made us 
very proud and will continue to do so. 
French writer Anais Nin once wrote: "Life 
shrinks or expands in proportion to one's 
courage/' So be brave. 

Dad, Roxanne, Michael, Matthew, Grandma, Trouble & Bailey 

228 Ap6 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, Jesse! 

We're very 
proud of the 
man you have 
become, and the 
son you are. 
May your 

be filled with 

friendship, and 

Will Fulton 

Will, we're so 
proud of who 
you are. 

Mom, Ben, Colin 
Dad & Karen 

Apa 229 

David Eisenso 

Climb high. 
Climb far, 
Your goal the sky. 
Your aim the star. 
Hopkins Memorial 


Just as my fingers on these keys 
Make music, so the self-same sounds 
On my spirit make a music, too. 

W. Stevens 

Success demands strange sacrifices 
From those who worship her. 

T. Huxley 

Dear David, 

We love you, and we'll miss having you home next year. 
We wish you all good things, but most of all, we hope 
that you enjoy the journey. Now, get back to work - just 
kidding! Love, Mom, Dad, Matthew, Daniel, & Valerie 

230 Apa 


Follow your dreams with passion and we know you 
will be happy.. 
We're proud of all you have accomplished from 
11:37 'til now. 
Love you tons and tons. 
Mom, Dad, Kate-sum 

Jay Fugarazzo 


Fly high, go far, but always remember to 
come home! We love you and are so 
proud of the son and brother you hav^e 
been, and the man you are becoming. 
Love, Mom, Dad and Jan 

IVe are so very proud of you both, and love you forever 
^^y^^ and always. Mom & Dad 

You are our 
and our 

You are our 
^ joy and our 

Api 231 

Congratulations to the Class of 2003 

From the Wayland Police Department 



Always a good friend 
Always an awesome brother : 
Always a kind heart 

Congratulations to you and your friends! 
We love you and will always be there to 
cheer you on. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Chris, Andrew, and Scott 

A Vld 

HDV3 HOJ nv--nv ^od hdvh 


Congratulations to all students and graduating seniors! 

Looking for convenience, affordability 
and quality in your senior portrait? 

We photograph senior yearbook 
portraits at local outdoor locations. 

Call us for information on our 
Fall 2003 program. Book your session 
by June 30th and receive an 
additional 8x10 custom print! 



Annie HoUis 


May your travels through life be smooth... 
your dreams always fulfilled... 
and your days filled with love and laughter. 
We're so very proud of you! 

Love always. Mom, Dad, Bogart, Trixie, and Cooper 


You are my lil' sis and best friend 
forever. Good luck with everything, 
I am so proud of you. 
Love always, Julie 

Congratulations!! We all are very proud of you. Be kind, be strong, keep growing 

and stop by to see us whenever you can. 

234 Ap6 

PVLichelle Villari 

To our Mishy, 
What a blessing and a gift beyond 
compare to have you as a daughter 
and a sister! 

All our love. 
Mom, Dad, Nikki, Christa & David 

Eric Kaufman 


Thanks for the memories. 
You'll always be an all-star to us. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Adam 

Dear Alyssa, 

We love you tons! 

Ephesians 3:16-19 

Love Mom, Dad & your brothers 

Congra tulst dons 

Class of 2003 

From the Student Council 

Presidents: David Schor, Marcus Mann, Billy Senne 
Vice President: Michael Sperling 
Treasurer: Josh Rapoport 
Secretary: Alex Blau 

Representatives: Matt Becker, Jon Greenleaf, Vishnu Kannabiran, Rich Langweber, 
Alisa Perry, Mike Schor, Greg Slavin, Alex Banning, Skylar Bayer, Tim Goessling, Alex 
Hoey, Tom Huff, Alex Selby, Kathryn Winder, Stephanie Gibson, David Lewin, Macie 
Perkins, Alex Rikleen, Michael Sail, Amanda Solomon, Jennifer Wolf, Gwen Hyland, 
Lauren Bloch, Glenn Altshuler, Emilia Javorsky, Chris Hoy, Theresa Tardiff 


23^ Ada 

CLASS OF 2003! 

"To finish the monnent, to find the 
journey's end in every step of the 
road, to live the greatest number 
of good hours, is wisdom." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Apa 237 

Love, Love, 

Mom, Dad, Colleen & Brian Mom, Dad & Elizabeth 

238 Apa 

Emily Bright 

To The 

Miss Em, 
We couldn't 

have a 

The world 

is your 


Mom & Dad 

Katie Hanson 

We are all so 
very proud of 
you. Continue 
with your spirit 
and drive and 
'The World's 
Gonna' Listen." 


Mom, Dad, Herbie, Grandma, 
Daniel, Tiger, Pickles and Little Cat 

yssa Brown 

''Live the life youVe 
imagined.'' -Thoreau 

Congratulations Lyss! 
We are so proud of you 
and always behind 

All our love. 

Mom, Lindsay, and Jeff 

On behalf of the Yearbook Staff, I would like to thank the following people: 

Arnie, our Jostens representative, for answering questions 

Sandy, our Jostens plant consultant, for answering questions and being lenient 

Emily Fenn, for the help and training 

Mrs. Lowen, for keeping it all in check 

Mr. Daniels, for coming by and helping out 

Mr. Stevens, for coming by and proof reading 

Burlington Studios, for being very helpful and taking great pictures 
The Athletic Department, for coordinating photos 
Jay Woodruff, for the great Arts Department photos 

Chang Zhang, for taking some entertaining and useful photos and videos 
Ellery Harrington, for helping whenever possible 
Anya Kazakin, for helping me survive 
Emily Tersoff, for coming by 

Mike Sail, for doing pages I 

Bruce Hamilton & Will Song, for getting it done, even if at the last minute 

Dave Johnson, for his pages 

Aliya Khalidi, for advice, assistance, and pages 

Chris Kenyon & Stevie Babcock, for the senior superlatives 

Mary McConnell, for doing more than she had to 

Abby Bridgeo & Melissa Pond, for the senior survey and trends 

Rich Trueblood, for rugby and the senior section 

Cathie Kim, for the successful student artwork pages 

Miriam Sopin-Vilme & Alyssa Parker Geisman, for their pages 

Allisence Chang, Erica Harmon, & Caroleen Verly, for handling the business 

Todd Lipcon, for fixing the computers and installing the fonts 

The secretaries, for printouts and help 

The retiring teachers, for inspiring us and sharing their pictures 

Mr. Ruopp, for helping out when asked 

My Mom & Dad, for dropping off photos 

All the visitors, who ne\Tr failed to make me smile 

Everyone who donated photos or time 

A lot more work than most people realize 
went into the production of this book. We 
started in June and worked through March 
to bring you the thoughts and memories 
that make up a year at Wayland High 
School. For all that we included here, there 
are memories that we had to leave out~ 
from graduaton in June to trips to Spain an 
Italy. I hope that you can find something in 
here that makes you remember what it felt 
like to be at Wayland High School in 2003. 
Thank you. 
Kate Egan Class of 2003, Editor-in-Chief 


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230 Pond St.. Natick. MA 01760 (508) 653-2417 Fax (508) 650-571 5 

James F. Kane, DMD. MS 
David A. Tesini. DMD, MS 
Nancy Jo Soporowski, DMD 
Tony Saito, DMD 

Olga L. Restrepo. DMD 
Johanne Y. Kim, DDS 
Ferdinand C Sabelis, DMD 
Daniel J Bley, DDS 

240 Ap.^ 

Miriam Sopin-Vilme 
Alyssa Parker Geisman 
Cathie Kim 
Anya Kazakin 

Ac:apo/|ic6 ^^cwoW 

Eliza Reed 
Carol Lee 

Chris Kenyon 
Stevie Babcock 
Mary McConnell 
Abby Bridgeo 
Melissa Pond 
Rich Trueblood 

Mike Sail 

Bruce Hamilton 
Will Song 

Dave Johnson 
Aliya Khalidi 
Rich Trueblood 

On Saturday, February 15, 2003, about 17 Wayland High 
School Students and Wayland residents joined thousands of 
protesters in New York City to voice opposition to the war in 
Iraq. Regardless of politics, events like this one demonstrate 
the passion and participation of members of our community 
in important world affairs. 



Ap^ 241 


Aaron, Isaac (10) 111,135,159,174 

Adler, Martin (12) 49 

Allen, Gavin (10) Ill 

Allen, Michael (10) 

Alpert, Justine (9) 119 

Altshuler, Glenn (9) 119,147 

Anderson, Brandon (12) 10,19,21, 


Anderson, Christopher (12) 47,49 

Anderson, Douglas (12) 49,89,96, 


Anderson, Errol (12) 49 

Anderson, Kurt (11) 103,190,192 

Anderson, Ryan (11) 103 

Angelos, Damien (11) 103,158,178 

Antonell, Alyssa (12) 49,90,133, 


Aresty, Joanne (9) 119,130 

Arsenault, James (11) 103,134,140, 


Asber, Catherine (12) 50 

Athan, Robert (9) 119,178 

Awerman, Jessica (10) 50,111,140, 


Awerman, Jonathan (12) 50,94 

Babcock, Stephen (12) 11,18,19,47, 


Bache, Daniel (10) Ill 

Bache, Emily (9) 119,135,173 

Backman, Robert (11) 103 

Baez, Javier (10) 

Bai, Bill (9) 119,136,137 

Bairn, Adam (11) 103,128,137 

Bakinowski, Elizabeth (11) 103 

Balben, Kevin (9) 119,163,182 

Ball, Tamsin (11) 103,149,165,190 

Baiter, Jordan (10) 111,132 

Bamel, Jonah (10) 111,135,140,141 

Bamel, Lisa (9) 119 

Banning, Alexander (11) 103,135, 


Banning, Jay (9) 119 

Barboza, Chester (11) 162 

Barker, liana (10) 111,145 

Barnacle, Sarah (9) 119,132 

Barnett, Caleb (9) 119 

Barnett, Joel (11) 103 

Barnett, William (9) 119,130 

Barr, Elaine (9) 119,136,177 

Barrett, Justin (9) 119,168 

Barrett, Kate (11) 172,173 

Bayer, Skylar (11) 103,130 

Beals, Eliot (10) 111,131,180 

Bechtel, Susannah (12) 50,89,207, 


Becker, Christopher (10) Ill 

Becker, Matthew (12) 12,50,89, 


Bekenstein, Emily (9) 119 

Bell, Stephanie (12) 50,95 

Bellman, Miles (11) 103,137,140, 


Berardi, Emily (10) 12,111,140 

Berardi, Jeff (12) 

Bergan, Margaret (12) 41,51,134, 


Bergin, Tyler (10) 

Bergman, Gregory (9) 119,134,180 

Berhanu, Michael (12) 51 

Berkowitz, Danielle (9) 119 

Berman, Sean (11) 103,172 

Bernard, Jeffrey (12) 51 

Bernard, Ryan (10) 111,131 

Best, Melvin (11) 103 

Bethers, Stacey (9) 119,132 

Bickford, Kayla (10) 

Bird, Matthew (9) 119 

Birkner, Genevieve (11) 103 

Blau, Alexander (11) 102,103,135, 


Blease, David (11) 103 

Bleuer, David (11) 103,190,192 

Bloch, Lauren (9) 119,166,190 

Blum, Adrienne (9) 119 

Blum, Arielle (9) 119 

Blum, Jonathan (10) 

Blumberg, Lauren (11) 

Blumberg, Samuel (9) 

Bock-Shields, Bryna (10) 12,111, 


Boggia, Bradford (10) Ill 

Bootman, Shelicia (9) 119 

Botti, Alexandra (11) 1103 

Boucaud, Temika (11) 103 

Bower, Ryan (12) 18,51,158 

Bowhers, Allison (10) 111,166,176 

Bowman, Colleen (10) Ill 

Bowman, Laura (9) 119 

Boyer, Jennifer (10) Ill 

Brainard, Jessica (9) 119 

Breazzano, Jeremy (12) 51,89,131, 


Breazzano, Michael (10) Ill 

Breit, Raphael (9) 119 

Brennand, Jonathan (11) 14,103, 

136 I 

Brescia, Danielle (10) 110,111 

Breslin, Abigail (9) 15,119,161,1: 

Breslin, Samuel (11) 15,103,162, 


Bridgeo, Abby (12) 10,13,18,19,4 


Briere, Allison (11) 103,133 

Bright, Emily (12) 10,12,52,90,91' 


Britto, Brian (9) 

Brown, Alyssa (12) 52,133,239 

Brown, Harry (12) 21,52,94 

Brown, Myisha (11) 

Brownstein, David (10) 111,130 


Buckle, Geoffrey (12) 52,134,14 

Bullard, Alexandra (10) 111,132 


Bullard, Robert (10) 

Burdick, Carlyn (10) 111,130,14: 


Burgess, Daniel (9) 134 

Burke, Edward (10) Ill 

Burke, John (10) 

Burstein, Allison (9) 15,119,135, 


Burstein, Suzanne (11) 12,103,1? 

Butler, Raymond (10) Ill 


Calderon, Flory (10) Ill 

Calderon, Lidia (12) 30,52 

Calnan, Danielle (11) 130 

Camayd, Cristina (9) 119,135 

Campbell, Anthony (11) 

Cao, Hanna (12) 53 

Cappellucci, Paul (10) 111,158 

Carey, Masha (9) 119,132 

Carlson, Laura (11) 103,135,161, 


Carroll, Joseph (10) 111,134 

Carroll, Stephen (11) 103,133,14i| 


Caruso, Crystal (12) 53 

Caruso, Nicole (11) 

242 Ap6 

Cassell, Thomas (10) Ill 

Cassese, Timothy (9) 120 

Castellucci, Georgina (11) 103, 


Cavanaugh, Caitlin (12) 19,53, 


Cerrone, Julie (11) 

Chafe, Caleb (9) 120,134 

Chang, Allisence (11) 103,132,149 

Chang, Annalice (9) 120,132,161, 


Chase, Matthew (10) 111,135 

Chertavian, Elizabeth (10) 111,136 

Choi, Alan (10) Ill 

Chou, Michelle (9) 120,132 

Chou, Vincent (12) 53,132,149,178 

Chowdhury, Shayok (12) 12,53, 


Chu, Melissa (9) 120,132 

Chu, Michelle (12) 53,132 

Ciarleglio, Thomas (9) 120,136 

Cincotti, Richard (9) 

Clancy, Christine (12) 53,145,149 

Clark, Nisse (12) 19,54,91,172,173, 


Clifford, Daniel (9) 

Clifford, Kelley (11) 103 

Colantropo, J (9) 120 

Colson, Mallory (10) 112 

Comeau, Bahiyyih (12) 54,92,130, 


Conley, Michael (9) 120 

Connaughton, Alexander (9) 120, 


Conway, Mariana (9) 120 

Conway, Mitchell (11) 102,103, 


Coons, Kaylee (9) 120,130 

Cooper, Shane (10) 112 

Corbet, Patricia (12) 21,54,133, 


Corey, Joseph (10) 112,147 

Zornell, Richard (11) 104 

lourchine, Allison (11) 104,130 

Zramer, Courtney (9) 120,130 

Zribb, Ivelisse (11) 104 

Zrismond, Amy (11) 104,135,160 

Irismond, David (9) 120 

Iritchlow, Blair (11) 104,135,145, 


Zromwell, Margaret (10) 112,166 

Irook, Claire (10) 112,172,173 

Crowell, Christopher (9) 

Cruz, Chrystalina (9) 120 

Culver, Jennings (10) 112,132 

Cunningham, Joshua (9) 120 

Curtis, Jaime (11) 104 

Curtis, Victoria (12) 10,47,54,89, 


Czulak, Alexander (11) 104,190 

Czulak, Victor (10) 132 


D'Ambrosio, Alex (9) 120 

Dadarria, Katherine (10) 112,140 

Dale, Scott (12) 54,89,166,267,190, 


Damm, Benjamin (12) 13,174 

Damon, Ethan (10) 

Daniel, Benjamin (12) 55,91,95 

Darlington, Lasonta (9) 120 

Davis, India (9) 120 

Davis, Jilvonya (10) 120 

Dean, Lucy (10) 112,161,178 

DeBassio, Victoria (11) 104,130 

DeCarlo, Aubrey (12) 14,16,21,55 

DeCarlo, Jillian (U) 16,104,133, 


deMoor, Alexander (9) 120,147 

DeStefano, Jennifer (12) 13,55 

Devlin, Marissa (9) 120,190 

Diamond-Lenow, Chloe (11) 13, 

104, 134 

Diamond-Lenow, Sasha (11) 104, 


DiCianni, Nancy (11) 104,161 

DiPerna, Daniel (12) 90,91 

Disch, Jenna (12) 55,130,190 

Divens, Tehmaine (11) 104 

Doherty, Blaine (11) 104,182,183 

Donalds, Samantha (11) 104 

Dong, Evelyn (12) 55,130,166,167, 


Dong, Matthew (12) 55,136,145, 


Donovan, Anne (10) 112,165,179 

Donovan, Caitlin (11) 104,140,152, 


Donovan, Molly (9) 120,152,153 

Doran, Caitlin (11) 15,20,104,164, 


Doran, Christopher (9) 15,120,158 

Dorr, Emilee (12) 47,56,83,91,94 

Dorr, Joseph (9) 120,174 

Downer, Jonathan (11) 104,162 

Downer, Joseph (12) 56,89,135,168 

Doyle, Lindsey (11) 21,104,133, 

Doyon, Katherine (11) 104,130, 

Duberry, Whitney (9) 120 


Eckert, John (11) 104,162,178 

Edelson, Michael (11) 104,130 

Edington, Billie (11) 104,145,152, 


Edwards, Tyisha (11) 104 

Egan, Katherine (12) 10,56,91 

Eisenson, David (12) 15,19,47,56, 

Eisenson, Matthew (10) 112,135, 


Ellman, Joshua (11) 104,152,153 

Emery, Hollie (12) 56,149 

Engel, Elizabeth (9) 120 

Engel, William (9) 120 

Englander, Laura (12) 56,134,145 

Espaillat, Alberto (11) 

Ezbicki, Erin (12) 57,149 


Falone, Marisa (12) 10,13,16,19,57 

Falone, Melissa (11) 16,104,140, 


Feinberg, Meredith (9) 120 

Feliciano, Abraham (11) 104 

Felipe, Nicole (9) 120 

Fenwick, Casey (10) 110,112,161, 


Fenwick, Courtney (12) 57 

Fernandes, Danielle (10) 112 

Fisher, Ashley (9) 

Fitch, Duncan (11) 

FitzGerald, Whitney (11) 104 

Flieger, Nicole (10) 112,133,140 

Flynn, Colleen (11) 104,135,160, 


Flynn, Shannon (12) 57,91,160, 


Foreman, Jessica (10) 112,160,176, 


Forman, Jennifer (9) 

Forman, Rachel (11) 

Forti, Jeffrey (11) 104,135 

iNPtX 243 

Foti, Benjamin (9) 120 

Fragale, Ava (10) 112,133 

Freedberg, Alixandra (11) 105 

Freedberg, Zoe (9) 121 

Freundlich, Zachary (10) 112,140, 


Friedman, Heather (9) 121 

Friedman, Hope (9) 121,133 

Frieling, Grant (11) 105,134^58, 


Frolin, Matthew (11) 105,130,168 

Fuchs, Daniel (10) 112,147 

Fugarazzo, James (12) 90,91,93, 


Fugarazzo, James (12) 57,90,91,93, 


Fulton, William (12) 58,136,145, 


Galasti, Daniel (12) 17,20,58,95 

Galasti, Matthew (9) 17,121,134, 


Galvez, Sean (11) 

Gannon, Daniel (10) 112 

Gantz, Cody (12) 10,11,58,135, 


Gantz, Scott (10) 112,190 

Garcia, Wilfredo (9) 

Gardel, Lindsay (9) 15,121,161 

Gardel, Melissa (9) 15,121,161 

Garone, Bradley (11) 105 

Gately, James (10) 112 

Gately, Jonathan (11) 105,135,143 

Gaucher, Samantha (9) 134 

Gayshan, Svetlana (9) 121,130 

Gees, Sophie (12) 58,92,147 

Gennis, Andreas (11) 105,130 

Gennis, George (11) 105,166,178 

Gentilucci, Christine (9) 121,135 

Gerlovin, Hanna (11) 105,130,140, 


Gibson, Stephanie (10) 112,161, 


Gilbreath, Rachel (10) 112,136 

Gitlin, Michael (9) 121 

Gleason, Daniel (12) 18,58 

Glovsky, David (11) 105,147 

Glovsky, Michael (10) 112 

Goessling, Timothy (11) 105,135, 


Goldenbaum, Eric (11) 105 

Goldman, Daniel (10) 112,180 

Goldstein, Alexandra (9) 121,132 

Goldstein, Emily (12) 10,58,130 

Goodhue, Caroline (11) 105 

Goodmonson, Julia (9) 121 

Goodwin, Michael (9) 121,168,169 

Gordon, Michael (10) 112 

Grady, Jessica (10) 10,112,133,172 

Graham, Emily (11) 105,172,173 

Grant, Kurtis (12) 59,91 

Green, Christina (11) 105,164,165 

Green, Keanna (12) 59 

Greenbaum, Alia (12) 59,132,228 

Greenfeld, Alexander (9) 121,147 

Greenleaf, Jonathan (12) 16,19,59, 

Greenleaf, Sarah (12) 11,16,21,59, 


Grimanis, Julia (10) 112 

Gunner, Lacy (11) 105,133 

Gunner, Simon (11) 105,131,137 


Hadingham, Anna (12) 10,19,59, 


Hagger, Andrew (10) 112,175 

Hai, Samuel (9) 121,166 

Hamilton, Bruce (11) 105,131,137 

Hanlon, Connor (9) 121 

Hanson, Katherine (12) 10,11,18, 


Harmon, Erica (11) 105 

Harrington, Amanda (9) 121,133 

Harrington, Ellery (12) 60 

Harris, Alicia (12) 10,19,60 

Harvey, Kenneth (9) 

Hastings, Philip (9) 121 

Hebert, Mark (11) 105,162,178 

Hehir, Thomas (10) 112,147 

Heller, Samuel (11) 105,164,165, 


Helman, James (10) 113,130,182 

Henry, Caitlin (12) 19,60 

Hermanson, Erica (10) 16,113,133 

Hermanson, Jessica (12) 10,16,19, 


Hernandez, Alison (11) 105,133 

Herschler, Mariel (9) 121,17,135 

Herstine, Alison (11) 105,134,137 

Higgins, Patrick (11) 13,105,166 

Hodge, Stephanie (11) 105,134, 


Hoey, Alexandra (11) 105,164,1( 

Hogan, Daniel (9) 121 

Hogan, Timothy (10) 113,180 

Hoke, Evan (11) 105,135,166,178 

Hollis, Annie (12) 60,233 

Hou, Jia (12) 10,61,96,166,167,17 

Howe, Christine (9) 121,135 

Howell, Nathaniel (10) 19,113, 


Hoy, Christopher (9) 121 

Huang, James (11) 105,130 

Huang, Jennifer (10) 113,131 

Huang, Jessica (12) 61,90,130,22 

Hueber, Allison (11) 105,133,16- 


Huff, Kathryn (9) 121,145,153 

Huff, Thomas (11) 105,135,158, 


Hughes, Brian (10) 113,175 

Hull, David (10) 16,113,131 

Hull, Thomas (10) 16,113,131 

Hyland, Gwendolyn (9) 121 

Hvland, Scott (11)'....105 


lartchouk, Genia (10) 113 

Idels, Jared (9) 121 

Irwin, Nicole (10) 113,131,147 

Ives, Camille(ll) 130,140 

Ivker, Alexandra (9) 121,136,14 



Jacques, John (11) 106 

Jacques, Nathaniel (11) 106,134, 


Jacques, Thomas (9) 121 

Jahnke, Charles (9) 121 

Javorsky, Emilia (9) 121 

Jenkins,' Gregory (10) 113,180 

Jenny, Alexander (9) 121 

Johal, Amit(ll) 182 

Johal, Kieran (10) 176 

Johnson, Danielle (11) 106,130 

Johnson, David (11) 106,134,149 


Johnson, Matthew (9) 121,147 

Johnson, Zachary (9) 122,182 

Joniec, Maris (10) 113,175 

Jordan, David (9) 122,135 

Jordan, Kathryn (9) 15,122,130, 


244 Apa 

3rdan, Lindsay (12) 15,19,61 

3sephs, David (11) 106 

Lidah, Jay (11) 12,102,106,132,133, 

Lidy, Ryan (10) 113 


:ahn, Joshua (9) 122 

[^aminsky, Elizabeth (11) 106 

[^aminsky, Samantha (9) 122,177 

^annabiran, Vishnu (12) 12,61, 


:aplan, William (10) 113,135 

:aps, Yanet(lO) 113 

:aufman, Adam (10) 17,113,178 

:aufman, Brittney (9) 122,160,177 

:aufman, Eric (12) 17,19,20,61, 

:aye, Benjamin (11) 106,130,140, 


^aye, Michael (9) 

:aza, Aldis (9) 

:azakin, Anatoly (10) 113 

[^azakin, Anna (12) 61 

[eegan, Trevor (10) 113 

[feeler, George (10) 113,131 

:eller, Andrew (10) 113 

:eller, Anthony (12) 61,158,174, 


:eller, Robert (10) 113,178 

:elly, Peter (11) 106,130 

Penney, Christopher (11) 133 

^enyon, Christopher (12) 19,47, 


.em, Michael (10) 113,162 

lialidi, Aliya (12) 10,62,93,136, 


ilburn, Andrew (9) 122 

im, Catherine (12) 15,62,130,134, 


im, Yoon-Surh (9) 15,122,178 

inney, Steven (9) 122 

lempner, Hannah (12) 10,11,19, 


ling, Julie (12) 10,12,62,91,96, 


night, Melanie (10) 113,165 

Dcher, Tiffany (11) 106,130,149 

Degel, Aaron (11) 106 

Dgan, Elizabeth (11) 106 

-amp, Brian (9) 122 

-avchuk, Lilia (9) 122,135,177 

Kravetz, Jacob (9) 122 

Krol, Brian (12) 63,134 

Krowne, Jeffrey (10) 113,166 


LaFarge, C Grant (11) 106,130 

Lam, Thomas (9) 122,131,135,166 

Landry, Eric (11) 106,162,180 

Landry, Renee (9) 122 

Lane, Annabel (9) 122,161 

Langweber, Richard (12). ....63,91, 


Larsen, Adam (9) 122,149 

Larsen, Lynn (10) 113 

Leard, Geoffrey (11) 106 

LeBlanc, Stephanie (12) 18,47,63 

LeCain, Lindsay (12) 46,63,92,152, 


Lee, Carol (11) 106,132,149 

Lee, Victoria (9) 122 

LeFevre-Levy, Anna (10) 113,136 

Legare, Sarah (9) 122,130,161 

Lemiszki, Alexander (11) 106,178 

Lemmo, Alexa (9) 122,172,173 

Lentz, Michael (9) 122,182 

Lerman, Robert (10) 113 

Lerner, Jarrett (10) 113,134 

Leung, Nadia (9) 122,135,161 

Leven, Alison (9) 122,161,177 

Leven, Pamela (10) 113,177 

Levens, David (9) 

Levine, Gabrielle (11) 106 

Lewin, David (10) 114,130,135 

Lewis, Brian (11) 106 

Lewis, Michael (11) 106 

Li, Connie (10) 114,149 

Li, Justin (11) 

Licht, Erica (9) 122 

Lindquist, Michael (9) 122,134 

Lingley, Joseph (12) 46,63,91,134, 


Lingley, Maelee (9) 122 

Lipcon, Todd (12) 63,182 

Lippmann, Joanna (12) 64,91,149, 


Liu, Steve (12) 64 

Locke, Alexandra (9) 122,130,161 

Lombardo, David (12) 19,46,64, 


Lopez, Angel (9) 147 

Lopez, Cristina (12) 11,64,82,83, 


Lordi, Christina (12) 10,19,64,149, 


Lordi, Raymond (9) 122,134,145, 


Lorelike, Marqus (9) 122 

Lou, Sunny (10) 114,131,166,177 

Love, Christina (11) 106 

Lu, Christopher (9) 

Lucas-Davis, Kiana (10) 114 

Lyons, Christopher (10) 162,180 


Ma, Cynthia (9) 122,132 

MacBride, Kimberly (12) 11,19, 


Maccini, Jessica (9) 122,135,173 

Macdonald, Juliet (11) 106 

MacDowell, Clayton (12) 18,47 

Macintosh, Brendan (10) 114 

MacKay, Bryan (12) 65,88,89,158, 


Mackay, Jennifer (9) 123 

Mackay, Kasey (10) 114,161,176 

MacPherson, Cameron (12) 65,96, 


MacPherson, Devon (9) 123,190 

Mahlowitz, Rebecca (11) 106,133, 


Main, Jessica (10) 110,114,172 

Mallett, Arthur (9) 123,147,166 

Manley, Joseph (9) 16,123,162,163 

Manley, Julie (12) 16,65,91,133, 


Manley, Kelly (12) 16,21,65,231 

Mann, Marcus (12) 65,94,147 

Manning, Caitlin (10) 114 

Manter, Danielle (12) 19,65,88,172 

Marjadi, Meghna (9) 123 

Matthews, Elizabeth (9) 123,136 

Mauer, David (11) 106,130 

McCart, Robert (9) 123,182 

McCarthy, Ashley (11) 106,179 

McCarthy, Domenic (9) 123,134, 


McCarthy, Katie (9) 123 

McConnell, Justin (11) 106,162 

McConnell, Mary (12) 13,19,66, 


McCormick, Jesse (12) 11,66,89, 


McCreary, Molly (9) 123 

McDermott, Thomas (10) 114, 

iNPtx 245 


McDonald, Brian (9) 

McDonald, James (11) 106 

McGonigle, Keith (9) 123 

Mclnnis, Charles (11) 106,133,162, 


Mclnturff, Sarah (12) 10,65,136, 


Meade, Denyse (9) 123 

Meiselman, Colin (9) 123 

Meliones, Caroline (10) 16,114,172 

Meliones, Marina (9) 16,123 

Melnick, Joseph (11) 106 

Melnick, Leah (9) 123,161 

Mena, Timothy (11) 106,133 

Metcalf, David (10) 114,136 

Meyer, James (9) 123 

Meyer, Victoria (11) 106,133,173 

Meyer, Zachary (12) 47,66,88,134 

Michalczyk, John (11) 13,15,107, 


Michalczyk, Miriam (10) 15,114 

Mike-Mayer, Robyn (9) 123,161 

Mikels, Robert (10) 

Miller, Aaron (10) 114 

Miller, Andrew (12) 66,132,220 

Miller, Natasha (11) 

Mirbach, Lee (10) 13,114,133 

Mitnik, Maxim (9) 123 

Model, Jonah (12) 12,66,137 

Moorman, Ryan (11) 107 

Morrell, Ashley (10) 110,114,132, 


Morsch, Carl (11) 107 

Morsch, Mary Ann (10) 114 

Moschella, Christine (9) 123 

Moschella, Jillian (10) 

Moschella, Noel (9) 

Moses, Amy (12) 19,95 

Moss, Amanda (11) 12,102,107, 


Moy, Daniel (9) 123,182 

Moyes, Ashley (11) 107,133,173 

Murray, John (12) 67,89,91,137, 


Nacher, Meghann (9) 123 

Nathan, Lotfy (11) 107 

Nava, Elysse (11) 107,136,178 

Nazarian, Michael (10) 114 

Newton, Ashley (10) 10,114,130 

Ng, Eddie (9) 123,132 

Nicholas, Scott (9) 123 

Nichols, Christopher (11) 107 

Nickerson, Amanda (10) 110,114, 

Niemierko, Malvina (12) 11,67, 


Nissenbaum, Randi (10) 114 

Noonan, Rebecca (11) 107,136 

Nowak, Alison (9) 123,161,190 

Nowak, Jonathan (10) 114,178 


O'Brien, Colin (9) 16,123,136,152, 


O'Brien, Jessica (12) 16,67,92,135, 


O'Brien, Megan (9) 123 

O'Brien, Shawn (11) 107,182 

O'Neil, Devin (12) 67,137,158,174, 


Ogletree, Andrew (9) 123 

Okumura, Emi (12) 67 

Olmstead, William (10) 114,136, 


Orth, Elizabeth (9) 123,161,178 

Otting, Amy (12) 67 

Owen, Matthew (12) 11,68,89,158, 



Paglia, Kristen (9) 123,130,190 

Pandiscio, Jennifer (11) 107,152, 


Parfenov, Vladimir (10) 114 

Park, Miri (11) 131 

Parker-Geisman, Abel (11) 107 

Parker-Geisman, Alyssa (12) 68, 


Parks, Benjamin (12) 68 

Parone, Siobhan (10) 10,114,161 

Paul, Katherine (10) 114,161 

Pease, Melissa (12) 10,12,21,68,82, 


Peet, Kyle (11) 107,130 

Pegram, Samuel (9) 123 

Pelsue, Katrina (12) 21,68,91,215 

Pennington, Elliot (10) 132 

Peper, Nicholas (11) 107 

Perez, Johnathan (9) 

Perkins, Derric (11) 107 

Perkins, Marc (10) 15,114,162,178 

Perkins, Mason (10) 114,165 

Perrv, Alisa (12) 11,12,68,93,131 


Pesahiro, Jeffrey (10) 114 

Peterson, Bennett (9) 166 

Peterson, John (12) 69,140,234 

Petri, Camille (10) 114,140,160 

Petty, Sarah (9) 124 

Pikarski, Brian (9) 124 

Pitt, Joseph (10) 114,132 

Pivor, Jennifer (9) 124 

Pivor, Jonathan (11) 107 

Pocock, Nathan (10) 114,168 

Pond, Amanda (10) 17,115,164, 


Pond, Melissa (12) 10,17,19,20,^ 


Ponsetto, Joseph (9) 

Porreca, Catherine (11) 107 

Potter, Jason (11) 107 

Powers, Christopher (12) 69 

Prather, Larry (11) 

Priester, Anya (12) 16,19,69,89,: 

Priester, Taisa (10) 16,115 

Pruitt, Liese (9) 124,132 

Przybylski, Wesley (12) 19,47,6 



Quilter, Glenford (10) 115 

Quinn, Rose (10) 115 


Racine, Kevin (9) 124 

Radowicz, Christopher (11) 10/ 


Radowicz, Matthew (10) 115,1J 

Rafuse, Gillian (10) 140,141 

Rakich, Nathaniel (9) 

Ralen, Benjamin (11) 102,107,1: 

Ramsey, John (10) 13,115 

Rapoport, Joshua (12) 11,69,89, 


Ray, Kama (9) 124,147,149 

Raymond, Derek (12) 70 

Redmond, Sarah (10) 115,161 

Reed, Aaron (12) 70,133,158,16; 


Reed, Eliza (11) 107,132 

Reichlen, Michael (11) 107 

Reiss, Carol (12) 70 

Reyes, Dally (11) 

24^ Api 

hines, Mark (9) 124 

hodes, Christine (12) 21,70,140, 


icci, Markus (12) 18,70,95,131, 


ich, Adam (10) 115,131,190,192 

igoli, Ashley (12) 70 

igoli, Jacilyn (10) 115,132,161 

ijk, Johan (10) 90,115,130,147 

ijk, Matthew (12) 47,90 

ikleen, Alexander (10) 115,140 

oberts, Daniel (10) 115,152 

oberts, Stacy (12) 19,71,88,172, 


obinson, Claire (11) 102,107,165 

obinson, Michael (11) 107,168, 


oblin, Jeffrey (11) 107,135,190 

oblin, Samantha (9) 124,190,192 

och, Sarrah (12) 71 

ockwell, Ashley (11) 107 

odd, Elizabeth (9) 124,147 

ogan, Matthew (10) 115 

ogers, Seth (9) 124,132 

omania, Zachary (9) 124 

omanow, Adam (12) 11,15,71,92, 


omanow, Robert (9) 15,124,135, 


osario, Tariq (10) 

osenberg, Debra (10) 115,140, 


osenfield, Matthew (11) 107,168, 


osenhaus, Jessica (9) 124,161 

osenheim, Harris (10) 115 

Dsenthal, Anna (12) 71,91,130 

Dsenthal, Mikaela (12) 71,130, 


Dth, Christopher (9) 16,124,136 

3th, Ellyn (12) 16,71,90,136,140, 


3tker, Andrew (10) 115,166,178 

ibenstein, Sam (9) 124,159 

;ibin, Adrienne (9) 124,161 

ibm, Alexander (10) 115 

libinfeld, Alexander (10) 115,175 

hbinfeld, Zachary (11) 107 

liiz. Crystal (10) 115 

lisso, Jeffrey (12) 20,72,82,89,136 

l^an, Benjamin (11) 107,166 


Saba, Stephanie (9) 124 

Sail, Michael (10) 115,178 

Salsberg, Alexander (11) 107 

Saltzman, Steven (9) 124,134 

Samet, David (12) 72,93 

Samiotes, Anna (9) 124,135 

Samiotes, George (12) 72,92,131 

Samp, Jennifer-Marie (9) 124,147, 


Samuel, Tykeia (12) 72 

Sanchez, Felipe (9) 124,130 

Sanchez, Francisco (12) 72,89 

Santangelo, Emma (9) 124,176 

Sardina, Katie (11) 108,165 

Sargent, Laurel (11) 108,133,140, 


Savidge, Mark (10) 115,180 

Schilling, Samuel (11) 135,162 

Schmidt, Katherine (12) 14,72,96 

Schmidt, Victoria (9) 124 

Schor, David (12) 73,83,89,90,93, 


Schor, Michael (12) 12,73,88,89,90, 


Schultz, Alexander (10) 115 

Schultz, David (12) 73 

Scioli, Richard (12) 46,73,82,83,88, 


Scult, Matthew (9) 124 

Sebell, Dustin (11) 108,180,181 

Secord, Christopher (12) 47,73,91, 


Seiden, Stanley (9) 124,136,147 

Selby, Alexander (11) 108,140,147, 


Senne, Holly (11) 17,108,165 

Senne, William (12) 17,73,83,145, 


Shackleton, Leah (10) 115,130 

Shagoury, Lyndsey (11) 108,161 

Shames, Kimberly (11) 108,135 

Shapira, Rony (10) 115,136 

Shapiro, Claudia (9) 124 

Shapiro, Sam (10) 115 

Sharry, Bridget (9) 124,132 

Shaw, James (12) 74,137,178,214 

Shaw, Olivia (9) 124,145 

Shelton, Gregory (10) 115,134 

Shelton, Lara (9) 124,134 

Shelton, Neill (11) 13,108,134 

Sherry, Meghan (10) 10,115,172 

Shively, Peter (11) 108,135,150,174 

Shubin, Erica (10) 115,137 

Shuman, Rachel (12) 11,74,88,91, 


Sicotte, Katie (10) 115 

Sideropoulos, John (10) 

Silverman, Jamie (10) 115,140 

Singhal, Maneesh (9) 124,136,147, 


Slavin, Anya (10) 13,16,116,137 

Slavin, Gregory (12) 16,74,137 

Slote, Sarah (10) 10,116,161 

Smith, Elizabeth (9) 125,136 

Smith, Michelle (11) 108,160,176 

Smith, Vincent (9) 163 

Smith, Zachary (12) 74,215 

Snider, Alex (11) 

Solomon, Amanda (10) 116,135, 


Song, William (11) 108,149,166 

Soper, Thomas (9) 125 

Sopin-Vilme, Idora (9) 125,177 

Sopin-Vilme, Miriam (12) 74,91, 


Soucy, Gillian (12) 46,74,91,160, 


Southard, Abigail (12) 11,17,75, 


Southard, Margaret (9) 17,125 

Sperling, Michael (11) 108,135, 

Spinney, Jennifer (9) 125,136,161, 


Stabile, Kimberly (11) 108,136,145 

Stanton, Taylor (12) 75 

Staples, Janson (9) 125,132,180 

Stavisky, Sergey (11) 108,130,152, 


Stavropulos, Nicholas (10) 116, 


Stein, Michael (10) 116,133,166, 


Steinberg, Kathleen (12) 11,19,75, 


Steingisser, Michelle (10) 116 

Stern, Alexander (10) 116,131 

Stevens, Keith (11) 108,159 

Stewart, Ryan (11) 108,135,162, 


Stimpson, Rebecca (11) 108,130 

Stockwood, Paul (12) 75,91 

iNPtX 247 

Stone-Myers, Jonathan (12) 75 

Stone-Myers, Madelaine (10) 116 

Stout, Alison (9) 125 

Strafuss, Victoria (11) 14,108 

Straus, Hunter (10) 116,182 

Straus, Paul (10) 116,182 

Sulkis, Adam (11) 

Sullivan, Ashley (10) 116 . 

Sullivan, Ashley (11) 17,108,133 

Sullivan, Joseph (12) 75,90,131, 


Sullivan, Michael (12) 14,17,46,76, 


Sullivan, Ryan (10) 116,172,173 

Susana, Jeanellys (10) 116,177 

Susana, Jeanette (12) 76 

Sway, Isaac (11) 108,130 

Sylvester, Jessie (11) 108,135,165, 


Sypek, Evan (11) 108 


Talentino, Andrew (12) 76 

Talentino, Michael (12) 47,76,185 

Talentino, Rachel (11) 108,135, 


Tanaka, Lisa (9) 125,132 

Tardiff, Theresa (9) 125,136,161, 


Tersoff, Emily (10) 116,136 

Tiberii, Maria (9) 125,130,179 

Tichnor, Ariel (11) 108,135,160, 


Todd, Samantha (10) 116,135,172 

Tolmach, Anna (10) 116,136 

Tomlinson, Angela (11) 

Tonsmeire, Alison (12) 19,76,137 

Townsend, Sara (10) 116,161,176 

Travis, Kyra (11) 108,160,161 

Trimby, Jonathan (12) 76,91,129, 


Trueblood, Richard (12) 21,77,88, 


Tuckerman, Evan (10) 132 

Tutlys, Alison (11) 102,108,133, 


Tutlys, Eric (9) 125,135,147 

Tutlys, Julie (11) 102,108,147 


Uyterhoeven, Erika (11) 108,132 


Verly, Caroleen (11) 108 

Vickers, Matthew (11) 108 

Vigliotti, Kathryn (12) 77,90,91 

Villari, Michelle (12) 17,19,77,235 

Villari, NicoUe (10) 17,116,165,190 

Virk, Sohrab (11) 109,135,162,180 

Virzi, Matthew (10) 116 

Vitiello, Sofia (9) 125,130 

Wadsworth, Jeffrey (9) 125 

Walsh, Carolyn (9) 125 

Walsh, Courtney (12) 77,133,149, 


Walsh, David (12) 77 

Walsh, Michael (12) 77,91 

Walsh, Paul (12) 14,20,78,91,136, 


Wang, Kathleen (10) 116,149 

Wang, Sheena (9) 125,130 

Weiler, Michael (12) 19,47,78,89, 


Weiss, Brandon (11) 109,136 

Welch, Lauren (9) 125,177 

Wellington, Benjamin (10) 116 

Westcott, Samantha (10) 116 

White, Dylan (11) 109,159 

Whittaker, Jason (10) 116,131,149, 


WTiittemore, Brian (9) 125 

Wiesman, David (10) 116 

Willard, Emily (9) 125,190 

Wilson, LUy (10) 116,177 

Winder, Kathryn (11) 135 

Winner, Christopher (10) 116,178 

Winning, Gail (12) 78,164,165,179, 


Wohler, Stephanie (12) 78 

Wolf, Abigail (12) 78 

Wolf, Jennifer (10) 116 

Wolfson, Elizabeth (11) 109 

Wolfson, Samuel (9) 125 

Wons, Jonathan (10) 116 

Woodruff, Sarah (12) 78 

Wrean, Jenna (12) 79 

Wright, Andrew (11) 109 

Wright, Jeffrey (9) 125 

Wu, Christopher (10) 116 

Xenakis, Jason (12) 79 


Yamartino, Laura (10) 116,161 

Yang, Christopher (10) 117 

Yanoff, Harley (11) 109,128,137 

Yih, Kimberly (9) 125,161 

Yuan, Jennifer (10) 110,117 

Yuan, Jerry (10) 117 

Yun, Jean (10) 117 

Yurkofsky, Jessica (11) 109 


Zacame, James (12) 

Zaffetti, Daniel (10) 117,175 

Zaffetti, Michael (12) 79,91 

Zallen, Jeremy (12) 15,79,135,14 

Zallen, Noah '(9) 15,166,178 

Zetter, Olivia (9) 125 

Zhang, Chang (12) 46,79,95,132 

Zhang, Jenny (9) 125,136,145 

Zheng, Yunxin (9) 125,132 

Zieff, liana (9) 125,166,190 

Zomitsky, Marissa (11) 109 

248 Ap^ 


200S-2 03 2002-SOO 

LI2's humanitarian lead singer Bono visits 
Africa and tours Midwestern America to 
raise awareness and support for African 
AIDS epidemic relief. 

Nuclear crisis arises wfien Nortfi Korean 
leader Kim Jong II breaks a 1994 pledge 
with the United States not to build 
nuclear weapons. 


A Halloween earthquake in San Giuiliano di 
Puglia. Italy, topples an elementary school, 
killing dozens of children. 

China's one-child-per-family policy creates 
an imbalanced boy-to-girl ratio that will 
result in tens of millions of men finding 
themselves single in the year 2020. 


The Miss World beauty 
pageant leaves Nigeria 
after Islamic fundamentalist 
protest groups kill more 
than 100 people. 

In Venezuela, an opposition 
strike demanding President 
Hugo Chavez's resignation 
paralyzes the country's oil 
exports and turns to bloodshed 
as Chavez supporters retaliate. 

The oil tanker Prestige 
spills more than 5 million 
gallons of oil off the 
northwestern coast of 
Spain before splitting in 
two and sinking. 

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter 
receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his 
decades of w/ork for peace, democracy 
and human rights w/orldwide. 

^ Once presumed dead, Al-Qaeda leader Osama 
bin Laden returns to Middle Eastern air waves 
with recorded anti-American threats. 

Emergency workers in the United States and 
overseas receive smallpox vaccinations as a 
preventative measure against bioterrorism. 

^ After being subpoenaed to testify before a 
Massachusetts grand jury about sex abuse 
among Catholic priests, embattled Boston 
Cardinal Bernard Law resigns. 

^ More than 25 states implement the Amber 
Alert System, which posts information 
about abducted children on TV and 
interstate signs, leading to the recovery 
of dozens of children nationwide. 


^ For weeks in October, alleged snipers 
John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo 
terrorize Washington, D.C, Maryland and 
Virginia, randomly killing 10 people and 
injuring three others. 

^ The space shuttle Columbia breaks apart on 
reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, killing 
all seven astronauts aboard. 

Peier Cosgrove/AP.Wide World Photos 

Shuttle Columbia did J 
not return safely to 
Earth, but we can pray 
they are safely home." 

- President George W. Bush 

Gene J. Puskar/Getty Images 

On July 28, nine 
Pennsylvania coal miners 
are rescued after being 
trapped for three days in 
a mineshaft flooded with 
over 70 million gallons 
of water 

Getly Imaoei Artviile 

Midterm elections make 
history as Republicans, the 
party controlling the White 
House, gain congressional 
seats rather than losing them. 

John Partipilo/APiWide World Photos 

Several large corporations 
inflate profits while top 
executives make off with 
millions in accounting 
scandals that send shock 
waves through global markets. 


^ In October, Minnesota ^ Sparked by summer drought, ^ A weakened economy 

Senator Paul Wellstone 
dies in a plane crash 
along with his wife, 
daughter and five 
other victims. 

wildfires — including one set 
accidentally by a forlorn 
forest ranger — tear across 
the western United States. 

repeatedly drives down 
interest rates and delivers 
retailers their worst holiday 
shopping season in decades. 

^ President Bush signs the Homeland 
Security Act, officially creating a 
Department of Homeland Security 
dedicated to preventing terrorist attacks. 

Microsoft's Tablet PC enables users to write 
directly on the screen rather than typing on 
a keyboard. 


The Journal of the American Medical 
Association reports that children who 
grow up with pets have a reduced risk 
of developing common allergies. 

^ Both Italian doctor Severino 
Antinori and Raelian scientists 
at Clonaid, who believe aliens 
created humans, claim to 
have produced the first 
cloned human. Neither claim 
is proven genetically. 

El Nino causes snow 
and ice storms up and 
down the East Coast, 
rainstorms in California 
and a devastating 
December tornado 
in Mississippi. 

lanket of pollution over 

South Asia, dubbed the 

"Asian Brown Cloud." 
threatens the lives of 
millions worldwide with 
respiratory disease. 

^ Early tests indicate an 
experimental vaccine to 
be 100 percent effective 
against the human 
papilloma virus that 
causes cervical cancer. 

V University of Arkansas " 
researchers discover that 
microorganisms grow in 
conditions similar to those on 
Mars, suggesting the planet once 
hosted or currently hosts life. 

V For $300 to $1 ,000 per injection, 
people craving eternal youth 
attend BOTOX parties to inject 
the FDA-approved paralytic 
! toxin into their skin to relax 
their muscle tissue. 

^ General Motors introduces the Hy-vi/ire- 
a car powered by hydrogen and oxygen 
that emits heat and water rather than 
harmful exhaust. 

le World PMikSI i 

The nation's largest outbreak of the 
West Nile Virus hits in summer 2002. 
The disease is spread by migrating birds 
and transmitted by mosquitoes. 

The gun turret of the historic Civil War 
ironclad USS Monitor \s raised from the 
floor of the Atlantic Ocean. 

^ President Bush orders construction of a 
system that would defend the United States 
from ballistic missile attacks by 2004. 

^ The newly discovered hunger hormone 
ghrelin is found to play a role in obesity 
by regulating what you eat and how much 

^ The U.S. Education Department reports that 
average geography scores of the nation's 
fourth and eighth graders, while low, have 
improved from 1994. 

^ Ellula introduces HotAir Speakers, 
a set of battery-powered, inflatable 
speakers that are small enough to 
fit in your pocket when deflated. 


^ Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob Squarepants 
ignites imaginations across the nation and 
appears on store shelves on everything 
from slippers to suspenders. 

Matthew Staver/Bloomberg News/Landw 

^ McDonald's unveils new lower-fat french 
fries due to the new Healthy Eating Pyramid 
and in response to many former patrons 
suing for making them overweight. 

^ 1970s peasant shirts are alive and well on 
runways and in school halls. 

David Dyson/Camera Press/Reins 


Neal Graham/Omni-Photo Communications www laurenshope com 

^ The Institute of t\/Iedicine A Jewelry designers Le Ann 
announces that maintaining Carlson and Denise Gaskill 
health now requires one hour add style to safety with 
of exercise daily doubling the Lauren's Hope for a Cure 
previous recommendation. medical ID bracelets. 

Kmart Corporation 

A Kmart rejuvenates the 
Joe Boxer brand with ads 
featuring the dancing Joe 
Boxer guy Vaughn Lowery. 

^ Everyone from hot 
young movie stars to 
aging rock stars sports 
the newest fashion 
trend, turquoise jewelry, 

Theodore Wood/Camera Press/Retna 

^ The cola war puts new 
flavors to the test, 
including Dr. Pepper 
Red Fusion, Pepsi Blue 
and Vanilla Coke. 

^ Krispy Kreme lovers 
start a new tradition 
by celebrating their 
vows with doughnut 
wedding cakes. 

^ Several companies introduce flavored water 
enhanced with vitamins and other nutrients. 

^ European fashion hits the sidewalks and 
clubs of the United States with retro-style 
bowling shoes. 

^ Busy singles try out speed dating, which 
gives couples several minutes to talk 
one-on-one before moving to a new 
partner at the next table. 

Mark Gormus/Richmond Times-Dispatch/AP/Wide World Photos 

^ The Mohawk makes a hair-raising 
comeback after being donned by 
everyone from U.S. World Cup star 
Clint Mathis to actor Ryan Phillippe. 

^ Digital innovations include camera 
phones — cell phones that can transmit 
still and video images through mobile 
phone lines. 




At the 2002 Academy Awards, Halle Berry 
and Denzel Washington win Best Actress 
and Best Actor Oscars. Berry is the first 
female African-American to win the award. 




With over 6 million viewers, "The Osbournes" 
is the biggest hit in MTV's 21 -year history. 


'Avid gamers tune in to G4, the first 
cable TV channel dedicated solely 
to video games. 

Viewers return week after week for a bit 
of innocent American nostalgia on NBC's 
hit drama "American Dreams." 

^ Ron, Harry and 
Hermione are back to 
hitting the books and 
battling evil forces in 
Harry Potter and ttie 
Ctiamber of Secrets. 

"The Bachelorette ' keep 
millions tuned in to ABC 
to see who will receive an 
on-air marriage proposal. 

^ PBS's 'Sesame Street" 
introduces the Muppei 
Kami, an HIV-infected 
orphan, in an effort to 
educate young people 
worldwide about AIDS. 

^ Jennifer Aniston wins her 
first Emmy Award and a 
Golden Globe for her role 
as the new mother Rachel 
Green on NBC's popular 
comedy "Friends." 

V Virtual unknowns Nia 
Vardalos and John Corbett 
steal America's hearts in the 
year's surprise smash hit 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 

I V Pfiter Jackson receives 

arbett a Golden Globe Best 

s in the Director nomination for 
1 hit The Lord of the Rings: Tlie 

dding. Two Towers, the year's 

most anticipated sequel. 

Cynical Simon Cowell and company stir 
up big ratings for Fox's "American Idol" 
and big record sales tor winner Kelly 
Clarkson, a waitress from Texas. 

After a two-year hiatus, Leonardo DiCaprio 
returns to the big screen with two holiday 
blockbusters, Gangs of New York and 
Catch t^e If You Can. 

Chicago, a film adaptation of the hit 
Broadway musical, wins three Golden 
Globes, including Best Picture: Musical or 
Comedy, and receives 13 Oscar nominations. 


HBO Films' comedy Real Women Have 
Curves promotes positive self-image with 
the dazzling debut of Latin-American 
actress America Ferrera. 

CBS scores a ratings doubleheader with 
a pair of forensic investigation dramas, 
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and 
"CSI Miami." 

Newcomer Norah Jones takes home 
five Grammys, including Album of 
the Year, for Come Away With Me. 

Multi-talented Eminem raps up 
five Grammy nominations for The 
Eminem S/JOivand big box-office 
success in 8 Mile. 

^^^ ^^ ^^^^ 


Rocker Avril Lavigne and other 
"anti-Britneys," such as Vanessa 
Carlton and Michelle Branch, represent 
the new face of women in music. 

SJettrey Mayer 2002 © Weezer. Muppets'* & OHensoo 

Weezer teams up with the 
Muppets in the video for "Keep 
Fishin'," the second single from 
their hit album Maladroit. 

Pop takes a new direction when formei 
boy band favorites Nick Carter and 
Justin Timberlake break out with solo 
albums and tours. 


J. Pal Carter AP Wide World Photos 

Hermann J. Knippertz/AP/Wide World Photos 


Chris Picelio'AP/Wide World Photos 

^ Spanish trio Las Ketchup A R&B newcomer Ashanti ^ In April 2002, Lisa "Left Eye" 

lands a summer hit with becomes the first artist Lopes, 30, of R&B band TLC, 

the catchy "Asereje" since the Beatles to have dies in a car crash on a 

aka "The Ketchup Song three singles from a debut Honduran highway. 
(Hey Hah)." album in Billboard's Top 10 

at the same time. 

^ In October, legendary 
hip-hop DJ Jam Master 
Jay of Run-DMC is shot 
and killed in a Queens, 
New York, music studio. 

V After a six-year 
romance. No Doubt's 
Gwen Stefani marries 
Bush's Gavin Rossdale 
in September 

^ Country crossover star Shania 
Twain hits No. 1 on the Billboard 
albums chart with Up!, a double 
CD with every song in both a 
pop and country version. 

Former Beatles rock legend Paul McCartney 
brings in $2 million a night, for a total of 
$103 million, on the year's top-grossing tour. 

Issei Kato/Reuters/Landov 

Alan Jackson's triple-platinum album 
Drive wins five Country Music Association 
Awards and is named the USA Today 
No. 1 country album of 2002. 

Nirvana, the famed grunge band's 
long-awaited greatest hits album, 
features "You Know You're Right," 
the last recording Kurt Cobain made 
before his 1994 suicide. 

Dallas Cowboy running back Emmitt Smith 
breaks Walter Payton's 16,727-yard mark 
to become the NFL's all-time leading rusher. 

The Detroit Red Wings capture the 2002 
NHL Stanley Cup over the Cinderella 
Carolina Hurricanes. It's a record ninth 
cup for retiring coach Scotty Bowman. 


^ Serena and Venus Williams continue to 
dominate women's tennis, becoming the 
first sisters to be ranked No.1 and No 2 
in the world. 

Scon Osbome/AP/Witfe World Photos 



The college football season is marred 
by violent confrontations involving fans, 
students and even coaches. 

MVP Troy Glaus leads the scrappy Anaheim 
Angels to the 2002 World Series win over 
Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants, 
four games to three. 

Kevofk Djansezian/AP/Wide World Photos 


Council of Women's 
Organizations battles with 
Augusta National chairman 
William Johnson over the 
issue of female membership at 
the famous Georgia golf club. 

^ An 18th place finish in the 
NASCAR season finale at 
Homestead-Miami Speedway 
is enough to earn Tony 
Stewart his first Winston 
Cup Series championship. 

Chris FaytoltThe Star LedjerCorOis-Sygma 

^ Despite an injured toe, 
Shaquille O'Neal powers the 
unstoppable Los Angeles 
Lakers to a third straight 
NBA championship title in 
May 2002. 

^ The U.S. men's soccer ^ The U.S. Postal Service team V The top-rated defense of 

team advances to the 
World Cup quarterfinals 
for the first time, by 
defeating Mexico 2-0. 

Chrislol SUche/AP/Wide World Photos 

propels Sports Illustrated 
magazine's Sportsman of the 
Year Lance Armstrong to his 
fourth consecutive Tour de 
France victory. 

Mike Powell/Getty Images 

the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
shuts down the No. 1 
offense of the Oakland 
Raiders to win Super Bowl 
XXXVII 48-21. 

Matt A. Bfown/Newsport/Corbis 

^ LPGA pro Annika Sorenstam, after a 
record-setting 13-win 2002 season 
worldwide, accepts an invitation to play 
the Colonial tournament on the men's 
2003 PGA Tour. 


The sports world loses two legends — 
baseball s "Splendid Splinter" Ted 
Williams and Johnny Unitas. one of 
football's greatest quarterbacks. 

Zacarais Moussaoui. widely believed 
to be the 201h hijacker, goes on trial 
for his involvement in the September 1 1 
terrorist attacks. 


Martha Stewart faces charges of illegal stock 
trading after former Imclone president Sam 
Waksal allegedly tips her off regarding the 
company's demise. 

Russell Boyce/Reulers/Undov 

In show business since they were 9 months 
old, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 16, have 
amassed a $76 million fortune through their 
Dualstar Entertainment Group. 

Veteran actor Richard Harris, known for 
his role as Hogwarts wise headmaster 
Albus Dumbledore, dies of Hodgkin's 
disease at age 72. 


Hp^Mlssy Rim Johnson/HeraW-OispalcH 

Mentally challenged Ohio 
high school senior Jake 
Porter — who suited up for 
every practice and game for 
four years but never played- 
scores his first touchdown. 

Reulers Ne« Media lnc /Cort)is 

California's Linda and 
Loretta Sanchez make 
history as the first sisters 
ever elected to Congress. 

RicV Bloom SjbiCortis 

Mississippi Senator Trent Lott 
is widely criticized for apparent 
racist remarks he made at 
Senator Strom Thurmond's 
100th birthday party. In 
December, Lott resigns as 
majority leader.